9.18: Release Date (NA gets it first!)

The 9.18 patch will be released first on the NA server (a premiere!), and only afterwards on RU and the other regions, according to trusty Russian sources.

This is due to the serious changes introduced in the update: WG wants to make sure that everything goes well before releasing the update to a huge audience (RU). This is an exceptional situation, as most likely, next updates will be be launched on RU first as they were before.

Release date of NA update: April 18.
Release date for the EU/RU update : 26-27 April (night).
Estimated ASIA release: 4 May


44 thoughts on “9.18: Release Date (NA gets it first!)

    1. i play on west, sometimes the queue takes a few min or it will form smaller games like 10v10 5v5… or some other odd combo..


  1. Indirectly they are saying: Since NA is the least important server to us we’ll see first if yours break before we release this patch on the servers that actually matter to us…..

    One has to laugh at this.

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    1. Not really, it’s an effective deplyment schedule.
      How else would you do it, deploy it everywhere at once and rescind the opportunity to do less damage? I think I’m fine with this, the rest of us that are happy with the update are gonna have to wait more than you but maybe we’ll get the fixes immediately.


    1. Well, arty is getting more of a buff to be honest. You will be able to do damage more reliably, get to shoot more often, aim a little shorter and you will get stun and a bigger blastradius (+assistance dmg) as an extra bonus.

      I don’t play arty (I don’t want to contribute to the cancer of this game), but I watched a couple of streamers playing it on sandbox lately and they said they are doing more dmg + assistance dmg per game on average. QB was showing that in a spreadsheet on youtube too. He didn’t like the new arty because of this, and if QB doesn’t suck on WG’s dick, then it could be a serious problem… 😛 Speaking of QB, he is being more critical on WG in the last months. Maybe he is affraid that WG is ruining the thing he is making money of.


  2. now i get to test it again 😛 i have tested it on sandbox and the common test now i get to test it on the live sever 😛 but i like the changes to arty i think it makes them playable


  3. No words on reaction from Dev after so many rage about last Micropatch? Last time I checked russian forum the thread about that micropatch has almost 500 pages of pure rage.

    So much for ‘listening to the players’

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  4. Wtf, why are they releasing for the Asia server almost 20days later ?? This isnt fair.

    Also, is WG seriously going to continue with the retarded Lt view range nerfs ? Like even fking tier 8’s like a pershing can actually outspot a tier 10 light like the 13 105 with only 390m view range theoratically if you only take view range into account. Which is complete BS. Then what will the purpose of LTS be now if even same tier Hts and MTS have way better view range than them ??


    1. To be fair….Asia server has less bugs because there’s many common test servers 🙂

      I don’t mind being late, sometimes is better late than early.


    1. This, it is getting really bad and I am tired of my tanks randomly turning and shots registering seconds after clicking.


  5. Light tanks should have less dpm, pen alpha compared to mediums, but they should not nerf viewrange and accuracy. You should be able to hit your targets reliably (for as far that exists in WoT) and you should be able to outspot and outmanoeuvre every vehicle in the game.

    And they went to far with arty. Nothing wrong with stun, but they overdid the whole arty-thing. They shouldn’t make the blastradius bigger, the guns more accurate and the reload shorter. Arty should not be able to deal damage reliably or to damage/stun you with their blastradius if you are behind cover. They should have only added stun and removed the ability to pen targets. Nothing more.

    It’s just like the shit they did with the Maus. It only needed more armour, but they buffed the gunhandling and dpm to retarded values as well. In fact, the only thing they had to do is nerfing goldammo. I just don’t get that shit, everyone sees it, except for WG itself.


    1. They shouldn’t have nerfed the ammo capacity on light tanks either especially not on the AMX 13 105 and the no arty in platoons restriction is way too harsh. It would be fine if it was limited to 1 arty per platoon. Relying on random bob teammates just make them even less useless.


  6. Then there would also be 3 useless slots on the other team, so that wouldn’t matter. There are always slots taken by useless players (or bots) that can’t carry their own weight in a battle, so it would be nothing new.

    Nothing is more frustrating then getting shot by something you can’t shoot back.


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