WoT 9.19: Bonds

Thanks to Vlad for translating.

Bonds are a new currency which can only be earned in Ranked Battles. You cannot buy it, it will only be accredited after the season or stage is over. You can buy new elements for bonds, which will be introduced in 9.19.

1. Improved equipment:
Improved equipment can only be bought for bonds. The prices are juicy, they are bought once and kept and can be demounted for 10 gold. Using two equipments of the same type (eitehr normal or improved) is prohibited.

2. Pre-battle orders:
A new slot will be added which can be filled with buffs (so-called pre-battle orders). There are 2 kinds: for equipment and for the crew.
2.1 For equipment:
This item enhances the effect of the mounted equipment (normal as well as improved). Cannot be used without equipment. Prices vary, can be bought for one battle for bonds.
2.2 For crew:
This item allows for one battle to obtain any perk or improve an existing one. It’s impossible to get both effects at once. Prices vary, can be bought for one battle for bonds.

All these can be mounted on any class at any tier, for any type of battle.

More pictures:


80 thoughts on “WoT 9.19: Bonds

    1. Rubicon emblems were only a problem because they costed gold or too much credits which made them pay2win.

      If they did the rubicon thing but instead of paying you had to grind for it, it would have been perfectly fine.

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      1. Those things still force to play Ranked, which will be Tier 10-exclusive.
        =>Tier 10 is expensive AF to run.
        =>Encourages players to buy premiums not to run dry of credits.
        =>can be mounted on any tank on any Tier, thus it will make an even bigger difference between veterans and people who don’t have any Tier 10 to farm ranked/not enough credits to do so (because no premium time)/don’t like Tier 10.

        So yes, I agree this system is kind of shiet.

        Now if bonds were available by other ways and by other means (Ex: Tier 6, by earning medals in randoms or whatever) I wouldn’t say a word.

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        1. I think a bond per damage delt would be great for pubbies means we can still earn this equipment while people who play ranked an get 2-3 of these in a ranked season.

          Not sure what the ratio would be like 1 bond per 500 dealt, but its better then forced into a game mode i do not wanna be in as me personality am not a competitive player nor want to be one

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        2. When I was out of premium account I played the Maus (pre-buff) and JPZ E-100 to make money. These two easily make 20k profit per game because they survive more easily and do big damages, so lower repair cost and bigger gross income.

          Tier X is totaly playable if you dont suck and dont spam gold more than the minimum necessary. Of course as soon as you die you can add 25k credits to your bill, but if you play well enough with tanks that have slow rof but high dmg, you make profit.

          Just avoid tanks like soviet mediums because they fire lots of shells that cost as much as high caliber shells except they make much less damages.


          1. No he isn’t he just told in his text, that the average player loses credtis by playing tier 10 tansk in general, unless you have a good match and winning most likely you losing credits by drivning tier 10, because of the high repair- and ammountioncosts. Otherwise when your playing good you can drive german heavy tanks with premium-ammounition only and still get a small credit plus at the end of the game ;)


        3. Accually this is really destorying the game… okay this are only a few % but all together it is pretty significant… serveral seconds reload, meters viewranges and such things can make a great difference especially in low tiers like maybe 6 skirmish or something like that… grind might be horrible for 5000 bonds and good player will become even more OP… i mean presonally i have no problem with this but it might scare off many unexperienced players which might not even have any tier 10 tanks.

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      1. Ah is right there at the last line, dumb me…
        Well, on one hand, I fear this will mean that some will use these buffs on already OP mid tiers, but on the other, those who are good enough at tier X wouldnt want to used their hard earned bonds on any other than the tier Xs they use at ranked battles.


  1. Lefefe with 5s reload anyone ? :D

    Or Maus with buffed-SHSL, immune to arty.
    Or Grille15 with pre-9.17 gun stats.
    Or Strv103B with common-test gun stats.

    But at least this is not pay2win.
    This is a currency players will be able to EARN by BEING SKILLED !
    I would rather see gold ammo made available only for this new currency than for credits. At least you need to deserve it, you cant just spam it around.

