9.18 Coming Tomorrow on EU

On 27th April, we will have the 9.18 patch.

I can’t wait for the reactions that will follow!


75 thoughts on “9.18 Coming Tomorrow on EU

  1. Well, RIP light tanks will be one (very valid) comment.

    The other one will be: Goddamnit stunned again! Who decided it was a good idea to both increase arty splash radius *AND* accuracy at the same time!

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    1. I believe the overwhelming sentiment will be: great, I can actually play the game now without spontaneously exploding for trying to advance my position.


  2. from playing on test, i was unsure if id like it.

    from having played it live now on NA, it is amazing. Its made tiers 4-7 playable, which i didnt think id be so excited about, but its great. Nice to have a game where every tank is same tier, and the 3/5/7 and 5/10 templates are great as well. Also the odd 2/2/11 game is nice.

    I know this sounds weird, but i dont mind losing much anymore, even if the score is like 5-15, something that used to make my blood boil. its drastically cut down on the number of games where you know from the start you have no chance due to MM.

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  3. Let the flame grow ever more vicious, i wonder what it will be like on ASIA server. How was the RU reaction overall to the patch i wonder , to me this is just another Rubicon bastard child.


    1. To the best of my knowledge Wargaming don’t have much to do with the Wikipedia. As far as I can recall it’s actually players who are recruited to add and update content there. I’ll have to look through my contact list again but I have someone who received a Pz IV/V alpha for his contributions to the WoT wikipedia pages.


    2. Disclosure: Recent Lack of Presence – 29 April 2016

      I would like to apologize for my lack of presence on the wiki for the recent weeks, real-life issues have demanded my attention to be focused somewhere else. I expect a full return to my duties as the wiki administrator by the beginning of May.

      Thank you!
      –Haswell:na (talk) 07:32, 29 April 2016 (UTC)

      You can probably get in touch with them and carry the torch in his absence. Be the change you want to see.


  4. Well then.
    What was the point of releasing it on NA 2 weeks earlier ? I thought it was for collecting early feedback and doing the necessary adjustments or scrapping the patch before putting it live on other servers… And I highly doubt the feedback was amazing. Light tanks are not good, MM is has more flaws than the old one, only arty is kind of a success because there is no more oneshots anymore.

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        1. Actualy yes.
          There is no point in testing things if you dont fix things that appear to be wrong and release the things regardless of feedback.

          They are idiots for wasting time “testing” delaying a patch we could have got a month ago. If they dont plan to use the feedback thet might aswell release patches right away.

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          1. there is no point in releasing it ever then. whiners gonna whine. by your logic they should never release another update ever.

            they tested it on pts, multiple revisions. the released it on the smallest server cluster to make sure MM worked and scaled when applied to 20k people online.

            IT WORKED GREAT

            I know you are devestated to have nothing to complain about, but the patch is good. so they are releasing it.

            Dunno how much AW/WT is paying you to troll WG but no one is buying it. your argument that free bags of money are too heavy and so you dont want one, ya no one is buying it.

            I suggest we moderate speedycraft51s posts, gathering feedback for months, and if a single person doesnt like them then we dont allow them. anything else is “idiotic”

            This is hilarious that a guy who has never played it is arguing against thousands who have. top kek


    1. the negative comments which comes from the vocals, doesn’t mean they represent the majority.

      if you except the nerf on light tanks view range and stun mechanic which needs more adjustment, everything else is positive… And there are too many and great things to be positive, MM, arty one shots, reusable consumables, stronger lights.


    2. “And I highly doubt the feedback was amazing.”

      And you are wrong in that, no surprise. People are always vocal when big changes hit, but give them a week and they get used to it.


    3. I don’t think they were testing the changes. I think they were probing the reaction of the playerbase to see if they can get away with this bullshit. Apparently there was not enough backlash to alter or cancel it so they have decided to release it in it’s current form.

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  5. im angry they released the tier 10 lts in such a shitty form but im hyped for the patch finally coming :D and im hyped for the arty changes because i feel like playing them in this form could be fun instead of rolling a dice every 50s you can now actually have some sort of rof and you have to move around the map to help the flanks that need the support. where as before hand we would often see conquerour gcs trying to hit light tanks moving at 70kmh on the other side of the map…

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  6. What was the use of releasing this patch on NA in the first place? Just to gleam in narcissistic joy over all the butthurt feedback they got? Or to actually gather usefull information so they could adjust the patch further for the rest of the world and release it as 9.18.1.

    One major thing I do not get is this:
    why did they push for the SB 2nd iteration arty changes, instead of iteration 3, that last iteration (3rd if I’m correct) was far better received by the testers than the 2nd which is used in 9.18.
    Coupled with the, imo, not well thought out view range nerfs they made to the LT’s in iteration 2 of CT. AND the total lack of concrete feedback from Wargaming on the feedback they got from the NA players, after they were gunipigged with 9.18.

    All this to me makes it almost seem, esp how this patch has been progressing, that Wargaming are having huge internal problems in terms of who has the final say in things.
    AND it almost seems sometimes like there are two contradicting factions in Wargaming, each pushing their own agenda (direction).

    I know it sound a lot like tin foil hattery, but life of me I cannot shrug off that impression/feeling.

