WoWS: More 0.6.5 Changes

Hunt for Bismarck campaign:

-Each mission may only give out 1 collectible container, and the missions can only be completed in random battles only now.


– Turret traverse speed increased to 3.3 deg/sec


– Turret traverse speed increased to 5 deg/sec


15 thoughts on “WoWS: More 0.6.5 Changes

  1. Warspite: AW YISSSSSS
    Campaing-Randoms only: FUUUUUUUUUCK

    (Btw I came back to WoWS and the Blyska isn’t the annoying pest it once was. I’m disappointed. :( )

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    1. If WG wants to encourage selfish teamplay and kill stealing when the campaign can be done safely in co-op instead without ruining the fun of PvP players, so be it.

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  2. Look’s promising… But in all honesty I am looking forward to getting my hands on kaga and the haifuri event whenever those two come around.

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  3. Think it’s a bit overkill with the Hood turrets now. Most battleship turrets have like a 40ish second turret turn time, and if my calcuations aren’t wrong isn’t it 180/5 = 36 seconds without the turret turn time captain skill? Not exactly game breaking but still interesting to take note of.


    1. Yeah I don’t really think Hood should be getting German turrets. If it needed more buffs then buff something else, like krupp or sigma or shell velocity. British BB turrets were historically slow turning. In reality that didn’t matter because engagement ranges were longer and ships weren’t moving at 5x speed in order to limit battle time to 20 minutes. In WoWs historical traverse times would be a crippling weakness for British BBs so it makes sense to buff them, but Hood should still have more like 50ish second traverse time.


  4. Wow, can’t believe they removed the co-op option. Well, guess I’ll spend more time in the sun on my vacation. Come to think of it, the wife would really like that. ;)

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  5. while Warspite i understand as most BB with had 2 degree/s traverse have 3 degree/s traverse in game, Hood? according to that it get the same one of fastest BB turret traverse speeds… while IRL it wasn’t fastest if even better than Warspite…


    1. IRL Hood’s turrets were almost exactly the same as Warspite’s. I get she has to fight at a higher tier but 5 degree/s is too much.


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