Ranting a Solution: M6A2E1 “Mutant” Debacle

This is going to be the spiritual successor of the only “Rant Time” article I’ve made a while back. I changed the title because I want to bring more context to what this series is supposed to be. While the majority may consist of a rant, I would like to bring a solution of whatever Wargaming screws up even if it is seemingly hopeless in the end.

Edit: I’d also like to add that this perspective comes from a person who doesn’t own the M6A2E1.

If anyone recalls from four days ago, Wargaming sold the M6A2E1, popularly referred to as the “Mutant”, on April Fools (you sure fooled them, Wargaming…). Anyways, Wargaming promised to never sell this tank and they did. This caused controversy and rightfully so. If Wargaming never promised to sell this tank again, I would be on the side of Wargaming, however it seems like Wargaming has no respect for their players who originally bought this tank. The players that stuck around for five years through the ups and downs and were promised an exclusive. The players that kickstarted the game that we love to play named World of Tanks. While what Wargaming did wasn’t that big of a surprise, it is still a bit scummy and spits in the face of those players in my opinion…

Before I go any further with a solution, I would like to bring some historical context about the M6A2E1. The version we see in World of Tanks, was the planned production version. It was never built and it only stayed as a blueprint. Prior to the M6A2E1’s HD model, the SD model represented one of the M6A2E1’s test bed versions that was built.

Top: SD model of the M6A2E1. Credit goes to Garbad from the WoTLabs site for the screenshot.
Bottom: Image of the M6A2E1 test bed in real life.

Wargaming should have either sold the SD M6A2E1 model under the name ‘M6A2E1 Test Bed’ or ‘M6A2E1 Prototype’ or modify the existing M6A2E1 visual model and armor model so it can resemble the test bed M6A2E1.

All in all, what’s done is done. Wargaming should apologize and try to re-compensate those particular players by perhaps giving them the M6A2E1 test bed tank for free or perhaps gold.


81 thoughts on “Ranting a Solution: M6A2E1 “Mutant” Debacle

  1. you know dude i was browsing the subreddit the other day and i didnt see a single rant about why the are selling this thing again and i was suprised ,seems to me the old players have stopped giving a fuck about this game and the new ones are just hungry wallet warriors.

    I personally didnt buy the tank cause i have some respect for the OG players.

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    1. There were some, but only a few posts, really, so I guess you’re mostly right.

      I bought it, since I wanted to buy it back then and just didn’t have money – which is something that changed over the years. I take it as buying it back then, since Wargaming doesn’t really care when they make the money anyway (unlike what players think).

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      1. This I can understand, wanting the tank and being here the whole time and able to buy it now. What I hate is that a person who started played on 3/31 could buy it like they were here the whole time too. There should be a distinction between the pre-order and the new.


      2. Same but I was dirt poor back then and could never get the alien tank… I wanted to play but again computer was crap and we struggled… So I count it as buying it back then.


    2. It’s mostly because the majority (95%+) of the original beta testers are no longer player. That’s the only reason why there was very little rant.


  2. Being able to get the tank actually brought me back to playing this game. I have always found this tank fascinating and wanted it in game, I just missed the chance to get it the first time. This is such an important and awesome tank to American heavy history it was a big mistake not allowing it to be sold. Give the pre order snowflakes special camo or badges with better credit and XP earnings and call it a day. All exclusive tanks and reward tanks should be like that.

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    1. It’s mostly a matter of principle. While it is an awesome tank, this is in some way a scam pulled by Wargaming. A lot of people likely rushed out to buy this tank because they thought they would never get the chance to buy it ever again.

      This is different than WG’s false promises mostly due to feeling scammed.

      Personally, I don’t blame you. I’d like to have the tank as well.

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      1. true, WG did go back on their word but is it so wrong to sell it now? think about it, the M6A2E1 was a pre-order vehicle to help launch WoT BUT not all players could buy it then
        I, for example, did not know about WoT until after launch, had I known about it I would eventually buy one, then again why should I not be able to buy it now? I think that as long as the price does not drop buying one will have has much meaning now as back then, we are essentialy making a “pledge” to support WoT by getting a overpriced tier 8 premium, back then it was to launch WoT and now it is to keep it “alive” and further support on the new development stages

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  3. I didn’t buy it in the end as I would rather save up more money for my new rig.

    I don’t know how come the Mutant sell from Asia only to all regions at the end, IMO WG is just too careless. And WG Asia was asking Type 59 instead which if WG use their brain cell to approve that request, it would NOT ended a mess like this.

