WoWS: Russian News

About British BBs:

-Top of the line would probably have 4x2x457mm guns, somewhat based on Lion II, they’ll probably appear at 6.6.
-they’re likely to have similar to Warspite’s repair and heal.

-Soviet Batttleships will not come this year, tops of the line – Pr 21, 23 and 24.
-French BB line also will come in 2018.
-American CL/CA split is coming, top is obviously Worcester.
-No more premiums in close proximity except the ones already announced.

Take this with a grain of salt, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the source, just that it’s a pretty important RU WoWS news website.


Original Russian source.


57 thoughts on “WoWS: Russian News

  1. from that google-translated russian source,”So far, that’s it. Once again, I repeat that everything I mentioned above was nagging – all-all-all the doctors, and I speculated, believing this is 100% not worth it, surely many things will change”. it’s probably fake and untrustable.

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      1. A half decent/intelligent cruiser player knows better than to expose his broadside. If he doesn’t maneuver all the time then he’s the “dipshit”, not the guy who “deletes” him.

        Should we give BBs potato launchers simply because you guys go derp? I bet you’d like that.


              1. like with most UK battleships/battlecruisers actual citadel (machinery, main ammo magazines) is like in cruisers above waterline (so split citadel not exactly possible here, US BB have main ammo mag and machinery below 3 deck with is just at/bit below waterline), some BB have ammo below waterline but only some, and past Queen Elizabeth class (warspite) there’s just minimal barely angled turtleback or even nothing (Nelson and later).

                prepare for getting citadeled even by heavy cruisers when broadside.


                1. I’ll go out on a limb here and presume that the secondary magazines are the ones that are higher in the freeboard rather than main battery. If WG are kind or feel the need to buff the ships at some point they can be ignored? I mean as far as I understand the Iowa’s higher citadel line is due to its small magazines being higher, but the recent buff by lowering the citadel ignores them. I could, of course, be wrong about that!


                  1. point is that currently citadel is machinery spaces and main ammunition magazines, no other ship had modeled secondary ammo magazines as part of the citadel on its own.


                    1. Oh no doubt! But if that is the case, once more I may be reaching a bit for, then I am presuming based on the cross section displayed then the citadel is at least only in a minor way above the water line.


        1. Haha, as if citpens were done going broadside.
          Because there’s absolutely no such thing as overmatching bow, stern, superstructure, deck and in some cases even hull plating, right?


          1. Of course not… but I think we can agree that its more likely to happen broadside, even more likely coming from shells you didn’t notice.


        2. My Des Moines consistently demolished by +18km salvos from Montana&Co TO THE BOW doesn’t approve your racist BB-capitain comment …


    1. There is no “overpopulation”, it’s just that the MM going completely retarded after Tier 7 (it’s pretty decent up to T7).

      One battle will be full of BBs and DDs, next battle will be full of cruisers and BBs…third battle will be full of cruisers and DDs.

      My last 3 battles (yesterday) were exactly like that. First was 90% BBs and DDs.Second was 90% BBs and cruisers. Third was 90% cruisers and DDs.


      1. On the EU server, over 40% of battles were done in BBs.

        That’s overpopulation by a large margin.
        Anyone even trying to play the devil’s advocate here is absolutely delusional.


      2. Statistics shows only RU is not BB heavy(BB/CA meta), while EU is totally BB heavy and NA is a very close second. Even the so called cruiser meta SEA has BBs on all top 7, though the numbers are even from 45k down to 35k battles to the first non BB ship.

        Fun fact: Total Bismarck plays in 2 weeks at EU is higher than the highest CA and highest DD combined.


  2. “Over 40% of battlers were done in BBs”.

    Would you like to explain exactly why that’s bad? Because to me it sounds pretty normal and acceptable.

    If it was like 60% i would say yeah thats BB overpopulation,but “over 40%”. First of all, you have to be specific. Throwing an “over 40%” doesn’t mean anything. Is it 45? 42? 49? 56? 98?And at which tier?
    To a logical person, a mere 40-45 means that more than 45% were done in cruisers and DDs, which sounds pretty normal as well considering their capabilities and level of difficulty.

    Call me delusional if you like, call me whatever makes you feel awesome and smart, it doesn’t change the fact that you guys are only crying.

    I could be crying about how much more often a couple of cruisers MELT me in a couple of minutes when there are more than 5 in each team…. or when there are 4-5 DDs in each team and they gangbang me with their torps,but i’m not doing it because i haven’t experienced any “overpopulation”,at least not the way you describe it.