    Also hoping for advantages like premium days and / or premium tanks to be bought with this, kinda like the War Thunder mission system where you gain a monthly currency that you can use to buy stuff.

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      1. Other ways mean probably like special events and mission ;) i don’t think they will introduce it as a bundle or buyable, because then a shit hurricane would start and never end ;)


    1. Not pay to win but good way for WG to force players to play the new ranked mode even if they don’t want because they must grind the better equipments to stay competitive. I don’t like this idea.
      Wow gear grind anyone?

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      1. Well if this ranked mode does, as anounced, only reward players on their personnal performances regardless of the outcome of the battle ; thats not a big deal.

        Bad players wont gain much. Bots wont be of any use because they cant just rely on their team winning to make credits anymore. The only ones that will benefit are people who play well. And after seing this, people who are not skilled enough will either improve in order to get the new consumables, either go back to random and be back at complaining and whining never blaming themselves. A nice way to motivate players to learn to play while putting aside the ones who just wait for free stuff.


        1. So good players get the better equipment and the casual player, the vast majority of the playerbase from which WG makes it’s money, the players the game is designed around, the dads who play an hour after work, get left behind.

          It’s the kind of Richard move you make when your game is starting to fail.


    2. “I would rather see gold ammo made available only for this new currency than for credits. At least you need to deserve it, you cant just spam it around.”

      clap clap clap


  2. WG will be selling bonds in no time for people who cant or wont play ranked.
    just what the game needs more ways to unbalance tanks.
    They cant balance tanks right now so adding more variables in to the mix is not a good idea

    Cant wait till we get crates to open as well though.(it must be happening sooner or latter)


  3. honestly we should get 1 bond per amount of damage in randoms like 1 bond every 500 damage this allows people who do not want to play competitive ranked battles to earn this equipment albeit at a much longer pace then thos doing ranked say…can get 1-2 of these new equipments in one ranked season


      1. lol i know i know XD its just an example of what my point is a bond/damage is what pub matches need something that allows non-competitive people to earn this in a reasonable amount of time being forced to play a game mode to stay relevant is not fair

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        1. Sorry for the off-topic, but how did you do that smiley? “:” + “D” = :D <– Looks retarded :(


    1. Yeah and why not give CW tanks to everyone while you’re at it.

      The game needs a way to reward people who actualy know how to play. Forcing to play a competitive mode wont hurt. People who are good enough will enjoy it ; people who are not will either become more motivated in learning to play better, either give up and complain like the average idiot (except this time they cant win with it).

      This wont be like CW where you need to be connected at certain times where some people may not be able to play. This will be divided in seasons, so you can keep playing normaly and you’ll be rewarded if you do good.
      I dont see why people who dont make any effort would get the same advantages as people who learn to play and improve themselves overtime. Also this mode will render bots, afkers and tomatoes useless because you wont be able to just join the game and wait for your team to win to be rewarded.


      1. An what about thos of us that dont care about competitive play? this new equipment is basicly slapping people who arnt competitive we eather do ranked or get out classed even more not to mention how expensive it is to run teir 8-10 without a prem account.

        So to me his system is basicly telling thos that are decent already but due to irl money issues (med bills, car repairs, fixing a roof etc) or whatever to fuck off an get outclassed regardless of skill.

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        1. And what should they do ? Reward bad players because they suck while punishing good players because they know how to play ?


          1. They should not reward players in a way which widens the gap between good and average players.

            Why not use the bonds for cosmetic tank/garage features?

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  4. You never learn, WG, you never learn.
    The difference is way too fucking big. Not only that, the crewskill differences. Improved camoskill adds 10% additional camo (if I understand the IMG correctly), improved 6th sense reduces it’s delay to 1s (again if I understand it correctly).
    I wouldn’t mind playing ranked battles, but the mode has to be fun, not forced by WG because of super powerful equipment.

