Foch’s Response: “Clearing up some things”

I know this the third post, but I felt it was important to show more of Foch’s reasoning and counter arguments to his opponents. Posted on the WoT subreddit.

“Ok, so shit has hit the fan so badly that I have to come out with my take on it.

Was my Video over the line? Sure it was. Do I regret making it? Hell no. Did I lose CC status? You betcha. Do I care? Not really. Did WG threaten to Copyright claim the video and future videos of Any WG product? Yes. screenshots:

Again I did not want this to go this far, and did not see this as such a big deal, but threatening to go through YouTube copyright strikes because I called you names is not really cool.

Some other things to clear up. All of you who are asking: “Why did I become CC?”, well they just made me one, I did not have to Sign anything and they did not pay me anything, and I told them right at the start that I wont change my style because of this and that they should not put their jobs on the line if people upstairs get upset. And being a CC does not mean I have to kiss WG ass with every video, I have like minded community behind me and they are the ones I represent on my channel.

And for those of You who say: “Well you should not bite the hand that feeds you” WG is not my employer, they don’t pay me. I get payed by my community with the help of Twitch and Youtube, and World of Tanks is just a tool for me to do that.”


91 thoughts on “Foch’s Response: “Clearing up some things”

  1. Disgusting, despicable, immoral and dirty all at once! Who would’ve thought Ph3lan could formulate ‘Take that video down or we will fuck your shit up’ in such a friendly manner!

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      1. The “please remove the video from your channel” part is completely offset by the following statements regarding doing it themselves through false DMCA claims and the inability of foch making any money through future WoT youtube videos.

        DId your prescription glasses come in late or something? It isn’t that hard to properly read.

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          1. That video is more than covered by Fair Use, specially the critique portion of it, and therefore any copyright strike against it would be unwarranted.


            1. They are not covered by fair use as they’re monetised.

              If you monetise a video using someone elses copyright material you need permission to do so.

              Fact checking.


              1. Just being moneitised is not the only factor behind it being fair use. It’s entirely possible for something that is fair use to be monetised, and equally that something that isn’t monetised is not fair use.

                For something to be considered Fair Use, they need to meet certain requirements. Critiques are comprehensively covered by it, because they use the copyrighted material to a different end than the original creators and it results in an entirely different product. This means it is “transformative”, and therefore meets one of the criteria.


      2. Also please remove the video from your channel or we will remove it by force abusing YT messed up copyrtight system.

        Yup, nothing wrong with that.


  2. Just some points:

    Had Foch been a F-ing dick all the time and in that video? Yes.
    Is WG’s reaction of removing a dick as CC (and insulting their company) justified? Yes.

    Should WG claimed the video just because someone said really bad things about them? No.
    Does SirFoch being a dick affect the NATURE of this drama that WG THREATENED a random person to take down something they don’t like? No.

    I am with Foch on this one. You can’t just think you can get away with it just because that person because he’s a dick. Fuck you WG. Uninstalling my just-re-downloaded WoT Client.

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    1. Bye bye shitter. I swear wg has the worst most toxic playerbase of any game company. I dont know why they attract the retards but apparently your one of them. Completely uninformed, clueless and a person that doesnt look at both sides of the issue but jumps on the anti wg band wagon.


      1. No wonder big publishers like Shitivision and Electronic Money can get away with their shitty business model. Yes people like you that cannot take anything that does not match your opinion.

        I quote, “Completely uninformed, clueless and a person” that doesn’t understand how serious the issue is.


      2. Also go home, little kid. How much WG paid you to shit on literally every comment that say bad things about WG? Go get a job and don’t be a keyboard warrior.


  3. Why do I have the feeling that all of this will backflash on Ph3lan, and nothing will change about the flood of retarded premium tanks?
    Or WG might apologize, then continue to pump out retarded premium tanks.

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    1. Coz that’s what will actually happen, I had a feeling that they might not even apologize for anything coz they are not actually wrong in some sense, but it is just the shitty nature of WG that they keep pumping out premium tanks for making shit tones of money from tanks (which are played by new noob players) and premium accounts. SirFoch just let them know this problem in a hardway and get a ‘civilized’ dick response from WG

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  4. Now as much as I like Foch and his brutally honest style, I have to say he went a bit too far with this. I don’t know about the legal issues with the copyright stuff, I’m not a lawyer but looking at it from a strictly civilian perspective I would say WG’s reaction was totally justified and even reasonably politely formulated (more politely than I would’ve formulated in the same situation). You don’t yell “fuckyoufuckyoufuckyouyoufuckinjoke” to the company that (indirectly) pays your bills. You can criticize them and do it harshly, that’s what Foch was doing the past years on several occasions. But you need to know where the borderline is because at a certain point you get from criticizing to libel.