    I’m not gonna say that everyone plays DDs because they’re you do.. I’m simply blaming the MM because that’s what causes “overpopulation” of one or two ship classes in every battle.

    When the MM goes full retard, one battle will be full of BBs and it will be hell when you’re in a cruiser. The next will be full of cruisers and will be hell when you’re in a BB or DD.The next full of DDs which is hell for everyone. It happens, i’m not making it up, i’m not delusional.

    Obviously you have a grudge against BBs and that’s why you’re calling me the “devil’s advocate”. That’s what makes you think that everyone is playing those evil OP ships.
    You’ve probably had bad experiences and now you hate them. You’re going to scream “BBs OP, overpopulation pls nerf” even if you meet 2 of them in every battle. That’s being delusional.

    And FYI, i’m not even a BB player, i specialize at cruisers and i find BBs easy to kill, especially when i’m spamming HE.


    1. It’s around 41-42%

      And if you don’t understand why in a game that has 4 classes, 41-42% of them are played with one class, you are hopeless.

      I have a grudge because whining little ships have gone out of their way to nerf bat everything that isn’t a masterrace BB.
      And to you point, no, I enjoy BBs thoroughly. Too much even. I go DD hunting with some of my faster BBs. And that’s the problem in a nutshell, BBabies whined suffificently to give BBs enough tools to go hunt their counter class. How fucked up is that?


  3. So you’re trying to explain that with 4 different classes, that might have an equally appealing proportion, having 1 of them over 40% is perfectly normal? nice maths mate.

    Let me introduce you to some numbers, ok?

    If you have 4 clases, and 1 of them (CV) have a hardcap of 2/15, meaning it will have a population between 0 and 13.3%, it leaves you between 100 and 86.7% for the other 3 classes. That means than a perfectly equal distribution give you that each class should have between 33.3%-28.9%.

    We all know that CV’s are almost gone but not really extint, so their part of the cake is not 0%, and will be more into the 6-7% (2 per battle), even when in low tiers is common to find 4 of them. that numbers leaves you with 31% for ech of the other classes.

    Ok, but lets say that one class have already +40%, that gives the other 2 a maximun of 26.5% each and as we say is more than 40% it gives even less for the other 2.

    So for you a perfectly normal an not a problem at all composition is one of 7%CV 40% BB and 26.5% CA & 26.5% DD, and you dont see anything wrong?

    We have the Damage dealers (CV) almost gone, or scarce, and the BBs with a big chunk of AA makes them fight the DDs (and now also the DDs have AA to defend themselves of the CVs, something they will not do if they could fight the BBs first -as dmg is higher and reward high-). You have Cruisers to deal with almost half of the team of BBs, their usual killers. And DDs & CA without stealth firing, making BB life easier. Is common sense BBs will be even more played in the future, making them a nightmare for CAs to exist, and making the game BBs Vs DDs (until DDs will be nerfed again, by damage of the torps or something).

    And all THIS started when the BBabys start to cry about the CVs, nerf (and is fine, they needed a nerf, but they went TOO far) the CVs and all since that moment start to go downhill in the balance department. And the peak is that they continue to release BBs lines, making them even more used, just to finish the CAs population.

    Right now, play BB or DD, the rest is penalized by the game. But for you is perfectly fine, or so it seems.

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    1. CA won’t be finished. Some T10 CA like Moskva and Zao are incredibly strong against BBs. Especially the Moskva, few people seem to know Moskva is the only ship in the game that has lower shell travel time than every BB at max range.

      The Japanese have a compiled list of shell travel time for all ships at different ranges. There is a heavy preference towards Russian ships. For instance, Shima at max range has over 10s travel time, the same distance by mid tier RU DD will do only around 8s, despite the lower initial shell speed.


      1. Russian naval forces heavily favored high ballistic performance (with resulted in shells having absurd 12.5crh), Japan mostly stayed with quite modest 6crh (Yamato also had 6crh) while most other nations had around 9-10crh, British also had around 4-6crh but that was due to limitations in shell handling equipment on older ships.

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  4. People WANT to play battleships, when people think about world war two, they tend to think about battleships! I started playing this game because of battleships, and i’m sure many others did also. Hell even the website says “game about battleships”.


    1. “People want to play this class, so all the other classes must serve as a crutch”

      Also, that argument is a fallacy.
      I’m certain a lot of people would recognize the name of WWII CVs.
      Yet I don’t see people lining up to play the Lexington or Essex.

