USS Kidd Spotted! – WoWS

World of Warships@Wows_Asia on twitter has just released these teaser images of the USS Kidd!

No information about the ship was released with the post, just
“USS Kidd Spotted.

If you are unfamiliar with the ship, The USS Kidd (DD-661) she is a fletcher class destroyer who currently exists today as a museum ship. You can read up on her history here:

EDIT: What we can tell from her pictures;
The Kidd has her forward torpedo launcher, which we see on the Fletcher/Black, removed and replaced with enhanced AA. Her AA suit appears to be equivalent to that of the Gearing, slightly stronger long range, and much weaker short range AA, medium range AA suit appears to be identical.


12 thoughts on “USS Kidd Spotted! – WoWS

    1. Maybe its a prize version from Ranked or Team Battles
      It can be a reward ship, probably will stick into the Tier VIII ships


    2. @TheCinC “Do they seriously expect us to buy each and every individual ship of each class as a premium?”

      You do realize that the tech tree ships have no ID markings (other than a few Germans I believe) because tech tree ships represent the CLASS as a Whole. Iowa-CLASS Des Moines-CLASS , Fletcher-CLASS. They do this so that they can add modules upgrades from throughout the ships entire service life. This means that they can add any and all of that classes individual ships to the game as premiums (for example every single premium in the game). Don’t buy every individual ship of each class if you do not want to but that is how WG does it and truthfully it is very nice. They will Always be able to add a new premium to the game, It may not always be unique but they will always have a new premium they can add.

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  1. From the looks of it this should be a C hull Benson that trades a torpedo launcher for DFAA, instead of trading a gun turret.


    1. It’ll probably get some sort of gimmick to make up for the lost flexibility. So which will it be?

      Infinite uses of DFAA?
      Tier IX upgrade slot (Belfast precedent)?


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