SirFoch – What’s going on? [On Community Contributor Status Removal & Video Censorship]

This time without curses.


65 thoughts on “SirFoch – What’s going on? [On Community Contributor Status Removal & Video Censorship]

    1. I love his comment that trying to attack top tier heavies from the side is “dumb” LOL. yoloing potato confirmed.

      He did finally admit that he should never have been a CC tho, just did it for the money. a small dollop of honesty finally.


      1. “did it for the money” money? XD what money? Do you even know what you are talking about? :D Judging by the use of your words, calling a superunicum who doesn’t shoot premium ammo a yoloing potato, no you don’t :D

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    1. Regardless of whether u agree with what he said or did on that video, WG should not have reacted in the way they did.


      1. Exactly WG wouldn’t have taken appropriate action he admitted in this vid he was wrong.

        WG was right to remove CC and also right to ask him to remove the offending media that he agreed not to produce when being a CC


  1. WG has really overdone it this time. If you heavily disagree and don’t want to be associated with something a CC said, you can remove him as a CC, fine. Threatening to copyright claim all future videos so they can’t be monetized however, that is simply despicable. They are intimidating foch into toning down, and it begs the question, what’s next? Account removal if someone talks negatively about WG, a lawsuit, WG sends you to their gulag?

    No company should be allowed to treat its costumers in such a way, no matter the critisism. But hey, that’s just my 2 cents.

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    1. To my knowledge, they just threatened to give him a strike for using the Chrystler footage. thats a lot diff than threatening to copyright claim all future videos he makes.

      how can we know for sure which it was? I dont think we can.

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          1. Since WG haven’t released any statements regarding the removal of videos from Circon and Foch. AND Foch is the only primary source regarding this debacle, his claims are to be taken seriously unless they are debunked by another primary source i.e. WG.

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      1. There is no slander or libel here, just WG not agreeing with Foch’s opinion and bullying him into submission.

        If WG were to file a Copyright strike it would affect all Fochs videos. The claim itself would be false, as the video in question had no WG footage in it, and even if it did would fall under fair-use. WG knows it would be a false claim, but also knows it will be a disaster for Foch none the less. This is typical abuse of power from a large corporation vs a private citizen with no means to defend himself.

        WG knew what Foch was like, yet they still wanted to make him a CC, until they did not like his opinion and are now throwing him under the bus in the hope to get rid of his channel.

        You may not like Foch’s videos but that does not mean you get to take away free speech and censor opinions you do not like. That is the textbook definition of fascism.

        NB: WG has made a statement saying Foch is homophobic and racist to Kotaku. So they are now going even further in their abuse and misconduct by continuing to bad mouth a non-favorable reviewer. This is scum-of-the-earth behavior honestly. Also WG EU is censoring posts on their forum and seeing to it they will not pop up in the search filters. It seems WG is going the route of asset-flippers like Digital Homicide. Let’s just hope WG also goes the way of this company (belly up).


    2. Makes a living from WG’s game without paying them squat.
      Thanks them by saying ‘because fuck WG’.

      That’s called being an ungrateful bastard.


      1. Welcome to the free world where that is allowed. Maybe move to a country where they do not have free speech or expression, and see which you like better.

        Being an asshole does not warrant fascism shutting you down.

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    1. What ecatly is wrong with not agreeing with WGs policy about milking hard ( while ruining the game experience),and still trying to have CC privileges to inform all of us whats going on?

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    2. Maybe actually find out what CC means first?

      It’s not a job, it doesn’t pay anything and they made him CC without him asking or agreeing to anything.


  2. He is right to be honest, he cursed a bit much and went too far but that’s all. He is trying to make a point that every premium is becoming slightly better than the last one wich ensures WG to make money and release content that stands out in some way (alpha/gun/armor/mobility/Rof). This tank will shit on every tier 6 and 7 tiers and will be shooting gold at tier 8 and above and still stand out. WG is losing the plot in the premium/balance department.

    When I first started playing this game 3 years ago there were a few (meh) premiums available and way less choice. Nearly every nation (except for the poor British ofcourse) had 1 tier 8 heavy/ medium or tank destroyer available. Now? All the big nations except British have a shitload of tier 8 borderline OP premiums.

