Supertest: WZ-131G FT

Tier 6 Regular Chinese TD. Chinese server only.


Tier: TD-6
HP: 550
Engine: 430 hp
Mass: 20,66 t
Maximum load: 23 t
Power-to-weight: 20,81 hp / t
Max speed/Reverse speed: 50 / -18 km / h
Hull turning speed: 36 °/s
Terrain resistance values: 1,055 / 1,342 / 2,014
View range: 350 m
Radio range: 600 m

Hull armor: 35 / 20 / ? mm

Gun: 122 mm D-25TG FT

Alpha Damage: 390 / 390 / 530
Penetration: 175 / 250 / 61 mm
Rounds per minute: 5,214
Damage per minute: 2033,6
Reload time: 11,507 s
Accuracy at 100 m: 0,412
Aiming time: 2,78 s
Depression: -5 degrees

Gun: 100 mm 59-100TG FT

Alpha Damage: 250 / 250 / 330
Penetracja: 181 / 241 / 50 mm

Gun: 85 mm 62-85TG FT

Alpha Damage: 180 / 180 / 300
Penetration: 145 / 220 / 43 mm

Armor Schematics:



More pictures:



28 thoughts on “Supertest: WZ-131G FT

  1. Any news about WG and 9.18 ?
    The EU feedback topics for SPGs and MM are on fire. I see maybe one positive feedback out of 20 answers. IDK about LTs, I guess its more 50/50 on this side since they dont seem like complete trash (while still not being good either)

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    1. SPGs should be removed, so I support the complains on that topic. But I have no idea why people complain about the MM, it’s amazing. My guess is that the ones complaining about the MM are just complaining because they’ve not yet been fortunate to be top tier, but what they don’t realise is that the new MM allows them to have a great game even if they’re bottom tier, because now they have many more targets to shoot at :)

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      1. Because the new MM is :
        -breaking personnal missions
        -not balanced between teams
        -not working as intended (the 3/5/7 scenario is the rarest, every game is 5/10 or 15*, and pretty much every tier X game is 15*. I met the “most common” 3/5/7 scenario only twice and it was at tier 6 and 7, one of which was with a new tank thus forced toptier…)

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        1. – Personal missions just need to be adjusted. IMHO it’s the personal missions that are the problem here, not the MM.
          – I agree on the balance between teams. It should be the same amount of MTs and HTs on both teams, and both teams should get the same amount of tomatoes/unicums.
          – I’ve gotten a lot of 3/5/7 battles, maybe you’re just unlucky? And then I also think the same tier battles are the most fair ones, so I see no problem in those battles being the most common.

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    1. There is always hope. Dont mind the “it will never happen on other servers”, WZ-111, 59-Patton and 121B were originally supposed to be Chinese server exclusive and “never” appear on other servers. Look what happened.

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        1. Look at its content and you see why.
          More than half the tanks of the chinese tech tree are copies of other nation tanks. Only the high tiers are somewhat unique. And this TD line is no exception, its just the Obj263 line but chinese (and the SU-122-54 has the old 130mm gun with buffed pen).

          The chinese tech tree is only here to open the doors of the chinese market for WoT, because chinese seem to be as patriotic as russians and wouldnt play WoT otherwise. That’s all. If it wasnt for this reason, the chinese tree would never have existed, or not as early as it did.

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          1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but IIRC the Chinese bought tanks (or designs) from the Russians IRL, so that’s propably why they’re so similiar :)

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          2. The chinese isn’t that patriotic as people thought. For some strange reasons WG and KZ think put fake chinese vehicles will gain more players and not things like fixing game balance.

            If you went on the Chinese WoT, not many play 121 or T-34-2. Just becoz is in the China tech tree doesn’t mean the Chinese will play.

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      1. Yeah except this whole TD line is
        A) completely fake
        B) a copy-past of the soviet Obj263 line with slightly changed appearance (and tier X being the only real change because not opentop for chinese).

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        1. Do you shitposters even read the stuff you write? Contradicting yourself like that, it’s just you are going insane as you were writing it.


          1. Where did I contradict myself ?
            These tanks are indeed completely fake, and they were made up as clones of the soviet “light TD” line. One doesnt make the other impossible.


  2. Hey, if they can make an entire line of fake tanks, nothing is stopping them from adding all those European nations that can’t make a full tree then, right?

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  3. At this point….I gave up to expect WG&KZ not pulling fake shits out of their asses. I can see the whole tree is a Soviet TD concept with Chinese tanks replace the chassis.

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  4. Say a joke SerB is officially the inventor of the E-50M

    Want epic War Thunder welcome to join (do not complain about Russian bias)


        1. Well, I play PvE most of the time….Want to play GOps on EU but I can see only t10 is in the queue, I don’t want to take my t8 and become dead meat to them


  5. Shameful fake tank made KZW and by wg.
    In fact, the 89 type of TD was originally designed to be a type 62 chassis with a mid mounted combat room . I think it’s better to create fake tank on this base。


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