WoT NA: Server Issues Compensation

Source: NA Portal

Over the past several months, many players reported an unusual number of lag spikes or freezes when playing World of Tanks. Given the nature of the internet, occasional glitches can happen in any online game, but this recent flare-up wasn’t typical.

Our team has been hard at work to address these issues, and released a micro-update on April 13 which solved the problem for many. However, some players are still affected, but it appears their issues are related to internet traffic rather than the game servers. Nevertheless, we’re continuing to research these issues to determine their exact causes. If you still experience severe lag or freezes, visit our Customer Service Center to see how you can help us in this effort.

We know it’s no fun to have battles interrupted like this, and in the spirit of improving your gaming experience as much as possible, we’d like to express our gratitude to you for sticking with us as we get to the bottom of things.

All players can get a special gift if you log in and play a single battle between April 26-30:

  • 3 DaysPremium Account
  • 5x+50% Credit Reserves (1 hour)
  • 5x+100% XP Reserves (1 hour)
  • 5x+200% Crew XP Reserves (1 hour)

15 thoughts on “WoT NA: Server Issues Compensation

      1. It’s a lot like WoT in terms of development, but it seems you can be infantry, tank, plane or other stuff. Somehow like a unified version of WoT, WoWs, WoWp and some other stuff. That is what I saw from the trailer, but I really don’t know where stuff is in the interface for now, that’s why I need someone to show me around :)


  1. Support: There are no issues. Its all abnout your computert and pls deinstall all the mods, otherwise we will not investigate further. Blablablalbla. They change something last year, either some netcode updates or even changed some server configurations. I can’t handle this ignorant support behaivour anymore.


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