War Thunder – Fiat G.91

Fiat G.91 (codename “Gina”) was Italian light fighter-bomber aircraft produced as an outcome of the NBMR-1 NATO program to develop a light, small, inexpensive, tactical strike fighter capable of carrying both conventional or tactical nuclear weapons from unpaved airfields with simple maintenance requirements and minimal ground support.

The pre-production variant of the Gina was outfitted with the Bristol Orpheus Mk.801 engine delivering up to 2,200 kg of thrust, giving it maximum speed of 1,080 km/h at 1,520 metres and initial climb ratio of 30 metres per second. The aircraft was only 10 metres long with the take off weight of around 4,700 kg, making it one of the smallest post-war jet fighters in the game. The armament of the G.91 consisted of 4x forward facing Browning M3 12.7 mm machine guns mounted in panels on each side of the fuselage. Additionally it could be outfitted with several pods containing 38 rockets or two 500 lbs bombs.

While initially rejected by many NATO members, with the French and British being the most notable ones due to their interest to pursue local indigenous projects, the aircraft was adopted by West Germany, Italy and eventually Greece and Portugal as well. The first flight of the pre-production version of the aircraft occurred during in 1958 and last aircraft was phased out of its long service in the 1995. There were around 770 G.91’s produced in total through multiple variants for different countries, including trainer variants.

With its small dimensions and impressive performance, the G.91 will be indeed be a respectable opponent in post-WW2 jet skirmishes and a worthy representative of the Italian technological tree. This small rascal is no one-trick pony, make sure to take the advantage of its versatility.

Utilize your payload the to max, drop a small surprise in between the lines of the enemy Ground Forces or unleash the hell by releasing barrage of 38 rockets on a group of your enemies. Once done, you can easily chase other aircraft and participate in the mighty clash of now 6 major playable countries available to our players.

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Will it be able to keep up with others and claim its respectable place in the skies of War Thunder? Fans of the Italian tech tree rejoice – you will be able to find out very soon! Make sure to leave a comment, because this one…is truly worth commenting.



7 thoughts on “War Thunder – Fiat G.91

  1. finally, with italian aircraft in the german tree and yet having the “canadian” Sabre in it and not having the italian G.91 was extremely odd since both were used by west-germany
    for me it is two times more amazing to have this beauty in WT because it means italian aircraft are being added as well as the fact that my country (Portugal) air force used them in the 60’s and 70’s, curiously enough they were traded with germany


  2. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and quite good.

    But I’m afraid that like all non-end-tier jets, it’ll get murdered by good players in the F-86Fs and MiG-17s, which are faster, climb better, and have more firepower.

    Planes like the F9F Panther and this G.91 are prime example why matchmaking needs a separate bracket for slightly inferior jets.


    1. I believe its top speed is roughly equal to the top Sabers, if I’m not mistaken the one on the german TT is the fastest but would be in the same team as the G.91, the Mig-17 however is a problem since only the Hunter can outrun it but the Mig turns bettter


      1. I did go back and check, and indeed it’s not that much slower than top tier jets (around 35km/h less)

        It’s also much lighter which should contribute to better acceleration.
        However, that is quite moot if it retains a rather poor (for a jet) 30m/s climb, when compared with the 50m/s + for others, which I admit I don’t understand as it has a magnificent thrust/weight ratio.
        Altitude is speed.

        That said, if it manages to be nimble and maneuverable, it could make for a great noob basher. The sort that slows down and tries to turnfight.
        And who knows, the rocket pods could be useful to take out those pesky large bombers !
        Not their original purpose, but hey, I, like a lot of people, used to go dogfighting Reisens with a B-25 Mitchell “Original purpose” is a phrase lost on WT players :’D


        1. well, the G.91 was ready 6 years after the italian started using CL-13s Mk.4, which should be in their TT, and the devblog does state it was part of a program for a cheap and reliable fighter-bomber for NATO members, I would not discard the possibility of being inspired on the Sabre

          also, it seems it should be given the option of installing gun pods (probably additional .50cals? it’s listed on the wikipedia page but it often is not a reliable source)


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