Supertest: T-34-2G FT

Tier 7 Chinese TD. Unique to the Chinese server.

Tier: TD-7, China
HP: 800
Engine: 520 hp
Mass: 32,085 t
Power-to-weight: 16,21 hp/t
Max speed: 50/-16 km/h
Hull turning speed: 40 degrees/second
Terrain resistance values: 1,151/1,534/2,205
View range: 360 m
Radio range: 600 m

Hull armor: 70/45/20 mm

Gun: 122 mm D-25TG FT

Alpha Damage: 390/390/530
Penetration: 192/250/61 mm
Rate Of Fire: 10,6 rounds/minute
Damage Per Minute: 2651
Reload time: 5,658 seconds
Accuracy: 0,316
Aiming time: 1,63 seconds
Elevation/Depression: +15/-5 degrees

Armor Schematics:

More pictures:



20 thoughts on “Supertest: T-34-2G FT

  1. Dat gun ….Are they sure that will not make ruskie noobs complain the soviet TDs are not stronk enough.

    Having 192 pen for a 390 DPS gun at t7 is really nice. SU-122-44 can go back to Siberia, and other non-turret TDs can go cry in gulag.

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    1. “Are they sure that will not make ruskie noobs complain the soviet TDs are not stronk enough”

      Thats i think the exact reason why these things will be CN server exclusive, so Kongzhong can buff them into absolutely retarded levels (in chinese server, WZ-111 still has 300 HEAT pen while others has it nerfed so go figure…).

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      1. 300mm HEAT doesn’t make WZ that much better if the gun is still derpy without Stalin/Mao guiding it.

        This on the other hand is looking quite good across the specs. Only downside I can find is the low view range and no turret. But yea, keep this line CN only….I cannot accept a line that is fake from t2 to t10.


  2. Su-122-44 is already a really good tier 7 TD, this is just rediculous. 1.6 aimtime and 0.31 accuracy, for a Russian/Chinese 122, yea right…
    Then all other characteristics being more or less the same as 122-44.

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    1. Aaaaaaaaand finally returning back to in-game store year later as WG realizes that its so stronk it would make more cash with it, like with 112 :P

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  3. The gun model itself looks like a 100mm, not a 122. If you adjust the alpha for that the stats would make sense, but these values are just ridiculous


      1. I can accept fake tanks, but I can’t accept a tree that are all fake tanks.
        Besides, as a Chinese, I can’t accept the fact that KZW created a bunch of fake tanks without collecting any data
        Now I play little WOT, mainly in the war thunder.
        One of my friends is responsible for collecting data on Chinese tanks for the war thunder Chinese server to repair the damaged gaijin tree.


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