Ph3lan on the 9.18 Update

I know that a lot of you have very strong opinions about 9.18 and the changes it brings. This is perfectly natural, it is a huge update and it will mean some significant changes to the game. That being said I think you should give the changes the benefit of the doubt. Let’s try them out on the live server, wait until the dust settles and everyone is a bit more familiar with the new state of the game. Once we reach that point and you still feel that the changes don’t work, please let us know here on the forum in the feedback topics. We are gathering the feedback from them regularly and for big changes like this we are going to be monitoring them even more closely than usual.

Please don’t forget that one of the best things about World of Tanks is that it is constantly evolving. The regular updates mean that we can react to issues pretty fast (and I think we have become much better at this lately, but there is always room to improve), so you can be sure that we will make the necessary changes if needed.

For now let’s try out the new content and features and see how it goes!

– Ph3lan