War Thunder – 11.5.2017 Unofficial Changelog

Yup, redditor mike10d brings a little change list which might be beneficial for all you crumpet eaters 😉

Live Server:


Hit camera added for planes attacking tanks

Gun indicators for where gunner’s guns are pointed


PvE mode requires 30% battle activity for a reward

New razer decal

Dev Server:

World War Mode added

        (Soon ™ intensifies)

        I do not have time to go through it yet, and it’s all new stuff so I do not know much about it

        Strings can be found here

                I find the artillery interesting

                And the different army states

                And the ships

                And how armies can die

Ap_large_caliber (T34/M103)

Powerful shell fragments(section 1 of 3) max angle: 15 → 10 degrees

Moderate shell fragments(section 2 of 3) max angle: 30 → 20

Weak shell fragments(section 3 of 3) max angle: 60 → 45

Weak shell fragments(section 3 of 3) max distance: 4 → 3

Weak armor spalling (section 2 of 2) max angle: 60 → 40

Weak armor spalling (section 2 of 2) max distance: 4 → 3

All AP rounds:

 now use new ap_solid_medium_caliber post pen effects

ap_solid_medium_caliber compared to old post pen effects:

  • Now will have more or less fragments based on mass of armor and shell, and the residual pen instead of a fixed number
  • Has armor and shell fragments, not just only one
  • Narrower angle of fragments
  • Higher fire chance

May be coming for APC and APCBC too

New round ricochet stability modifiers for all airplane bullet types.

Something about torpedo Course Correction