Frontline Map Video (Epic Normandy)

PS: Today is the birthday of SerB!


10 thoughts on “Frontline Map Video (Epic Normandy)

  1. Awww yeah !!! 30vs30 on a 3x3km map !!! Finally no more BS corridor fighting. Lights can do their role more efficiently.

    This is world of tanks:battlefield edition

    Can’t wait to try it out

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  2. looks epic – not many bushes though so might be a lot of static (*cough* camping *cough) fights… Will be looking forward to artillery repositioning themself though. I’m still hoping for 15v15 randoms to be played on minimum 1,2×1,2km maps and maybe even bigger :-)

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  3. played the game mode, saw no scouts. defenders were 60% TDs and a mix of HT,MT, and about 3 SPG per corridor. Still needs adjustments.


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