Foch’s Response: “Clearing up some things”

I know this the third post, but I felt it was important to show more of Foch’s reasoning and counter arguments to his opponents. Posted on the WoT subreddit.

“Ok, so shit has hit the fan so badly that I have to come out with my take on it.

Was my Video over the line? Sure it was. Do I regret making it? Hell no. Did I lose CC status? You betcha. Do I care? Not really. Did WG threaten to Copyright claim the video and future videos of Any WG product? Yes. screenshots:

Again I did not want this to go this far, and did not see this as such a big deal, but threatening to go through YouTube copyright strikes because I called you names is not really cool.

Some other things to clear up. All of you who are asking: “Why did I become CC?”, well they just made me one, I did not have to Sign anything and they did not pay me anything, and I told them right at the start that I wont change my style because of this and that they should not put their jobs on the line if people upstairs get upset. And being a CC does not mean I have to kiss WG ass with every video, I have like minded community behind me and they are the ones I represent on my channel.

And for those of You who say: “Well you should not bite the hand that feeds you” WG is not my employer, they don’t pay me. I get payed by my community with the help of Twitch and Youtube, and World of Tanks is just a tool for me to do that.”