    Anyway, I hope for shitstorm from CC’s, and some kind of rollback from WG. While 9.18 might’ve been controversial, I don’t think anybody likes this.

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    1. 9.18 wasnt even that bad apart obviously from unnnecessary tier 10 LT nerfs as well as nerfing some unique lights (but then again, the ones that previously were shit like amx 13 75 got much better). People werent probably just ready because the changes were so huge. Now after patch the attitude towards patch seems to be lot more positive. Heck, on forums there is barely any whining about “9.18 IS AWFUL ADFSFSD” anymore.

      This on other hand is retarded idea and we all can agree with that. This is actual Rubicon V2.0. Instead of pay2win its basically grind2win, sure it doesnt sound that bad but it reauires you habe to grind certain game mode to keep competitive. Also being able to use these for lower tier tanks is silly as well, incoming t67 seal clubbing at even more retarded level.

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  5. Sounds like complete BS, one of the major things this game has over other MMOs is there’s a level playing field I can get my tank to the same level as anyone else and I comes down to skill. Now sorry you didn’t play the try hard pressure mode you get to be outdpm’d by someone in the same tank because of some tripped out gun rammer…

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    1. How is this any different than what you’ve had to do previously in the game? You still had to grind all the modules for your tank. You had to grind the credits to buy the equipment for your tank. You had to grind exp to rank up your crew for better perks. This is just another level of the grind that adds more content. I think this will be great, and am very excited for the new ranked battles.


  6. Nobody wants this broken mechanics that will completely destroy the gameplay.
    We don’t need E-25’s and swedish OP camo tanks running around with even more OP camo or Maus players with even better DPM
    All we need is WG to balance tanks and rebalance the stupid premium ammo instead of adding some new soon to be p2w premium equipment buffs that nobody aksed for.

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  7. I like the idea and having a tangible award but this will make the rich get richer. Imagine 4 skill crew in E25 with this setup with 15-20% better camo and dpm.


  8. Personally I think that we should be able to buy premium tanks and permanent camo with these bonds aswell. Maybe even things like crew role retraining. So the bonds should be usable both for new unique stuff, but they should also function as a gold equivalent for players that don’t buy gold (but maybe still buy premium account etc).


  9. I dont get why WG spend so many ressources developing things we dont really want. If they wanted to really make money they would develope a true way to customize the tanks. Visible camonets, removed/added machineguns, extra antennas, sandbags, binoculars and other stuff to visibly improve your tank – Im sure a system can be developed that will allow flexibility without taking too many ressources and people would go nuts… I’d throw so much gold at them if I could make my 10-20 favorite tanks badass

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  10. WTF is wrong with WG again? It’s rubicon all over, but served on a different plate.

    The last thing the game needs is showing the casual players that they are 2nd sort players.

    If the CW rewards (tanks, gold, medals) or stronghold rewards (credits, reserves, gold etc.) were barely acceptable by the masses, adding even more shit will backfire big time.

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    1. Nope. Not even comparable :
      -Rubicon was bad becauwe pay2win. These cannot be bought, just bonuses you can earn.
      -CW requires you to be in a clan and play at certain times. This mod can be played alone at any time.

      All you need to be rewarded in this mode is to play WoT and git gud (which is maybe what is worrying you and what many people will whine about : “its unfair because I cant have it while playing like an ape as I’m used to”, when it would actualy be much more fair than the current random battles reward system)
      The only players who wont have it are tomatoes who don’t know how to play and are too lazy to improve. Anyone else can have access to this by playing normaly.
      The more skilled players will be rewarded faster, but thats it. It’s just like grinding a new tank : the better you play the more xp you get so the sooner you unlock a new tank. Here the better you play the more bonds you get and the faster you unlock new equipements.

      And here you dont even need to worry about having a good team, it’s all about personnal play. Where in random if you lose a battle with 7k dmg you’ll get less xp than a win with 4k dmg, in this new mode (if working as intended) you dont care about the outcome of the battle as long as you play well.


