A Look at the Chinese Server – Addendum

First article on the subject: A Look at the Chinese Server

We recieved a mail claryfing the Chinese server situation that I posted around a week ago. The server it’s not as it seems to the foreign eye in some matters. Here is a detailed explanation from a Chinese player:


I am a Chinese and I play both on EU and CN servers. I recently saw the news about someone in NA maybe, who played and made some comments on the CN server. I think some of the information he provided is not correct. Here I got some screenshots to explain it.

1. ‘The Churchill III and the Valentine II are actually British Premium Tanks…’

This is a complete misunderstanding. The Churchill III and Valentine II are in the Soviet Tech Tree, please see the attached screenshot. They are renamed as ‘Churchill L’ and ‘Valentine L’, in which the L represent that they are lend-lease tanks. BTW, all the prems you can see in the tech tree are shown with the rental price. If you wanna purchase them forever, you have to manually select it.


2. ‘In the Chinese Client there are 4 Servers but they are actually separated…’

This is another misunderstanding. Those 4 server options are actually ‘CN North’, ‘CN (South)East’, ‘ CN South’ and ‘CN Southwest’. Only the first sever, so called CN1 in the article, is separate. The reason for this is complicated. Generally, there are two major ISPs in China, China Unicom and China Telecom. Unicom provides services for people living in the North area mostly, while Telecom is providing internet services for the rest. This is also for other online games. We usually say ‘Unicom server’ or ‘Telecom server’ instead of CN1, 2, 3 or North, East… So, only CN1 is with a separate database, the remaining three servers are unified.

3. ‘You have the option to buy the T95/Chieftain.’

Yes, sure! You got plenty of options in the premium shop! But some of the tanks, like T95 Chieftain, are not available for everyone. They are only for KZW Royalty customers. There are many different standards for becoming a Royalty customer. In general, if you spend CNY equaling €1400, €2800 or €4000 in the premium shop (not only in WoT, other games are included too!), then you will become a bronze, silver or gold customer respectively. There are also many privileges in this game! You can teamkill anyone and phone the customer service to unblock your account instantly! Cool, right?

4. ‘The VK 100.01 (P) is on the Tech Tree… regular tank and the same tank but in a premium version.’

First of all, you can purchase any (or 90% for normal customers) tanks, regular/prem/reward/special/supertest tanks, in the premium shop indeed. KZW also provides a so called ‘light up a line’ service for someone who wants to have a tier 10 tank without any effort. But it is very expensive, and they will give you 2 or 3 skilled crews as a gift. Getting back to the VK100. The prem/supertest version is slightly different from the regular one. The alpha damage is 490 on supertest version and 440 on the regular tank. Besides, supertest tanks cannot be added into comparison mode (see the pic).


And you can also check it out on tanks.gg directly. You can buy tanks in pairs like 13 57 & 13 57 GF or Skorpion & Skorpion G. There are three Panzer 58 variants on the CN server,  Panzer 58 (original one with gray), Panzer 58 Mutz and Schwarzpanzer 58!


5. ‘… buy Premium Ammo with real money.’

It is true. ‘you got plenty of options’ aka ‘you can buy anything’. Tank Lottery in prem shop is very popular.

That’s pretty much everything. If there are many people interested in the CN server circumstances, I am happy to share more in the future. (Seb: Just write in the comments if you want more articles like this! Questions for the author are welcome too.)


Giant Youtiao


29 thoughts on “A Look at the Chinese Server – Addendum

  1. It sounds like a complete nightmare to be honest.

    Also, I never got the whole Chinese ” VIP/premium” thing.
    I’ve literally seen people in Shanghai Pudong airport wait longer in a more expensive “premium” line than the regular line, all that for the same service.

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  2. “You can teamkill anyone and phone the customer service to unblock your account instantly!”
    LOL wat? :D Is this a joke or actually true? :D

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow thank you Giant Youtiao for writing this and Seb for posting! I find the internal workings of games fascinating, especially this ISP stuff, and the VIP stuff. A lot of this, i dont have an initial opinion good/bad on – thats the way i like it! Id have to spend some time debating the pros and cons, which is great.

    Again, thank you Giant

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  4. Now you can be an absolute dick head and ruin the game for your teammates just to show them your superiority than them.


    1. youre assuming they didnt TK a dickhead. I know the shitlords on NA would be a lot less likely to map spam 100+ times in a row if they knew they could be TKd by people who had no penalties.

      then again i am sure a ton of people abuse it too.


  5. Ah, I see, so it is indeed worse than what we were expecting.
    The ultimate Pay to Win experience!

    I think I will never understand Chinese people…


  6. The one positive in CN server is that whale clients get respect from the company.
    I go to my bank. I get better treatment then the mere mortals. Simply because I have a lot of money.
    WG should learn to treat their whale customers better then the mere scrublords that run standard accounts and buy nothing.


      1. An example would be exclusive Premium Tanks.
        There are a limited amount of players that think nothing of 100 Euro for instance.
        I have a PZ2J, BTSV, in the 5 year offer, I got me a Micro Maus even though I qualified for an FCM Pak 40. (small note to CS, requesting the switch was all it took).

        So WG could make a 150 Euro Club for instance.

        Nothing truly pay to win, just say a Type 59 with 300 pen APCR standard ammo with 300 alpha shooting every 5 seconds in tier 8 with ammo costing 200 silver ;-)


  7. I do think a loyalty system for whales/investors is a good idea, and an aspect of WG customer relations that is sorely lacking on the non-CN regions.

    It doesn’t have to be anything PTW, but considering that some players have probably spent many thousands of £/$/€ with WG, there should be some reciprocal benefits.


  8. You can buy CW tanks on console to like the T95 Chieftain. As again, WG don’t run the show there or in China. They do their own thing with no strings attached. As in what is best for their business model in China.


  9. And don’t forget about 300-pen prem HEAT shells costing only 3,600 credits. (one can also purchase 1,350 shells for ¥25 at Tmall). Kongzhong must have utilized this profit to develop server-side bots, thus keeping IS-6/KV-5/8,8cm Jagdtiger from extinction in random battles.


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