WoWS Q&A – 10th April 2017

Thanks to Babykim, EU

Other changes in 0.6.4 include:

Source: http://forum.worldof…88#entry3399688

1. New premium dry dock port based on Norfolk Navy Yard of the early 40s. This will replace the current premium port Hawaii, which will become available to all. Depending on the type of ships there will be three different locations. Dynamic lighting effects.

2. The length of the text reserved for the nicknames in the Tab view (in battle) has been increased by 6-7 characters, on the Battle Results page by 4-5 characters.

3. The cyclone indicator will now have the visibility range next to it.

4. New pull-down menu in the client pertaining to clan activities. The menu will be activated by clicking on a player’s name or clan tag, and be accompanied by a change of music in port.

5. The will be two new versions of the client window framing.

6. Windows XP and Vista will not be supported, which will alow optimizing the client for more modern operating systems and open new graphics options.

7. Personal offers may now contain surveys.