WoT 9.19: Bonds

Thanks to Vlad for translating.

Bonds are a new currency which can only be earned in Ranked Battles. You cannot buy it, it will only be accredited after the season or stage is over. You can buy new elements for bonds, which will be introduced in 9.19.

1. Improved equipment:
Improved equipment can only be bought for bonds. The prices are juicy, they are bought once and kept and can be demounted for 10 gold. Using two equipments of the same type (eitehr normal or improved) is prohibited.

2. Pre-battle orders:
A new slot will be added which can be filled with buffs (so-called pre-battle orders). There are 2 kinds: for equipment and for the crew.
2.1 For equipment:
This item enhances the effect of the mounted equipment (normal as well as improved). Cannot be used without equipment. Prices vary, can be bought for one battle for bonds.
2.2 For crew:
This item allows for one battle to obtain any perk or improve an existing one. It’s impossible to get both effects at once. Prices vary, can be bought for one battle for bonds.

All these can be mounted on any class at any tier, for any type of battle.

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