Unofficial high-speed tour of Saumur, part 1


4 thoughts on “Unofficial high-speed tour of Saumur, part 1

  1. There are rooms missing. In particular the one with the ELC
    There are also buildings outside, with a BatChat, restored with WoT camouflage and emblems.

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    1. I was there a month ago, there isn’t much outside that’s accessible to the public.
      A few AMX13s, a T-72, a Sherman and a few other things.

      The ELC is located in the children’s room, which has the ELC and a wheeled APC, nothing remarkable.

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  2. Been there on april,12th , for the presentation of the restaured “St Chamond” (I’m proud to be a donator for it :-) ) : they’ve changed (switched/reorganized) some rooms to make a new room for the exhibit “Le choc et le feu” about the centenary of the first battle of french armor vehicle.

    The “Bat Chat” was in the room where we had a cocktail :-)

    After the presentation we left the museum by a special exit, near the area closed to public, and my son showed me also a Strv 74 (rusted for now….) that you can’t see when this exit is closed.

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    1. I had completely forgotten they had a St Chamond and a char Schneider, though to me, the most breathtaking piece in that room wasn’t the century old tanks in very good condition (I peeked inside the Schneider), but the collection of rusted rifles with the wood rotten off that had been dropped during the war and recovered over the years.
      A grim reminder as there is really only one reason a soldier would drop his rifle on the field, and a very good collection to have in a museum that deals with war.

      I’m glad I’m going back in a few weeks, and this time with someone equally as interested rather than bringing my girlfriend who ended up using the “my feet hurt” excuse to get me to hurry up :’D

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