In the 9.19 common test, Brothers in Arms and Sisterhood of Steel are compatible

Credit to Rakkedyman for the find.


24 thoughts on “In the 9.19 common test, Brothers in Arms and Sisterhood of Steel are compatible

    1. Your ability to read is most impressive. You are, in fact, “da man” Great burn post – all bow down….


  1. Find?

    It’s on the announcement page.

    “Remember how you needed to recruit an all-female Crew to benefit from the Sisterhood of Steel perk? And how that is just the same with Brothers in Arms? Update 9.19 gets rid of this unfortunate complication by uniting these perks into one. Mixed Crews will receive a 5% boost to their effectiveness just as all-new and all-female squads do.”

    Hardly a secret.

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    1. Alright, I know this will sound stupid, but I forgot the numbers, so… What is the % bonus if you have a female or male only crew with their respective perk? 5% as well?

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      1. yes, it’s 5% which in reality corresponds to about 2.3% increase in everything (reload, view range, turning speed)


  2. Good change, simple but effective!

    Like a lot of things WG decision making should get higher dose of K.I.S.S. (Keeping It Simple & Stupid)

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  3. So how will this effect the new female sounds ? Works if the commander is female ?

    But a free reset would be nice now and country change. If I knew this would be like this I would have given way more girls a different nationality if it only takes the commander for the sounds. And when you combine them with the Berlin quartet now I didnt need 4 russian, american girls like I have now.

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  4. MY all male crew is misogynistic and won’t listen to a female commander so will suffer a penalty.

    But ok I guess. They would still have the benefit as it’s a zero skill for females. so unless they make it zero for men as well men will still suffer :D


  5. Thanks for the shout-out, but it was in the patch notes XD

    Albeit behind a link reading “Supertest Summary.” I didn’t know it was in the notes at the time I posted. I was actually a little scared it was a bug. But my Skoda T 40 and Type 64 are both going to be 5% happier now!

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  6. Finally, I can throw out all those wasted female radio operators and ammo handlers and leave those menial tasks with barely any useful skills, to male crew members, while my ladies are all promoted to drivers, gunners and especially commanders.


  7. I am kinda afraid to comment….but I don’t like this…..the female crew members were special (maybe just to me)…this makes them just a regular ones


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