WoWS: 0.6.6 Supertest Patchnotes

Thanks to everyone who made this leak possible. You know who you are! (Also thanks to syraku for translating)

PVE Mode:
– A new mode has been added.
– In this mode, seven players cooperate against AI enemies in various scenarios (most likely historical)

New features:
– Three new maps
– Four new scenarios/modes (!!?)
– New ships and structures added (most likely just aesthetical things on maps)
– A new destructible onshore facility has been added (Return of Bastion?)
– A new kind of division, “Extended fleet” has been added. Can accommodate up to 7 players.
– Voice chat function for the “Extended fleet” has also been added.
– Some interface improvements
– Added results at end of the season.
– New scenarios/modes for PVE added.
– Added a new “repair area” – you can recover ship health in this area. (more camping, yay)
– Chat BOT message display function added (patchnotes called it BOT too, not sure what it really means)
– To start a scenario battle, a target ship needs to receive a “command” that is granted every 30 minutes, and by receiving this “command, you will get ingame currency.
– Haifuri collaboration : New ships added.
– HSF Harekaze
– HSF Graf Spee

– New premium ships added. Permanent camouflages for these ships have also been added:
– Tier VI Russian cruiser Admiral Makarov
– Tier VI British destroyer Gallant
– Tier VIII American aircraft carrier Enterprise

Game logic improvements:
– When designating the target for AA, if Line of Sight to the aircraft is broken (i.e. the aircraft is temporarily out of detection range) and is then re-established, the focus command does not need to be redesignated again (i.e. the same case with secondary batter currently where you will still maintain “lock-on” on a ship that temporarily disappears)
– If a ship is destroyed when it is launching torpedoes, all torpedoes will now launch. (previous situation only dropped torpedoes just before you sunk, leading to 1-2 torps dropped out of the usual 3-5 salvoes.)
– Torpedo tubes included in “Switch camera automatically to each main gun” function. (Your camera will automatically switch to torpedo tubes in close-up if you switch to them from guns, previous situation only allows you to switch between guns.)

Sound improvements:
– Introduction of dynamic BGM (background music) consisting of two layers: As the distance closes between you and an enemy ship, more intense music will play. As you fight, it switches to normal battle BGM. This will only play if ‘Battle BGM’ is enabled.
– Weather during battle and ambient environmental sounds have been improved.
– Ship sounds have been improved.
– A new sound effect for all battleships has been added.
– Added and improved sound in Port.
– Volume slider for the main battery has been tweaked – you can no longer turn it off completely, only adjust the volume.
– Italian voices added.
– Added new BGM: Main theme, ‘Discovered’ (Detected) BGM comprised of several layers (the soundtrack has several component songs that can be layered over each other to produce different effects), pre-battle and battle start BGM, port BGM, dynamic BGM that changes according to battle conditions.
– ‘Ultra’ sound setting now available in Settings.
– New presets will be adjusted in more detail in the future.

Details of ‘Ultra’ setting:
– New gun sounds
– Post effect when landing (I really don’t quite get what they mean by ‘landing’)
– Added delay to sound effects such as explosions and landing sounds over long distances. This delay is directly related to the distance.
– Increased the distance where sounds can be heard (i.e. more sounds)
– Increased sound quality.
– Updated sound engine to WWise(2016.2.1 build 5995), sound files are now in .wem format.
– To create any sound mods for this version, modders will have to use this new WWise build.
– You can now apply sound mods of .mp3 format to voice messages (in-battle voiceovers, I think). The basic file structure and directories will remain similar, details to come on the forums.
– Steven Seagal’s voice is now available in other modes.
– When going into battle with Steven Seagal, the battle voiceover will automatically change to his voice.
– Steven Seagal’s voice will be available for players who have the ‘Steven Seagal’ captain.
– Steven Seagal’s voice can be selected in Settings.