War Thunder – 11.5.2017 Unofficial Changelog

Yup, redditor mike10d brings a little change list which might be beneficial for all you crumpet eaters ;)

Live Server:


Hit camera added for planes attacking tanks

Gun indicators for where gunner’s guns are pointed


PvE mode requires 30% battle activity for a reward

New razer decal

Dev Server:

World War Mode added

        (Soon ™ intensifies)

        I do not have time to go through it yet, and it’s all new stuff so I do not know much about it

        Strings can be found here

                I find the artillery interesting

                And the different army states

                And the ships

                And how armies can die

Ap_large_caliber (T34/M103)

Powerful shell fragments(section 1 of 3) max angle: 15 → 10 degrees

Moderate shell fragments(section 2 of 3) max angle: 30 → 20

Weak shell fragments(section 3 of 3) max angle: 60 → 45

Weak shell fragments(section 3 of 3) max distance: 4 → 3

Weak armor spalling (section 2 of 2) max angle: 60 → 40

Weak armor spalling (section 2 of 2) max distance: 4 → 3

All AP rounds:

 now use new ap_solid_medium_caliber post pen effects

ap_solid_medium_caliber compared to old post pen effects:

  • Now will have more or less fragments based on mass of armor and shell, and the residual pen instead of a fixed number
  • Has armor and shell fragments, not just only one
  • Narrower angle of fragments
  • Higher fire chance

May be coming for APC and APCBC too

New round ricochet stability modifiers for all airplane bullet types.

Something about torpedo Course Correction


15 thoughts on “War Thunder – 11.5.2017 Unofficial Changelog

  1. we dont care fucking wt. they are fucking liars and game is shit. i played wt from cbt to 2014 and they are fucking liars pricks. i know them i hate them.


  2. Ap_large_caliber (T34/M103) ok we were fighting to fix M103 AP shells from its introduction… finally it got buff after so long (still not even 70% correct)… now they nerf it…


    1. what to expect, the same happened to the T34 but even more serious since at first they used the profile of a practice round despite having players sending them charts with the correct ammo and performance, last time I heard it still needed a fix


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