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    1. “What was the use of releasing this patch on NA in the first place? Just to gleam in narcissistic joy over all the butthurt feedback they got? Or to actually gather usefull information so they could adjust the patch further for the rest of the world and release it as 9.18.1.”

      The latter. Useful information gathered: Nobody really cares about the lights and stun to the extent of release day butthurt and they seem playable quite well, contrary to players’ exclamations. No changes needed.


        1. Because I don’t hate Wargaming just because it’s cool circlejerking trend about posting enough arty memes around?
          Because I develop stuff and see how hard it is and how ignorant are players who think these issues can be fixed easily?
          Because I like to think positive and even over Wargaming’s faults and mistakes in the past (and ven present) I can’t ignore seeing that their ways and communication improved in the past years – even though many players willingly ignore it (compare this with WT, where I think the ways they work in are stagnant or AW where they are – in my opinion – worsening, because Mail.ru)?
          Because I’ve spent years in the game and around the game and consider it a good game and even while I spent lots of money on it, I think the money was paid back to me properly in the game’s content (unlike, say, Diablo 3 or some other games)?
          Because in the end no matter how angry I get about whining player base I like the game and have fun playing it and am happy about new patches which are generally in the right direction?

          Man, I wonder… :)

          Bonus comic about all these people in the comments (yes, including me w): http://www.nerfnow.com/img/673/1092.png


      1. Don’t get me wrong, overall I think the the patch is okay, but it lacks polishing.
        (some mm issues remain and stun duration/splash radius could be tweaked down to SB iteration 3 levels, which were received the best of all iterations).

        Personally I will come back to WoT to try out how it plays out on the live server.
        But I am worried about the some of some rough patches in this patch, which could spoil it being a success. Though they choose not polish them out before it’s release.

        Btw there was enough real constructive feedback, albeit between a lot of the bitching, but filter that bitching out and one can get a good picture of which things were still too rough for release.

        We’ll see what happens tomorrow.


  7. Have fun with the more Accurate with a larger splash for arty. Playing lights now just means you get nuked even more on the move.


  8. I was wondering, does the new template matchmaker mean that tier 9 will be getting even better matchmaking? I don’t play tier 9 that much, but the matchmaking is always fine when I play tanks of that tier. Many top tier matches or midtier games that are just fine. Matches with 12 tier 10 and just 3 tier 9’s are very rare and even then you can compete with the tier 10’s in a certain way.

    And about arty, I guess they will fix the blastradius/stun problem. Our friends on NA are already complaining way to much about it… I don’t get why WG increased accuracy AND blastradius AND added the stun effect. That’s just way to much!

    Just like they increased the armor of the Maus AND improved the gunhandling AND increased the DPM. Why are they always overdoing stuff?


    1. it’s like they don’t really get it how balancing works.

      Instead of going step by stem, first tweak armor then tweak accuracy, then maybe mobility and so on… no they just throw some new untested stats on the vehicle and call it a day.

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    2. “Why are they always overdoing stuff?”

      because if WG changes stats one-by-one, checking every step for two weeks or so: “WTF, it’s still not fixed after three months, what takes you so long, I could do it in one step!!!ONE!”


  9. Let’s say I have the T37 Light Tank in my garage, and have researched the Walker Bulldog (but not bought it yet). In Patch 9.18, the T71 will come after the T37 and before the Walker Bulldog, does that mean I’ll have it researched?


  10. I’ll brave the firestorm and say that I really like the patch.
    Sorry to all of you who don’t. Adapt or get left behind.

    Of course nothing is ever perfect.
    But I think overall, it’s a great update.

    I here a lot of positive replies outside of the interwebs kvetching sites.
    My friends are too busy playing the game to come here and complain.

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    1. Well, I hope you are right. But most of us love to hate WoT so much that they will never admit that, even if it is a good patch… ;-)

      The meta will change a bit, it will be a matter of adapting to new situations. However, I think that arty is going to need some tweaks. But as I said earlier, I’m an EU player, so I don’t know how it is going to work out really…


    2. I love the new MM, also i think this new arty rebalance isn’t that bad (if only they limited it to 1/team).
      About scouts i don’t think they are that underpowered but they are also not really good enough to be called tier 9 or tier 10.

      I do hate the fact that they nerfed the view range of SCOUT tanks instead of tweaking the gun stats and mobility. It’s simply retarded how they balanced the new LT’s.
      The worst LT’s are definitely AMX 13 105 and T-100 LT.

      I simply don’t get it what’s the point of having a tier 10 SCOUT in the game if they give it worse view range than that of tier 8 heavy tanks.
      Tier 10 mediums have 400m+ base view range while tier 10 scouts get 390m ?! i mean what the actual fuck WG ???

      It’s not like everything on 9.18 is shit but those horible LT nerfs simply overwhelmed everything else.

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        1. yes for some reason tier 10 scouts are suppose to be worse than the old tier 8’s because why the fuck not… classic WG


          1. Yeah, for sure. I just want to play my T54 tomorrow. Saved up 100k free xp to elite it and WG essentially gives me the tank for free (I’ll sell couple lights). So all the whiners can go screw themselves.


    1. You are certainly wrong, as the comments here all suggest 9.18 is a good patch and there is nothing wrong with it, except everything is wrong now. This new meta just makes me want to kms


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