T-34-85 “Rudy” Available on EU

The following offer will be available in the Premium Shop from 9 May at 07:00 until 16 May at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).

T-34-85 Rudy

  • Military Parade offer

Buy now!


7 thoughts on “T-34-85 “Rudy” Available on EU

  1. Yay another Tier 6 Premium that’s either going to see T8 (bottom tier) or T7 (middle mostly) or the best yet T6 (single tier) where your never top tier!

    treasure those top tier T6 to T4 games of 9,17 as there never going to happen now with the new 9.18 ‘improved template MM’ system

    watch those credits slip away in frustration at ‘never top tier in a T6 tank’

    but remember the awesome BIA crew, yup that’s about it

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    1. In the first weeks of 9.18 I’ve only played tier 9 and 10, because I was grinding the Leo 1. Matchmaking is fine at those tiers, especially at tier 7 Now I’m at the T44 at tier 8 and I don’t really know what to think about the new MM. You can still get your damage when bottom tier (7-5-3), but it’s harder to have an impact on the game. Also, when your top tier players are worse then the top tier players of the other team, the game will end up in a 15-3 defeat. However, keep in mind that the new patch and the x5 weekend brought a lot of casual players back to the game as well, which also contributes to those steamroll defeats/wins.

      What also is f’ing annoying, is the heavy/medium distribution. Good luck when the opposite team has more heavies on Himmelsdorf, especially if they have more top tier heavies. They really have to fix that.

      However, tier 6 should be kinda playable as bottom tier. The gap between tier 6 and7 isn’t that big, but against IS3’s and Defenders you are kinda fucked. You can’t do shit against those tanks with a tier 6 medium.

      When you are at the bottom for 3 games, the MM puts you in an all Tier 8 match. I think you have to call that ‘top tier’. Tier 8 is the most played tier, according to VBaddict, so those matches are very, very common. And to be honest, that is really nice. You are able to have an impact in those games and there is much more HP to farm… ;-)

      And besides this all, there seems to be less artillery and arty is less gamebreaking. Or is it just me who feels like this?


  2. Made the mistake of buying the Thunderbolt over this, should’ve known better (yes Thundercrap has more armor but at least Rudy has a much better gun and the crew adapts to any of the relevant Soviet mediums). :(

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