      1. Well i get your point SpeedyCraft51
        But don´t you think it would be better to have as few earnable/buyable advantages as possible?
        The more you can boost your stats above than the average player the worse it gets for the balancing.
        In this case i would ask why does a good player nedd such an advantage?
        He already does 2-3 times (no exact numbers) the dmg on avg than a bad one with the “same” tank (equipment and skills are allready better) …
        So he does not need aditional help imo.

        And the ranked battles really become a joke if you can boost your stats with the impoved equipment…

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  11. Sounds more like:

    “Play our new game mode, or be at a complete disadvantage against players in pubs who do play our new game mode”

    I’ll say the same thing I said at “Emblems for Crew Boosts”: Fuck off with that shit WG…

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    1. Why would you not want to experience the new content WG is adding? It will be exactly like randoms are now, just with players who play at a similar skill level to you.


      1. That isn’t the point (I probably will try it out anyway). The point is those who are diehard random-only players will now literally be at a disadvantage in randoms against players who play a mode which is completely unrelated to random battles thanks to these “Bonds”… These “Bonds” and the shit that goes with them should only apply to the mode in which they were earned…

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  12. Wait is it just me or is there a 6th sense boost that buffs the vation time from 3s to 1s ?

    Forget about amy other boost, THIS is the one thing everyone will want to get.
    2.5 % reload time bonus isnt that big. 2/3 more time to get away before taking a shot is game changing… The bonus slot wont have anything else in it, they may as well stop bothering with other ones.

    But seing how the consumables are as expensive as the permanent equipments… They’ll need to balance prices accordingly.


    1. “But seing how the consumables are as expensive as the permanent equipments”
      Except they aren’t. Equipment costs 5000 bonds, crewskill/equipment boost 2-12 bonds. What you’re looking at is enhancement of equipment for one single battle. Also
      “2.5 % reload time bonus isnt that big”
      2.5% from “better” rammer, 2.5% from enhancement of “better” rammer, 1.25% from “better” vents. Add further 10% from standard rammer+vents+bia+food, you’re getting to 16.25% decrease. That’s a lot.
      Same goes for optics. On batchat for example, you can mount better optics + better vents + enhance better optics = 6.25% better VR. Depending how much VR you already have that’s 25-30m.

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  13. So they want it to be world of ranked battles. They really want casuals to quit the game.? Make it something like wows where you get a special premium for so many first place ranks. Give special camos or emblems, but nothing that can give advantages over someone who is just playing randoms.


    1. but isnt it the casuals and shitters constantly whining about wanting Skilled based MM. Now they have an actual chance at it, and now theyre whining that its unfair, because they actually have to improve to get the rewards?


      1. No worries anyways, it will be like reserves, I have 99+ cause if I use them, the teams become tomato filled and can’t get a win till they expire. I am not the only one that thinks this .


  14. actually did some of you really read the article? better crew skill are just for 1 match. that is the reason why it is so cheap.

    maybe a lot of good player start to mount this on their cw tanks and use perks for cw. I bet in random battle more tomatos play at the end with it.
    at the end its a little about skill but gametime is that what you really need. play tanks you good in dealt damage and you are faster ;)


  15. Come on stop this nonsense. New currency ? No problem. Equipment for that new currency ? Yes please! Better equipment and better perks only for new currency? Hell No!
    Bringing back sixth sense to the old 1 sec value for bonds only? Are you drunk? There was a reason why it was nerfed. Too powerful they said, no , you said that, Wargaming.
    But its only for one battle… One battle too much.
    Why no further improved visual customiziation options for the tanks?
    I would happily throw in your door with money. But not for this nonsense.

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    1. “Too powerful they said, no , you said that, Wargaming.”

      They also said E-25 was OP and was removed forever. Then they sold it again.

      And they said M6A2E1 was a special preorder tank that would always be exclusive. Then they sold it again.


  16. As I like the idea of a long time motivation goal,
    I really dislike the idea of giving good players more tools to stay way above the rest of the players.

