Supertest: VK 168.02 (P) Initial Stats

Today, this new tier VIII premium heavy started being tested.  There are 2 different vehicles, with different guns:

With 15 cmgun – this version will have high DMG and less mobility.
With a 12.8 cm gun – more mobile with better aiming.

Only tests will show which armament will be suitable for this tank. More information about it should appear a little later 🙂

Initial stats for the 12.8 cm gun variant:

Tier: HT-8
HP: 1700
Max speed: 20 / -15 km / h
Turret turning speed: 20 °/s
Hull turning speed: 18 °/s
View range: 400 m

Hull armor: 140 / 150 / 140 mm
Turret armor : 230 / 160 / 140 mm

Alpha Damage: 490 / 490 / 630
Penetration: 208 / 250 / 65 mm
Reload time: 17.8 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,42
Aiming time: 2,5 s

Initial stats for the 15 cm gun variant:

Tier: HT-8
HP: 1700
Max speed: 20 / -15 km / h
Turret turning speed: 15 °/s
Hull turning speed: 13 °/s
View range: 400 m

Hull armor: 140 / 150 / 140 mm
Turret armor : 230 / 160 / 140 mm

Alpha Damage: 750 / 750 / 950
Penetration: 202 / 250 / 85 mm
Reload time: 24 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,44
Aiming time: 3,2 s


39 thoughts on “Supertest: VK 168.02 (P) Initial Stats

  1. AHAHAHA, what a fucking joke. Now we have fucking HTs which has tier 9 armor and minimum 490 dmg or 750 dmg AHAHA. This will be a gold spamming machine and when top tier nobosdy can do a shyte LUL! With this new MM, one or two of these tanks will rip. Also 150mm side armor is fucking better than the vk100p even LUL!


    1. Overbuffed? That lower plate is not gonna bounce much, nor is the 208 pen gonna work vs the 252… Or the Type 4/5 & Maus he will face at some point. This is gonna be a turd.


    2. don’t forget these are not the last of Dr.Porsche genius creations that CAN be added in tier 7~9 range, although 1 or 2 are alternatives to the E-25

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    1. The bike? Its for the Radiomen.

      Not that the tank needed a dedicated radioman at all, the germans just called it that out of propaganda reasons to hide a painfull truth: Two guys from the crew took turns on that bike, grab one of the jerrycans from the back and keep bringing additional petrol to keep the engine running for as long as possible. Hauling those jerrycans was extremely tiring work, this is why they needed two. Relocating the tank after a fuel haul was easy, as it wouldnt have moved far from its earlier position.

      A well trained pair of “radiomen” could double the actionradius of this tank from 2 to 4 miles on difficult terrain. This is all thanks to that bike: The bike is really top notch for its day. I had to be, because the “radiomen” had a very demanding job. The bikes you see in todays olympic games are actually derived from this one. Its easy to spot the same circular wheels on those. Some even dare say that the technological advances made during the VK168 project were not in tank development, but was instead a breakthrough in bicycle technology and probably the understanding of physics itself.

      Unfortunately during the later stages of the war, rubber became a rather rare resource and was prioritized for other projects. Without the bike, the VK168 project could not survive and was cancelled.



  2. look at those tanks. insanely hard to come by for tier 6 tanks (even from perfectly 90° side all MTs will bounce with AP, same goes for the back – only exception is Firefly) and if lowtier they wil be pure XP-pinatas as they are slow as **** and even tier 9 MTs will rip them apart with AP. in a pure tier 8 match they will be a mixed bag – 202 mm AP-pen is just so so against stronk balanced tanks like Defender.

    and: the 15cm gun has even better DPM than the 12,8 – 1875 vs 1652. great idea! okay, the gunhandling sounds completly awful for the 15cm (3,2 s aimtime – ieks!).

    well, it is “only” supertest, so lets see how much Wg will buff those two tanks in this stage …


  3. fuck the t6, fuck the t7, powercreep the normal t8s…..

    I think bad normal t8s should get pref.MM…..At the current state, bad t8s are bad because they couldn’t even hurt these retard superheavies with the prem rounds.


  4. i seriously doubt wargaming would put this thing in as a standard premium tank i see this as either their trial run with giving multiple armaments to premium vehicles or it will be a tank from the 2nd set of personal missions. the thing is i dont see this being op its probably gonna be shit because its soo slow and has horrific reload times.


  5. I am glad I stopped buying premiums, would be too much spending to have all these exclusives. This thing would be more powercreep in the game, maybe just as OP as VK 100.01P and OBJ 252, just what the game needs..


  6. Why the hell not ?!
    even more of these OP heavy tanks that completely ruin the game for everybody else.
    Every since Jap HT’s they are releasing more an dmore of these stupidly overbuffed heavy tanks and it seems like this shit isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

    If they really need to release a game breaking premium i hope they give it a really shit DPM with 12.8 gun because 15cm will completely destroy tier 8 games.

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  7. Why choosing? WG could guve premiums alternative modules just like premiums in WoWS.

    That tank is still ridiculous, tho. Too.. extreme.


  8. Yes, pls give me a derp premium tank. 85mm of penetration with HE and 950 average damage. I hope the supertesters don’t come to another conclusions than to introduce the Derp Premium.


  9. Whats the point having 208mm AP and 250mm apcr, lul!. Such a tenk shouldnt even have premium ammo for fuck sake. Mean whiole T32 and vk45a have 198 and 200mm AP and they are standard tenk LUL!

    I am sick and tired of fucking powercreep because this force people to shoot gold to deal woth OP premiums. WG are fucking delusional who the fuck runs the balance department he needs tio be sent to the camp asap!


  10. With the introduction of the VK100P and Mauschen, but much moreso the VK100P, it becomes necessary to have a tier 8 premium HT on the German line that can train a 6 man crew.
    Bringing in 2 of them is even better since it gives 2 extra dailies for a 6 man HT crew of choice. (Maus, E100, Vk100P).

    Now, I can only hope that WG switch the OHO/ONO and ONI around and make the ONI a tier 8 (that lack of gun depression on the OHO is much more noticeable in high tier play, and can be more forgiving in a tier 7 MM. And introduce a 6 man crew Japanese HT that can train the Type 5 and 4 crews.


    1. Or just increase depression on O-Ho, as there is actually gap to depress the gun 3-5 degrees instead of 1.

      O-Ni also has flatter armor than O-Ho and more rear mounted turret so the armor is even more “gets penned or not” and its more akward to come out from corners.

      Also O-Ni looks uglier.


  11. Nope, not what the game need. Not gonna spend more words on it, enough NO arguments are already vented here.


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