WoT: Update 9.18 NA Announcement and Server Downtime

Source: NA WG Customer Service Center

We will be performing server maintenance on Tuesday April 18th, 2017 for the release of Update 9.18.

Maintenance will begin 1:00AM PDT (08:00 UTC) and will last approximately six (6) hours. During this time, the World of Tanks servers will be unavailable.

After the maintenance has completed, please run the World of Tanks Launcher (WOTLauncher.exe) to ensure that the game client updates properly.

If you selected the option for automatic updates in the World of Tanks Launcher ensure that the game has finished updating.

Should you encounter any issues while updating the client please contact our Customer Support department by submitting a help ticket.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.


18 thoughts on “WoT: Update 9.18 NA Announcement and Server Downtime

    1. Thats why it’s only released on NA 1 or 2 weeks before EU and RU, because they cant test them properly on test servers because they cannot show real game situations.

      So they use NA’s live server as an additionnal test area to see how LTs work in real gameplay situations…
      Except if nobody wants to play them , they wont get much data to use lol.


  1. Here comes CRAZY!

    I must admit I thought the patch was too retarded to seriously believe it would not be canceled.
    Seems we just have to deal with this shit. Oh well, after the money tanks, I think they finally made me quit.
    See you on another game if we meet again!


  2. Going to play the crap out of my light tanks before they make them worse. Rip bulldog. On the flip side 1357 as top tier will be a pretty fun beast.


      1. It’s only tier 7 and has as much pen as some tier 7 meds which are considered really good. Now that it doesnt see tier X anymore it’s gonna be rather nice (it could already have a huge impact against tier X if well used. I remember raping an IS-7 because he allowed me to get behind him lol)


          1. Defenders is already not meant to be attacked frontally by other classes ; and LTs especially aren’t really meant to attack anything except from flank or even rear. And at this angles 13 57 can pen everything it meets.


            1. Defender has over 200 side armor, at least the turret, I don’t remember the hull, while the AMX 13 57 GF has 194 penetration with gold ammo. I think the same applies to the VK100 01 P


  3. Recharge of almost all standard consumables takes 90 seconds; recharge of Premium consumables takes 60 seconds.
    The Large First Aid Kit and the Small First Aid Kit have the same recharge time (90 seconds).

    Back to pay-to-win. WG really seems to be aiming for Rubicon 2.0.


    1. They changed that – now they are both at 90 sec.
      However I feel robbed of my effort to train Dead Eye on all my crews. I feel like I deserve a free reset :)


      1. You get a free middle finger, that’s already nice of WG.

        Coming from them they could have charged you for it lol


  4. Wargaming developers are focus only to make money instead of what a game should provide: FUN! At moment isn’t funny at all to introduce every week new premium op tanks in game. T25E4 Patriot beat easily an T32, Skorpion G beat an RHM, also Defender-Obj 252U beat an is3. Last move was introducing Lorraine 40t to beat AMX 50 100. When they will stop ? No new map in game for 4 or 5 months, Map rotation wasn’t fixed yet, 4 or 5 old maps removed even if those maps was nice to play. The future of this game is not looking good. In my opinion they lose game balance and developers team are without vision. I see more than 50% friends stop to play WoT, or they are play only 10 to 20 games/week instead of 10 -20 games/day. Why is that? Players opinion doesn’t matter, they listen only voice of special contributors. In this way Wot lose many players because of that. It’s hard to bring back players after they leave this game losing trust on wargaming to provide a fair game. And even if the y come back in game they don’t play like they did before.
    Instead of this I found Armoured Warfare a very nice game at moment, pretty similar with WoT, but with modern tanks, not so toxic as WoT. The main problem is XVM and unbalanced teams. The frustration after you lose 10 games don’t let u play anymore… WoT is going down … this is the true story


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