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    1. It’s all totally justified up until the copyright strike threat. YT copyright system is not a tool to censor criticism, although many companies see it that way.


      1. Its not about censorship. They didnt say take all your vids down, just the one. Its about letting people know wg isnt fuckin around about their brand identity. Wg has to draw the line and set consequences on rule breakers.


        1. Buying WG bullshit :D
          It is about cenzorship and that’s absolutely not what copyright strike is for. “Brand identiity”, good one. By this logic I can’t make a negative movie review because it would damage the precious brand.


        2. No, what they said was if foch don’t remove this video they will take all of them including future videos. And, No, criticism is not a damage to brand identity. Saying fuxk WG does nothing legally wrong, especially if you have a reason, and that reason had been back by evidence.


  5. this 100 pct WG was in the right and twatboi was an asshat douche. he abused them, they were politel, he was an asshat back and refused to follow the rules, forcing them to enforce their rights.

    “Man cuts off own dick, sues knife maker”

    he can still make vids about WG if he wants, just cant use their engine and gfx property to do it. its called a podcast or vlog.

    WoTs problems are 99 pct entitled crybabies and 1 pct WG policy. these screenshots prove Wg was cool and foch was 100pct psycho chick

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      1. phelan forcing a copywrite ban was wrong and cowardly. I hate cowards they dont go to heaven just like geys ihihih.


    1. Enforce their rights, lol. The rights to be only praised? YT copyright system is not a tool to silence your critics. Nothing wrong with taking his CC status, but copyright strike threats is a bridge too far.

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  6. Phelan is a joke than dont know the laws. How the fuck it is a copyright violation to use´critizie public content? LUL, that is like saying lil wayne is a fucking joke and do shit music and then risk to get banned from youtube LUL, pheland you fucking cunt learn the laws before you run your fucking mouth.

    If a company do stupid decisioons they deserve haté, this is not ussr for fuck sake it is a free world.

    Fuck these OP premiums and fuck WG and fuck that fat fucking pig victor. Everybody on WG is on the same side milking customers with unethical business standards.

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  7. It’s not the first time some hotshot famous lazy asshole (that’s what a youtuber really is) starts ranting against the very company that’s actually promoting him and increases his audience.

    If i was the CEO of WG i would take legal action against ANY lazy fuck who’s using my creation to make money.

    Do you want to stream MY game? Do you want to make money out of MY game? Sign a contract, otherwise fuck off and go make money playing someone else’s creation.

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    1. He dont make money out of wot, he make money by people clicking the video that can have any fucking content. Should nike get paid everytime a person appears on instagram wearing nike shoes for example? LOL you fucking cappie.


      1. Oh really? So his youtube videos are just a blank screen….? LOL you fuckinG imbecile….

        Oh and the person wearing Nike, has bought it, so it technically belongs to him/her. Youtubers only USE someone elses property, they don’t buy anything, they don’t even sign a contract to use it. In that sense, Wargaming, and every other company that allows this to happen….should be considered as GENEROUS.

        It probably is extremely hard to understand if you’re mentally handicapped, but it is the truth.

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  8. Let me try and put this the way SirFoch would. Let me think now… uff, this is hard… what would Foch say? Oh, I got it.

    ‘because, fuck you SirFoch’.

    Damn, that was hard to come up with. I must be stupider than I think.

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  9. So Jingles has come out with a statement too. I am just a bit saddened that QB is so darn politically correct always about these tanks; I bet he will not comment on this either.


  10. I actually took my time to read the conversation and Phelan is a boss. +1 for Phelan even if I agree with WG balance being in the shitter these days…


  11. Really others are critical of wargaming too, it’s got nothing to do with his criticism of their approach. It’s his aggressive attitude and bad language, those reflect badly on wargaming with him being a contributor. Who at WG EU thought making him a contributor was a good idea in the first place.