      And just because they’re well know doesn’t mean you should shit all over balance.
      Look at WoT for example. Everyone knows the Tiger, everyone wants to play it. Is it blatantly overpowered? Nope. Loads of people still enjoy playing it.

      So why can’t BBabies fucking get that? Your favorite class doesn’t have to be blatantly overperforming in order to be enjoyable, and certainly doesn’t have to shit all over the meta in order to do so.
      Because when your BBs aren’t afraid of their counters, can wreck the thing they counter at any angle and range, and their second counter, CVs, just give up and go for DDs first, you killed the meta. You killed the basic rock paper scissor principle. You fundamentally fucked up the game, and you need to rewind to see where it went wrong.

      Though to be honest, I would much rather WG just come out and say “BBs attract more people in the game, and we can make more money pandering to baddies who play a 100 battles and buy a Tirpitz than the core players who want a balanced game.”


      1. It’s a BATTLESHIP! what do you want them to do? halve the gun damage and armour values? make their accuracy even fucking worse? cap their speed at 20 kts? remove their AA guns? I can assure you with utmost certainty that my Mutsu is NOT overperforming.


        1. It’s called balance.

          Either you balance a ship or you cap its number.
          Can’t have ships simply superior to others.

          But funny you should mention that,since BBs are currently the most overbuffed in terms of mobility.
          Funny how stuff like that gets overlooked.
          They benefit from all the advantages of BBs IRL, but currently none of the drawbacks.
          But somehow everyone else is supposed to accept crippling flaws in their ships.


            1. Considering your highest tier of cruiser is tier8, and you mostly just dick around with a St Louis and Cleveland, I’d say the only one out of his depth here is you.

              How’s that Atago going by the way?
              Not as easy as the Cleveland, is it?


              1. love my Atago, easier than a Cleveland, working 12 hour days plus WOT and Warthunder I enjoying playing also so yeah I don’t have 8 tier tens, but that doesn’t matter, any tier cruiser can almost work against anything it might face. I feel honored that you had to go and look at my stats.


                    1. I already have have a higher average experience per battle than you on every tier with a better CA rating than you and I just play casual. Sounds like the team is carrying you every battle. Just keep doing what you and maybe you will learn to beat the OP BBs one day. Good luck!


                    2. Experience per battle is the most meaningless stat, as the premium bonus is counted in it.

                      You might as well just have compared secondary battery accuracy.


            1. You want to go IRL?

              First of all, yes, CAs and DDs fired HE at BBs, and bit starting fires and destroying rangefingers/radar, killing crew and damaging guns, they did deal considerable “damage” to BBs.

              Look up Taffy 3 and the tremendous defense DDs and CVEs fought against heavy cruisers and BBs, and how the Prinz Eugen starting two fires on the Hood in two hits before you embarass yourself any further.


              1. again did they sink from them no, it was the fear of the torpedo attacks and constant strafing from the fighters that made the Japanese commander turn away from Taffy 3, Prinz Eugens fires did not sink the Hood. you brought up “IRL” not me, again please learn how to play your ships in the game, battleships are not scary monsters.


                1. And you should get more ingame experience before you spout that drivel.

                  Especially since all you can say is “l2p” when you haven’t even tried playing high tier cruisers yourself.

                  Except an Atago you’re bad at, and a New Orleans you’re getting carried by your team in.

                  Not making a good case for yourself.


                    1. Stop clubbing with the most forgiving cruisers (St Louis and Cleveland), then start talking.

                      For now, you’re just a troll going around saying “git gud” when he has blatantly no idea what he’s talking about.

                      If he were, he’d notice that high tier battles are composed of 4-5 DDs per side, 5 BBs per side and the rest unfortunate cruisers relegated to long range sniping to stay alive.


                    2. Typical snowflake, trying to blame someone else for their own faults instead of trying to better themselves.


                    3. Yeah well considering my opinion is shared by most unicum players, I feel like my point stands more than someone whose only tier8 cruisers are below average, and statspad with a cleveland and St Louis, two easy mode and forgiving cruisers.


                    4. Unicum in ships? Ha, st. Loius, played maybe two games since beta so good luck with that. I’ll just keep playing for fun and have a better average experience in every tier. I’ll also take that I have well over 1000 games less played games than you and only a 1% less winrate. Eat a bowl of wheaties, do your Pilates, get out there and take on the world.


      1. It could be buffed just like the rest of them, did the Kaiser and konig have all that AA, please, I like the design with its placement of 9 18 inch guns


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