Download the Nameless & Edelweiss Skin Mod

The mod replaces the Panther 8,8 cm L/71 and M4A1 Revalorisé with the Nameless and Edelweiss.

  • Edelweiss = Panther mit 8,8 cm L/71
  • Nameless = M4A1 Revalorisé



6 thoughts on “Download the Nameless & Edelweiss Skin Mod

    1. I’m don’t know much about WoT modding, but I know that collision and visual model differ when you’re changing models, so I guess whoever did those picked tanks that are most similar dimensions-wise, so you will actually be hitting the tank when firing at it,


  1. They look amazing,I have the revalorise and I am very happy with the model,problem is,because its big and looks like it could have armor,I get ahead of myself and think that I have a big ass medium with armor while I have a 70mm front armor plate revalorise :P .


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