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  17. I really do not understand what is WoT team dreaming.

    Have they ever played their game from tier 1 to tier 8 without any premium features?

    Instead of creating diverse equipment and build up selections they just buff existing ones to high level players.

    Instead of creating maps where steamrolling is less frequent, they create more such maps.

    Wasted 6 years on this.

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  18. IMHO, they should make these ‘improved’ equipment available only for Ranked and clanwar – yes the bonus provided is not gamebreaking according to those screens, but it’s still a bonus most players won’t have access to, making it overall unfair in random.

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    1. Actualy everyone can have access to it. Just not as fast.
      The more skilled will bonds faster, while more casual players l grind for a longer time, but they’ll both end with the same currency.


  19. All my derp guns will become even more ruthless and obnoxious. Can’t hardly wait! :D Hope the grinding is decent and fair though.


  20. In essence, the idea of “bonds” as a currency like reward to then invest into something, is not a bad idea. But how Wargaming (again) is progressing with that design is utterly backwards.

    To me it is rather clear that this new bonds currency, and the way it now seems implemented, is ONLY focused on generating more short term revenue. Instead of long term revenue thru decreasing player retention, by increasing game quality thru better game balance and content for all (maps).

    By forcing players, who want such near OP equipment (and there will be a lot of tomatoes wanting this), to a tier X only mode, where most avg skilled players need a premium account to not go bankrupt….is in essence, and in actuality, an indirect but hard Pay2Win model that is being developed here.

    IMO Wargaming should take notice how a game like Path of Excile has made their payment model.
    Bonds could well be used to train crew faster, or get special visual enhancements to tanks that in other ways cannot be obtained. But which don;t introduce game balance breaking content, which is the case now.


  21. Here’s an angle I don’t think anyone else has touched…to me this looks like another grindy activity designed to burn out competitive clans because you’ll just have to get the new advantages the way you had to play strongholds to get boxes to play clan wars.


  22. I’m a big fan of the game, and I give WG the benefit of the doubt most of the time.
    However this looks like a disaster in the making.

    I know a lot of tankers don’t like to play tier ten at all.

    My worry is that we will have a large number of top clans running around the lower tier skirmishes with super buffed Type 64’s.

    It’s not exactly unfair. Just one more reason for the average Joe to quit the game.

    Something tells me that a lot of people don’t bother to get tier tens like they used to back in CW v1.0 days.

    Now people grind one or two tier 10’s and play tier 8 or tier 6 to get their CW fix.

    And since the Global map at tier ten is dominated by the same group of people that it always has been, a lot of drivers simply don’t bother grinding tens.

    This new mode is about $$$$$$ plain and simple,
    And I rarely use that meme to disparage WG.

    “We have to find a way to start selling tier tens again.”

    So yeah, screw this bonds idea.

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  23. If this goes live alot of players will grind ranked mode like mad to gain bonds to gain these items. My clan fluctuates at around the 50th position in campaigns, and the difference in tank licences granted is large between coming in at 50th and coming in at 51st. I probably need to equip at least three of my tier X’s if tank locking is used for the next campaign, possibly a couple of tier VIII’s and maybe two tier VI’s. Once I have enough bonds for the equipment, I then need to get enough bonds for consumerables to blow on campaign battles. So playing a solid two hours per evening over a 14 day campaign maybe need 3 x 8 x 14 = 336 consumerables during a mini-campaign.

    I am guessing not many CW players will spam these consumerables in randoms. Mini-campaigns can eat alot of silver as it is, and many CW players will play randoms for credits after an evening of CW unless they have gone into the campaign sitting on a good silver pile.

    So actually for the top 70 or so clans, most of their players will be grinding bonds for CW campaign use. It probably will not before several game cycles before they have stock piled enough equiment and consumerables that they might bother using them in randoms.

    Although I know that the first tank I will put advanced equipment on is my bat chat, and I usually play it at least once a day for the daily double on the crew (it has a four perk girl crew), I am guessing I will not be using advanced consumerables on it.


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