WoWS: Bismarck Campaign (NA, EU, ASIA)

Update: also coming on EU.

EU Server

Event Starts: 19 May at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Event Ends: 08 June at 09:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Source: Portal

The legendary HMS Hood has sunk! Embark on a quest for vengeance and haul in the loot in the “Hunt for Bismarck” Campaign! Complete this event to add Bismarck to your Port.

The campaign mirrors the events of May 1941, with seven missions, (containing eight tasks each,) based on the remarkable chase. Take part in operation Rheinübung, avenge the destruction of British battlecruiser HMS Hood, take ships of different classes into battle against German raiders, attack enemies with torpedo bombers and more!


Starts May 18 at 7:00 PT (10:00 ET)
Ends June 7 at 5:00 PT (8:00 PT)


Event Starts: 19/05/2017 @ 10:00 UTC+8
Event Ends: 08/06/2017 @ 08:00 UTC+8

How Campaigns Work

Campaigns are divided into sequential Missions, made up of various Tasks.

  • Each Mission requires a certain number of Pins. Complete Tasks in the current Mission to earn Pins  and other rewards
  • Only Tasks you accept will be active in battle. You can have up to two Tasks at a time, three if you have a Premium time active.
  • Once you earn enough Pins  for that Mission, complete that Mission’s Final Task
  • Once the Final Task is accomplished, you can move on to the next Mission
  • Rewards won’t be given automatically. You’ll have to click “Collect Rewards” under the completed Mission or Task to get your prize!

Let’s Put a Pin in That
Tasks can be repeated multiple times for Pin  rewards, but other rewards aren’t repeatable. Only Pins  earned within a Mission’s Tasks can be applied to the Mission’s Pin  requirement.

Mission Details

“Hunt for Bismarck” Campaign Tasks must be completed in Random Battles  with tier V+ ships. Additional restrictions may apply to individual Tasks.

The missions can be checked here:

(Captains who already own Bismarck will be rewarded her value in Credits and a Port Slot)


Throughout the Campaign, you’ll encounter a special type of container. Inside you’ll find new Campaign-exclusive signal flags, special camo, and Collectibles: badges and emblems with historical connections to the mission to sink the Bismarck!

Collector Containers come in two sizes:

  • Standard – Includes two Collectibles and one Campaign signal flag or special camo, with a possible “lucky drop” of five signal flags or camo. Get these containers for completing Mission Tasks.
  • Big – Rewarded for Tasks designated for HMS Hood. Includes one Collectible, seven random Campaign signals, and seven special camo applications.

Two new permanent camouflages for Bismarck, including a custom “battle-scarred” camo, await once you complete your Collection. Plus, any duplicate Collectibles you earn after completion earns you 10,000 !

Collector Container Signal Flag Exclusives!

Image Flag Name Flag Effect
Blue Dragon
+333% to Commander XP
Wyvern  +50% Credits
Red Dragon +100% to XP
+100% to Commander XP
Ouroboros +777% to Free XP
Hydra +50% to XP
+150% to Commander XP,
+250% to Free XP

10 thoughts on “WoWS: Bismarck Campaign (NA, EU, ASIA)

  1. “Rewarded for Tasks designated for HMS Hood.” (EG Task 8)

    Presumably, then, that means Hood will go on sale on 18th May for NA?


    1. if they do the same as EU then it will only go on sale in the most expensive bundle on the 18th/19th, then stagger the release so that the next most expensive bundle will be release a short while after and so on and the basic ship and port slot will only be available after the event is over……..because apparently WG public relations was going too smoothly for them recently!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. If this ship is as mediocre as it sounds WG will have to pay me to buy it; if I’m going to spend forty-odd dollars on a ship I’ll buy a good one like the Scharnhorst or Kutuzov!


      1. I’ll likely buy,
        I like the huge HP pool, the great angling of the turrets, and its hard hitting,
        to me it looks balanced ok enough, I do not need or want OP ships like most of the whinging crowd


  3. I look forward to both the ship and the campaign. Played the campaign on PTS and for a historian like me, very interesting.

    I do hope they fixed the skins. The Bismarck skins were way off and the HMS Hood ones look nice, but probably are incorrect as well. But I doubt they managed to correct the mistakes, if they tried at all, this close to release. Still, weird that they didn’t get them right, the information is readily available.


  4. Ah nevermind, they are releasing HMS Hood in bundles, biggest bundle first, stand-alone ship won’t be available until the campaign has ended. They’ve also increased the requirements for completing the various stages, in order to force as many people as possible to buy HMS Hood. In addition, they will be selling containers, so people who are tired of grinding for random drops, can get more random containers, in hope of completing their collection. Of course, you’ll be able to exchange duplicates, but on the PTS the ratio was 4 to 1. Let’s hope that hasn’t been increased as well. As it looks now, I’ll have HMS Hood in my port sometime after June 9th. Unless WG changes course.


    1. Looks to me like they are marketing the collectibles in this campaign like the “Panini” collectible football stickers, where you can sink a hell of a lot of money just to complete the collection …
      Does anybody know if the skins for the Bismarck actually provide anything better than the purchasable premium skin? If not why would I bother, to me the skins do not look that nice to be worth the effort or even money …
      The new thing in the offering, which actually can be appealing to some, is the addition of skilled Captains.
      Basically first time you can actually indirectly buy a defined amount of XP though of course linked to a Capt, but still, its a change. I wonder how the community receives this …


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