Nameless Tank Initial Stats

The first tank from the Valkyria Chronicles collab. ASIA server only (so far)

Tier: 8, Heavy Tank
HP: 1600
Max speed:  50/-14 km / h
Hull turning speed: 28 °/s
Turret turning speed: 26 °/s
View range: 370 m
Hull armor: 220/80/80 mm
Turret armor: 240/150/80 mm

Alpha Damage: 300/300/360
Penetration:  215/260/44 mm
Reload time: 9 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0.37
Aiming time: 2,3 s

More pictures in this article: LINK


31 thoughts on “Nameless Tank Initial Stats

    1. no, it is actually called Nameless in the series, Edelweiss is the main character personnal tank (it belonged to his father)


  1. “Hull armor: 220/80/80 mm
    Turret armor: 240/150/80 mm”

    Is that effective armor or raw thickness? If that is raw, and from the picture there seems to be a lot of slope, the frontal armor of that thing could be troll…


    1. It’s raw thickness. And it indeed looks like way too much armor, however, it can all be nullified by the hatch on top, depending on how big and how thick it is.

      That being said, I hope WeebsWetDream#1 Tank stays on Asia.

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    1. I want it on the NA server because tiger 6 sucks… Also e50m is fake and so is the fv215b heavy tank lol so please wg bring morecfake tanks in :) no its not sarcasm

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    2. It was not a real tank. It should be removed. Asia is bigger than some Japanese anime series that no one ever heard of. The credibility that war-gaming had for historical accuracy is now completely shot.


  2. I hope this stays on the Asian server. The last “anime” tanks did not leave it though. As we have yet to see a pink M3 Lee on EU or NA yet, even tho SEA had those tanks years ago. So I suspect it won’t leave. Even tho that game was rather popular here to.

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  3. A tank created by Jap weebs that is much more OP than Object 252 which is “genuinely created” from sikrit dogcument of USSR? Fuck this shit

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  4. I hope if they bring this to the other servers that they don’t employ the filter that WoWs for anime ships. It’s no fun to take something out if it isn’t gonna piss people off :P


    1. And then we will laugh as you get banned… Game is already fake as it is.. two more tanks adding to the diversity of the game aint gonna kill you.. well in game they will.. Also, this game is world of tanks, not world of real tanks, not world of fantasy tanks.. hence therefore, any and all tanks are fair game.. you want the real stuff thats what war thunder is for..

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      1. My body is ready. And I repeat: There are plenty of real blueprint tanks (even nations) not in the game yet and they’re wasting time and money on anime tanks. Go play WoT Blitz PC, if you want these anime tanks.


        1. I’ll stay right here and play all 3… and they arent wasting money if people buy it.. which they will, regardless of your own opinion or choice

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          1. I’m just commenting to say I’m with you. Realism? Ah yes… I remember all those battles in world war 2 where 30 tanks from separate eras and tanks that never existed all fought each other at the same time without infantry or air support. Combat scenarios wouldn’t be made any less realistic by adding more tanks that were only ever in drawings.

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