WoWS: TAP Insider News (14-IV-2017)

De Grasse (a French oversized Atlanta) and USS Kidd (a Fletcher-class, seems like this ship will be equipped with a new kind of consumable to compensate for her torpedo tubes removed) are coming in ST 0.6.5.


12 thoughts on “WoWS: TAP Insider News (14-IV-2017)

    1. Taking a page from WG’sFrench CA development playbook , they’ll have an artificially high rudder shift time, and a new consumable that will let them have a normal rudder shift for a minute or two.



    1. That brings up two thoughts. One, why is Henri IV’s flak output so poor when she basically has the same AA weapons. Two, why no Suffren in the game even as a premium.


      1. I’ll do you one better.
        The Henrietta has similar dps per 1951-made,radar FCS guided twin 57mm bofors mount than the tier6 Duca D’aosta’s 1932-made, optically aimed twin 37mm, all while having the same range.

        “Moskva fans will appreciate the Henri IV”
        -Senior balance game designer at WG


        1. The 1951-made 57mm Bofors twin has EXACTLY THE SAME STATS as the 1936-made 37mm twin on Algerie & Charles Martel. I think because they both have “ACAD” in the name somebody misread it & copy-pasted the wrong stat file onto the 57mm Bofors.


          1. That along with a typo on the air drag…

            And the impressively stupid superstructure, where the entire structure is raised by one story just to make way for a liferaft imbricked in armor.

            Overall, the entire ship reeks of a fast and sloppy development cycle.


            1. Postwar French ships often had oddly raised superstructure like that with enclosed boats.

              On the other hand Baguette IV has a conning tower based on Dunkerque’s which had gone completely out of fashion for the French Navy by 1950s when this ship is supposedly dated to.A giant cruiser built in that era would’ve had a shorter blockier conning tower like Jean Bart.

              So the Baguette is basically a mishmash of both prewar and postwar French warship design.


    2. De Grasse was meant to be an improved La Galissonnière, with among other things dual-purpose 152mm triple turrets.

      But WW2 stopped the construction and postwar the hull was still intact. France completed it instead as an Atlanta on steroids with 8 twin 127mm/54 turrets. Those are Montana and Henri IV’s secondaries. The rest of the AA was 10 twin 57mm/60 turrets like what Henri IV gets.


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