    WG are releasing way too much premium and (borderline) OP tanks at the same time, at this rate there will be more premiums than regular content available, couple that with a few other reasons like arty and that will kill the game.
    I am hunting my 2nd gunmark in the Tiger 2 and it will be fun and easy trying to reach mark with all those premium monsters driving around.

    Making armor great again, you surely will succeed by going down this way WG, no more penetration loss over distance or worse accuracy and flying shells, just buff the shit on every armored heavy/vehicle without any real weak points.

    No wonder I haven’t played Wot in a while, playing Wows instead, something different.


  3. Buhuu, SirFoch the fucking crybaby. No matter what you come up with, you’ve lost your trust and WG have all the right in the world to revoke you CC status. Criticize all you want about the content, just do it as appropriate and with respect, asshole.

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    1. That’s not what’s being discussed here.
      No one is wondering why he lost his CC status.

      Threatening to fuck up his Youtube channel with bullshit copywrite infringement notices is illegal, immoral and unethical.

      As I compared it to in the other post, it’s akin to not only banning him from WG-fest for shit talking WG, but also threatening to call the police, suspecting him of making bombs if he doesn’t stop.
      It’s bullshit,over-the-top actions, highly illegal, and would take weeks to fix the damage despite him not being guilty of the “copywrite infringement” crime.

      Because no matter what they say, you are allowed to make a Youtube video about WoT calling it shit and calling WG greedy buttholes.
      If anyone tells you otherwise, you can just go ahead and tell them to eat a massive cock, as this isn’t Soviet Russia.

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      1. It isn’t illegal or immoral name me another games company the size of WG that would allow a associate content producer to release that kind of material and not take action?

        You can’t Foch fecked up he went too far, he admitted it himself…..!

        So you can stop apologising for him and pretending WG were the douche here.


        1. Again, you’re missing the point. By a LOT.

          Which is impressive, because I’ve explained it four times already.

          Everyone would take action.
          As in, revoke his CC status and probably make a comment on the forums/reddit explaining their choice.

          Abusing a copywrite infringement system on a 3rd party system (Youtube) to take even further action is ILLEGAL.

          It is ILLEGAL.
          I find it absolutely shocking that you, as an individual, think you are not entitled to free speech, and that you have absolutely no issue with WG blatantly abusing a system on a THIRD PARTY service in order to censor you.
          If you’re ok with that sort of thing, then by extension you fully accept me threatening to call the police on you on suspicion of child porn just because you called me a douche on a third party service (wordpress) and I don’t like it.

          I don’t mind WG shutting his CC status, his video was stupid.
          I do mind them using illegal means to blackmail him into stopping making WoT videos.

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      2. Any company can claim copyright infringement against an individual or company that monetizes copyrighted content.

        If WG decides to do that, Foch or anyone else can sue until kingdom come. They will lose.


        1. Oh you can claim infringement all you want, but it doesn’t matter as any content that’s made for entertainement and isn’t a full copyrighted product (a song or a movie, not applicable for a game) is legal.

          I can make any WoT video with game footage that adheres to Youtube rules and monetize it, WG won’t be able to do shit.

          If you couldn’t, then you wouldn’t ever see a single negative video review on youtube.
          No poor game, music, movie, or product of any kind review.

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            1. It really doesn’t matter at this point.

              It could have been 60 minutes of an animated dog shitting on a WG logo, and there still wouldn’t be a legitimate reason to copyright strike it on Youtube.


    2. Like the repect WG is paying to all of us paying customers,providing a fair,balanced,entertaining experience…..not.
      (And yes all of you fckn blind WG supporters,i play it despise all that cuz its fckn addictive,but i still demand a better game unlike you politically correct sheeps)

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      1. You can demand a better game without saying ‘Fuck you WG’ every other sentence (Foch can’t FYI — which makes him a complete idiot to everyone but his Twitch chat, which is all he cares about because their the ones that feed him).


    3. Crybabies, bruh. You will also be one of the crybabies when they fuck up your tanks. Loss of trust, WG just violates all the trust of the players when they keep introducing OP premiums, unreasonable nerfs with lights and unreasonable buffs with heavies, I dont really think that WG pays any respect to its players either. SirFoch just let them know the facts in a fucking hardway.


    4. With respect, like your own post? Right… Here in the western world we have this thing called freedom of speech, but I guess you don’t like it when others use that right. That is called being a fascist.


