9.19 MTLS-1G14 HD Model


15 thoughts on “9.19 MTLS-1G14 HD Model

    1. if it isnt encountered at all. they even removed it from the wiki, and i havent seen it in my 35K games 1 time (although that doesnt say much cuz i generaly dont play much low tiers


    1. And the one you saw was probably even a press account ; because these things were basicaly removed from the public because it was too strong and at the same time too weak I think.

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  1. Did see one 5 years ago on a press account…. as that’s the only people that are allowed to use it. So I suspect it’s up for sale? Have they balanced it of late? It’s a common sight on console. And it’s brutal as top tier there at times… unless there is a II J around.

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  2. Why did this one get an HD model, tell me please.
    I mean, sure, it looks adorable and all, but… why?

    The last time I saw one of these was back in 2012, in Malinovka. None from then on.

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