Tiger 131 – Ingame Screencaps

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18 thoughts on “Tiger 131 – Ingame Screencaps

      1. Your 2676 wn8 on the tank suggest most people do not get the same results with the tank as you. As a result your argument about tank being good may not represent the truth for the majority of players. Just because you like it and win a lot of battles does not mean the tank is solid.

        That said however – It won’t believe the tank is crap either… lacks viewrange though so very dependant on teamwork.


        1. http://tanks.gg/compare/m6?t=arl-44~t-150~vk-3601-h~ht-no-vi~kv-85~churchill-vii

          the jap. Tiger and the VK 36.01 H have the same viewrange and as you can see: on tier 6 HTs 370 m are not decent but best in class.

          and about the WN8: we are talking about a little more than 1,2k avg. damage on a tier 6.
          tells you, that the Jiger is only third in avg. dmg so it seems to perform rather fine.
          as I own one myself: for me it is a decent tank. the pen buff helped it, so should the new MM (less tier 8 HTs to meet). gunhandling is a bit meh, but still better or on par with the rest of tier 6 HTs. if you want laser guns, look at tier 10 MTs.


  1. They should buff the pen on the “short” 88 a bit more. I believe historical penetration was something like 152mm (132mm angled at 30 degrees).


    1. They had it rather realistic in beta, but Russian fan boi’s screamed bloody murder, so it got the fuck stick up the ass, over and over till everything else was better, even with the amour update and the slight bit of gun update , the new dispersion system for accuracy removed one of the key benefits of this gun, accuracy.


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