  4. Although he might have had more impact if he did it the polite way, I’m with Foch on this one. WG is losing it if it comes to balance.


  5. To kick him out from the CC club? Well within their rights. To try and copyright strike a yt channel that openly criticizes a product? Ridiculous. It’s absolutely stupid that they are trying to do it to someone who is just speaking out his opinions and a bunch of yes men get invited to Cyprus. I’ll take a rude swearing bitch like Foch over a two faced sellout like QB every day of the year.

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    1. He did much more than criticize the product. He slandered WG for the sake of slander.
      I’ll take a calm, cool and collected, read between the lines QB than a slanderous loud mouth like SF or Circ every second of the day.


  6. Now everyone is mentioning it, there is nothing inappropriate with removing Sir Foch’s CC’s rights but threatening with more sanctions and fuck up his whole YT channel? I think WG is feeling the pressure with many youtubers becoming more critical about the way they do things, doing everything to silence the haters.

    Murazor (yeah the balance guy) was highly critical of the game and WG offered him a job to shut him up haha. No threats or sanctions like Foch but even better, offering him a very strong position within the company which he slagged off. Double standards.


    1. Point and fact is WG are entirely happy to be criticised and will listen to such criticism when they are put in a balanced and proportionate way ie not toxic and abusive.

      Even going to such lengths to employ people who have been critical as it is constructive.

      Foch wasn’t constructive he was abusivr and toxic…..

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      1. Half of the players playing this game feel and express themselfs exactly like Foch does,mute-suspend-ban them too?
        Oh sorry forgot,THEY are paying the bills eh Phelan and WG?
        But what you really failed to see,is that despite all his rudeness,Foch and the other you-tubers still brought more customers in your store,than you’ll ever manage to do with your marketing.


        1. Agree, many players probably think like Foch and he has a good following so he can speak out and get more noticed than the regular player who disagrees with what WG is doing. Players simply agree (not all) with what he thinks. He went a bit over the top, instead of saying f**k you could say f**k it/this. He was too direct and that cost him his CC status.


      2. WG hardly listen to be fair. WG wanted to make armor relevant again by reducing pen and accuracy over distance on sandbox, when the playerbase disagreed it got cancelled. What did WG do next, release premiums with a shitload of armor (dont need to mention which) and overbuff Maus and Type 5 to make armor great again -_- Foch doesn’t agree with (spamming) gold and having borderline op armor like the recent premiums that break gameplay and decide the outcome of matches, unfair on players who dont pay and only play regulars. They get outclassed by players with real money and credits. WOT could last way longer if they cut out the shower of new premiums coming into the game and instead implementing those tanks into new (mini) branches.

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  7. Man already made his point on OP tier 8 premiums and OP armor on some tanks in his previous videos, so I’d just like to ask those who deem the video unconstructive and toxic, to fuck off.

    WG balances the game towards encouraging p2w. They’ve been slowly doing so ever since the jp superheavies were introduced. Does it make sense? Financially, for WG, I guess it does. But you gotta be a special kind of cunt to actualy support that approach as a player.

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    1. Financially, for WG, I guess it does.

      That’s all the sense a company has to make. As a player I don’t want WG to go under anytime soon and take all my tanks along with it.


      1. So breaking the law with frivolous and false copyright claims is okay with you, because of your little feelings? How old are you; 12?


  8. My perspective in this? This is probably a lousy tank but Sir Foch was too obnoxious in his approach. Whether it’s a pay-to-win tank is another question; more like pay to finance your sad little spamming premium ammo habit. And yeah, I do buy premium time. And yeah, I’ll admit that I do spam a lot of HE in my type 4! I’m at least doing it when going toe to toe with Tier IX-X heavy metal.


    1. What WG likes to do is to make the tank OP enough that lower tiers stand no chance. However, stuff like the penetration will be shit so it won’the affect the higher tiers unless you fire premium rounds


        1. As a matter of fact,dear Sebastianul,i propose as a sign of solidarity to Foch,to boykott the release of this new tank.Lets start a pol and see how many people who considered buying this new prem,are NOT gonna spend any money on it.


  9. If he had done a video w/o the f… from the start, he would not have got his CC removed, nor any video take down.

    And Sirfoch makes a Bull from a Lamb.
    No wait….
    After listening that video to the end….
    A Whale from an Ant.


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