Russian Victory Day Parade Video (2017)

This happened today. Enjoy!


43 thoughts on “Russian Victory Day Parade Video (2017)

      1. Probably because any American parade commemorating either VE or VJ Day will obviously be met with anti-war protesters. I’m guessing most prefer to commemorate the event as a remembrance ceremony instead. No flaunting of military hardware, unlike Russia and North Korea. Not surprised to see a lack of anti-war protests in Russia, such a thing is illegal and can also be seen as unpatriotic. Russians are very proud of their history.


      2. we want parades. but we have a thign called liberals who hate patriotism. and hate the laws our country is built on.

        tis for this reason that the % of liberals “proud to be american” varies based on president. while conservatives remains steady regardless of whose in power.

        its also the reason we having such a big issue with illegal immigrants. liberals don’t understand the ILLEGAL part.

        but hey, who am i to speak. france’s new head of state told his people to accept terrorism as a daily part of life. we wont see any parades from them for a looooong time. unless its france surrendering to isis.

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      3. USA is democracy and industrie nation. They dont need no showing of nuclear weapons. Such parades only good for dictators and 3rd world uncivilized countries.


  1. Where are all of the anit-war protestors?

    In the USA, we would have set up a safe space for them to chant and carry signs.


    1. In Venezuela, we have armed men to take them to jail. Straight to jail. You undercook fish? Straight to jail.


  2. Got to love the RT commentary. “Best in the world”, “newest system”, “unequal firepower”, “can take out any present OR FUTURE threat”. Meanwhile, the vehicles on the screen are just re-painted cold war era bricks. Of course, there are some exceptions (T-14 and Boomerang).


    1. That’s more than enough to seal club 3rd world countries and keep the US at bay. If it keeps state of the art equipment at bay it can’t all be that bad.
      The US has the same selling points but is yet to go against any modern day army.

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      1. First of all, US is not kept at bay by those things. The nukes are what keeps them away. Second… why do you think US would want to poke into russia? There’s nothing interesting there that can’t be obtained somewhere else.

        None of the “superpowers” has gone toe to toe with another decent army in decades but I do believe the western technology is superior to the eastern one. And to be completely honest, I think russia is no longer on second place either in the arms race. China is or soon will be.


    2. Guess they don’t want to flash around their most powerful pieces of shitupfuckers. I’m even surprised that the Armata is part of the show-off. You wanna keep your trump cards hidden these days huehuehuehuehuehue.


    1. 42 million people? You’re off by over 12 million.
      It’s estimated at between 26 and 27 million.

      No need to skew the number, there’s already grim and tragic enough as is.


      1. 20 million russians killed by other russians.

        your numbers only include those killed on the german front. not the 20million by other russians both durign and after ww2

        still. the record remains mao zedong with 70million deaths of his own countrymen during peace time

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        1. Well you can’t start tacking on casualties of the political system after the war to the wartime loses.

          The 26 million figure is the official total death toll for the war on every front.

          If you start tallying deaths after a war, you might as well just count the Spnaish flu using soldiers and sailors as an infection vector and saying that WWI killed over 100 million people, and that because of Mao and Stalin, WWII directly claimed almost 200 million lives.

          But that would be fudging the numbers and mixing completely separate topics into one.

          As I said previously, war is grim and tragic enough. No need to fudge History to tack on more gravitas.

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        2. Many Soviet soldiers died because of many mistakes made by Stalin, who first purged the officer corps of all branches of the military, then wanted to avoid a war in 1941 at all cost, and thought he could achieve that goal, so refused permission to intercept reconnaissance planes. Many more died because Stalingrad was never properly evacuated, as well as the incessant demand to hold ground everywhere at all cost, instead of preserving troops by letting them fall back and live to fight another day. So many troops and equipment, including maybe the largest air force in the world, were lost early in the war, making it that much harder to recover. Many troops were sent to penal battalions, given suicidal objectives, or shot summarily. And so on, and so forth. Poorly led, poorly equipped, but they fought. After the war, POWs were not welcomed back, but sent to the gulag. You can’t help but admire the men -and women!- who fought for their country, to beat back a brutal attacker, then made it all the way to Berlin.. often on foot! Too bad Stalin is often again portrayed as a great man in Russia. Men like Stalin should never be mentioned again, except when used as a lesson on what NOT to aspire to. But the soldiers that fought and died, were essential in bringing the war to a close, you can’t deny they weren’t brave.

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          1. They fought back the brutal attackers just to become the brutal attackers themselves. I mean their war against Finland in 1940 was totally unjustified and just there to “prove” that the mighty red army also could expand its empire into lesser nations.

            Sure one could call some of them heroes, but what they did after and during the war to achieve that victory is mostly ignored. Everyone seems to forget that the nazis and the soviets had an agreement how to split up europe at first.

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      2. Yes, 42mln. ruskies died. The russian historian Boris Vadimovich Sokolov has confirmed this not so long ago while made some research in russia archives. As always russia was hidden the real numbers for propaganda.


        1. Right, sekrit rashian dokuments )))))

          So every document, including those taken from Russian archives post-USSR, every census, every scholar points at 26 million, but according to sekrit documents, it’s not only just 42 million, but an additional 20 million for post-war repression.

          So according to you, Russian lost 30% of it’s total population, including children and the elderly.
          That’s a realistic number for you?


          1. do you understand what you write? What other can now better than russians how many peoples died? how can know that american? they just guessing. Go google about that guy I wrote above, he made this research this year. Or you are one of that poor ruskie subhumans? Also you know wanna say that americans made a war in ukranian, right?


            1. …Do you know what you are writing?

              Every single census and data point from 1946 all the way to 2014 points to a population decrease of 20-26 million from 1941 to 1945.

              You can’t just come in with “sekrit unverifiable dokument from hidden archive” and expect anyone to take your paper seriously.

              And now you’re calling me a Russian subhuman?
              Bro, you need to chill out.

              I’m extremely critical of the Russian government, and I’ve made no attempts to every hide that fact.


                1. I have no time to waste on sensationalist claims from unverifiable documents given to me by someone telling my I’m a subhuman.


                  1. you really idiot. I told you what guy reported, go and google it. I will not translate all article from my language to english.


  3. RU propaganda channel and only 720p resolution??? C’mon putin…we need to make RT Full HD Again… KAPPA
    hohoLooser-the part of Sliphantom army…


  4. Putin uses the sad past of WW2 to “justify” his war against Ukraine. But hes lying here: Ukraine is no fascist country, Putin is.


  5. I don’t really want to watch an hour of cannon fodder on parade, is there something particular in this video that needs to be seen?


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