Q&A – 27th April 2017

Q: What was the reason to change 15×15 to 13×13 battles, is there any gain from that?

A: 13×13 battles will be looked at, we’ll try to find out why they are happening.

(Answered by RU Dev unball)


15 thoughts on “Q&A – 27th April 2017

    1. It didn’t come up during CT and it came up during NA testing, but mentions started to spread out more only yesterday.


  1. i have no idea why it is either had at least 5 games so far of 13v13 in the middle of the day… was only use to seeing weird match ups late at night. i’ve had a 5v5 in randoms late at night


    1. I just looked at it briefly.

      Notable Q&A:
      Q: How is the progress of the soviet cold war themed destroyers (Smelyi, Neustrashimyy and Project56)?

      A: It is…going…slowly. No comment on that.

      I think they made some sort of missile, and they’re having a difficult time balancing it.
      They would scrap it, but upper management wants to keep the Russian missile ships in the game.


  2. Ridiculous problem always come from huge modification before final release…….That’s why we have the sandbox……..Do we?


  3. So it seems we the EU did NOT get the patched version of the WoT client the NA got this morning, 9.18_2, which should have fixed some MM balance issues that were reported over the last week over there.

    Like I said in my reply on that post, Wargaming (EU) and logical don’t mix well together.


  4. It was noticed on NA, but explained away as “MM gave up due to low server population.” Now that that excuse is gone, I guess they finally realized that was a problem.


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