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  12. Their copyright charge is odd. Fair use laws exist to protect people from egregious charges/lawsuits by copyright holders by protecting free speech but there are limits as to what you can do. We would need to see the language of the ‘contract’ that enables community contributors to make & publish reviews of WG’s products prior to their actual release. However it’s probably a moot point now that the Chrysler GF tank has been released to the public for sale.


  13. I don’t think that even if there were a copy right claim against Foch wargaming would be out of bounds the video is just Foch screaming for about two minutes fuck wargameing he makes money of their product if he wants to criticize it fair which WG Said was fine but he just gave WG the middle finger and It is within they’re right to have the video removed blame YouTube for having only one effective way for a company to try and protect they’re image by doing a DMCA it’s the only real way anyone can do to a YouTube content created but everyone freaks out when a YouTube report gets in trouble because it’s instantly fascist taking away free speech these people are part of an industries even if they don’t realize it and Youtube-ers need to think about they’re actions remember Pewdiepies incedent he should’ve asked himself do I really want to make a joke about killing all Jews regardless of the intent could you imagine if a cable news anchor did this it would be a media firestorm

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  14. This is amateur PR hour.

    This Ph3lan escalated this issue to copyright violation when it’s not his job to enforce it, then apologizes for it admitting he is wrong for threatening it (LMAO).

    From the beginning I feel WG’s PR has been subpar, especially as a foreign company operating in other regions where you don’t get any of the “homecrowd” sympathy, where even an EU community rep’s goof is somehow escalated to “those stupid soviet russians done focked up!!”

    The players have zero clue nor fucks given on how a big company actually operates, people seriously think everything is puppeteered from the top? LMAO again. But maybe they should have established a set of procedures for responding to vulgar criticisms that exceed their level of tolerance, that doesn’t involve threats given by a regional employee whose job is to be benign and machine-like, and then he apologizes for it (?) invalidating the basis for this whole ordeal which is the excessive cursing and the spreading of the above cartoon-like depiction of how a big company operates (calling it memeing, LMAO x3).

    All I gotta say is they made another tank that stomps terribads like the defender, but will absolutely get trashed even harder than the defender by the goods. Reason? All I can think of is they don’t expect to sell very many, going on the metrics from earlier GF tanks probably.

    Foch is right about the no frontal weakspot taking out an actual key learned skill in this game. WG is not wrong to want to come down on excessive shit-talking bandwagons headed by Foch. Which is more cancerous to the game, a tomato-stomper or a putrid segment of the community that blows everything out of proportion?

    Yea, in my opinion the latter is the very definition of cancer, cus it spreads to other isolated idiots who don’t think before they open their mouth to repeat a bunch of stuff they saw on the internet, aka memeing.

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    1. And as I’ve said before, this place is wholy amateurish also, fanning the flames of populism.

      Foch is no doubt self-destructive, given his willingness to just lay down and die if WG actually comes down on his ass, but he is content getting his licks in in the arena of popular opinion.

      Nevermind Foch, what’s this place’s thinking on rousing the rabbles? You bring down the game (unlikely), bring down WG (never gonna happen), you prosper how? LMAO. Even the historical nuts didn’t think with their head on this (WG AGAINST FREE SPEECH!!!!1111) You can keep up this confrontational tone or you can look deeper into the matter and behave like an actual news source. WG didn’t know it at the time how good it had it with FTR lol.


        1. No, that’s now what’s been done here.

          You have no dialogue with WG, who actually make the changes. Who’s your go to man at WG when there’s a communal issue? Even without one, there’s this thing called open letter, where one person draft a polite letter, and then get it undersigned by the community, asking for clear, specific things.

          What happens is you incite the rabbles of this community into a frenzy, bang pots and pans so that hopefully it’s loud enough WG will notice, want to put out the fire, and learn the actual grievances by sifting through the shit pile.


          1. We have no real connection to WG except for a few people that I’m friends who have connections with low level staff.

            The only way to get WG’s attention is to do this. WG gives no shit for polite discourse that people have been trying to attempt for the last 5-6 years.

            These tactics have repelled terrible decisions a.k.a. Rubicon


            1. Yeah, I don’t buy the “last 5-6 years” at all, if you’re seriously suggesting there’s a consistent effort to reach out to WG directly for 5-6 years.

