Frontline Mode Footage

You can see how the new mod is like in this video.


13 thoughts on “Frontline Mode Footage

  1. I think they need to set a new pc ardware requirements For this mode……god knows what potatoes people are trying to use.


    1. My PC have 100-120 FPS in randoms on max graphics but it was struggling in this new mode and was dropping down to 40-50 FPS at times and the average FPS was around 70-75 while the textures were looking pretty shit even on max graphics.


      1. Same here… I run 60-61 FPS (due to vsync) in randoms, but in this mode I was even down at ~24 FPS at some points. Most often it was at 45-50 FPS :/

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  2. That map, at least from this video, looks really awesome. Much more op en compared to the 1000×1000 maps we have where only 2/3 is made usable.

    I am how ever worried that this new mode will (again) be a mode for tier 10 parties only.

    In respect to that latter worry, I would really like to hear from developers if they intend to make this mode tier 10 only or if the intend is to develop this to be used in lower tiers (6+) as well.
    Or if anyone else has the info I’m looking for I’d be glad to hear it.


    1. Tier X only, it was already announced. And that’s a good thing, the game needs an end-game mode. This way players who reached tier X get something new, and player who want to be lazy and stay at lower tiers (or just because of the above reason: nothing new at tier X making it worth it) now actualy need to work and grind in order to access a new mode.

      If they make this mode available for lower tiers then there isno point in it at all. An end-game mode unlocked by and only for tier X is what WoT is missing right now (along with balance and 2017 textures of course, but those two will come at some point apparently)


  3. If it stays tier X only it will be meh, just like tier X now. Hopefully this leads to larger maps in the regular game


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