              No wonder it’s confrontational if you think like that. This kind of “set dumpster on fire so they notice” is a last resort and has been used for Rubicon already. And if Victor K is to be believed they did take steps to listen more. This CC thing ATM is actually a good opportunity to make something happen.

              Also funny is the GF tank got a lot of coverage, what about the 15% boost to reload from the new ranked battle? The new OP modules+consumables usable in any mode somehow barely got any mention.


      1. This aote loves to enable the anti wg circlejerk. Its literally how you get efamous in wot. You cater to the fuck wg crowd.


  15. Lets all hail the lider of the 3rd kingdom, so WG can have anything real to repport instead of BS. Wg are not artyan christians they are possible hassidic jews (no pun intended lil). Report me now I am not political correct and I am a proud artyan (nib lul!!!!).


          1. Oh i know some youtubers who make a LOT with only a small fraction of those views. Live in your own bubble, i’m not gonna try to convince you, just know that this is the truth.


  16. SovietTenkDestroyer, WG the Detractor here?
    Did we really read the same post here?
    Could you go please and count how many or few times Sir wrote the f word?

    Do you agree or disagree that he could have done the video without the f words?


  17. I never could stand SirFOch, how anyone can stand listening to his sour bitter youtubes I can never understand.

    I hope WG copyright him. Good riddance.,


  18. Some people here don’t seem to understand DMCA and Fair Use enough. So I’ll try to summarize it.

    DMCA is a way for companies to shut down people trying to make money off of their content by illegitimate means. Primarily, this is aimed against piracy and low effort clone versions (See the 1000 different Flappy Birds that came out days after the original). Companies are free to use DMCA to take down and demonitise videos that violate their copyrights. Except in the case of Fair Use.

    Fair Use is a well documented series of protections for Free Speech that cover content about something that the copyright holders may want to censor. Fair Use allows limited usage of copyrighted material in content not belonging to the copyright holder, as long as certain conditions are met.

    Reviews and commentaries, the staples of Foch’s channel, are both well covered by Fair Use. They are known as “Transformative”, in that the copyrighted material used has a different purpose than it does in the original setting. People don’t watch Foch instead of playing the game, they likely do both, or have no interest in playing the game, but just his commentary. Therefore, his work serves a different purpose than the original, and is therefore Fair Use.

    Should Foch have lost his CC status? Obviously. But filing a DCMA takedown illegitimately as a way to silence dissent, and punish people who have negative things to say about your product is incredibly slimy, and I for one am not about to support a company that’s willing to try it.

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      1. Either way, filing a DMCA takedown is wrong, and because of the strike system Youtube has in place is actively threatening his livelihood. If it was only for the language, that actually makes it worse, because it shows they’re willing to threaten someone’s job because of foul language.


        1. A “job” is something you do with responsibility, patience and good character. Do you curse while you’re working? If you do, what will the client say? Hell what will the Boss say?

          Let’s be realistic and serious here. No, you don’t talk like that when you do a “job”, because you WILL get fired or you’ll run out of clients.

          If he’s unable to do his “job” (which isn’t a job) in a composed,calm and serious manner, then he shouldn’t be even doing it.

          I don’t like it when youtubers bitch and curse like 50 year old drunk ex convicts because this shit is an infectious disease and it spreads really fast. Things are already bad in the game with the existing community level, the last thing we want is some assholes throwing jet fuel into the fire.

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  19. If Fock is getting pissed off with the game WOT and WG income stream of ever-more Premium tanks then maybe he should stop playing WOT and play something else?

    oh-right he cant can he WOT is his living he sits at home unemployed jobless as WOT streaming is his sole and only income
    as already been said ‘biting the hand that feeds you’ jeez Foch grow up man why the ‘Diva’ attitude

    and yes I watch Foch streaming most afternoons iv got used to the endless fuck this fuck that profanities and other bad language seems to be the ‘new in-trend’ way to speak ~ where I work 90% of the shop floor is Polish and its kurva this kurva that (fuck) every other word.

    in hindsight its probably why CryBaby the leading no1 WOT contributor is very, very well off money wise financially QB leads the way with promoting WG and WOT positively while being an ‘educator’ for WOT to new players ~ while Foch just acts like the sulky pissed off kid with awesome game skills

    don’t get me wrong, I admire QB but his ass-licking towards WG is cringing at times but then he gets a very comfortable living by being smart and personable.


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