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        1. That still give me slim chance to get one, I’m working on my dissertation till end of the month, I don’t have time to play WoT


          1. It really should be sold again, there is nothing special about it anymore, in don’t even know of I would buy it since I have the other two premium mediums


    1. If the sale of rare tanks in the Asia server Most are willing to pay cash

      I can not believe the words of WG Because only $ is true

      Haha I am also waiting for anime tank


  4. There is some rant in wot forums though..and i personally am really angry for wg about this…bought preorder bundle and been playing this game since…and then they just stab us veterans in the back…

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  5. They are giving missions for those who had it originally. Not sure what the missions are or what the rewards are but there have been posts on the forums about it.


  6. I have known about this tank sibce it was in the preorder bundle. I wanted to buy all three of them but i was just a kid then. And they were also not available in my country at all since our IT market was fairly new and no IT company sold the packs. Closest place to get them was Ukraine so yeah. I bought it mostly because i am a collector but also because i have wanted this tank since it first appeared. I sicerely understand the anger of veterans, and you may roast me for this, but i do hope they sell the other two of the first three steel knights so i can have the original collection since i couldn’t get it back in 2011. Sorry guys.


  7. You make a fair point there, Tenky.
    I know a guy who owned the Mutant since original release, he was quite upset when this all happened. I think he would love to have this option for the test bed version or gold.

    I bought it myself though and I can say, it has one instant effect on anyone I face with it.
    They switch to gold. Don’t know why, don’t know how, but they always do it.
    It’s not enough that I’m always put in shit teams that are half bot, half brain dead, the enemies will skill-ammo me so I can’t even bloody carry.


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    1. Well you’re driving a thing that has stronger armor than AMX M4 49 with better MM ; gold ammo is the least you can expect when driving this tank. It’s like driving anything with more than 200mm effective front armor in 2017 and hoping people wont spam gold at you in general.


      1. Well. I see your point, but it won’t bother me less. The fact that even a bloody JgE 100 shot me with gold just takes the cake. -_-


    2. Welcome to driving any well armored tank. Everyone either knows your weak spots and snipes them without fail or presses 2 for skill.

      Then again, I get gold spammed at me in every other match no matter what tank I play.

      The funniest part is that the Mutant isn’t even an especially well armored tank. You have to keep the front pointed toward everyone, and even then there’s a load of guns at tier 8 and 9 these days that have 250+mm of penetration, so they can punch right through your lower plate.


      1. Well your case might be that you are a bluenicum player or better, so the XVM whores focus on you. But I’m not even that good! So this makes little sense to me.
        There is one thing I know, though.
        Fuck gold ammo.


  8. You are FUCKING ridiculous. This is a FUCKING online game. Do u get it? A FUCKING video game. You act like this is real life, important. If U asked a million americans if they heard of WOts, 5 or 10 would say, yes. There should be NO exclusive tanks, none, but these players had this tank exclusively for years and you are bitching that 5 years of exclusivity is not enough?, absurd. You are a FOOL!!!!! Tanks and ships should be exclusive for maybe a year or two, thats it, including reward vehicles. Then, all tanks should be sold, ALL. I own the exclusive Arkansas Beta, now with the CV nerf its OP as hell, but i would not care if WG sold it, but IM a man. You are a little boy wanting to hide your toys in your room under your bed and take them out in the middle of the night to stroke them rather than share them with others.


    1. That’s the spirit. Nobody in their right mind should ever take what a commercial enterprise ‘says’ at face value. They can say whatever the hell they want. Unless they’re contractually obligated to it, it all goes out the window the second there’s a chance to make a buck.


  9. I’d like to make a correction:

    The tank was practically built, but WoT has its basis frontal armor (which is over 7.5 inches / 190 mm in thickness) while its actual frontal armor is just at 5 inches 127 mm.


      1. No.

        That is exactly the M6A2E1-2. It has all-around sloped frontal armor as similar as the blueprint. That driver port is actually as sloped as the front plate itself when closed.


  10. i thought they said the original m6a2e1 owners were getting something exclusive a little later on? kina like the vk7201 owners. (whether thats an updated exclusive model or camor or something i have no clue but i guess we shall see)


    1. VK owners should have gotten nothing considering in the end PzVII isnt the same tank.
      Different machine with different weapon, and the VK owners kept the VK no matter what.

      Here the original M6 owners will have the exact same tank as the new M6 owners. No special “-B” in the name to show they’re beta players, no separate design, nothing can differenciate the pre-order tank from the april fools tank. Unlike for exemple with KV-220, PzV/IV and especialy VK72.


      1. “Different machine with different weapon”
        Just with different weapon, it is exactly the same machine. If you dig a little in WoT files you find that there is no Panzer VII folder in “vehicles_level_10.pkg” only the VK72. Panzer VII and VK72 shares the same model and texture files WG only modelled a new gun and added to VK72’s folder.


        1. When I’m in battle I’m not seing “VK72.gif” I see a fucking 3d model. VK72 and PzVII have different models, different guns, and are not obtained the same way. It’s enough for me to call it a different tank.

          Alien pre-order and Alien april-fools have no difference at all. At least PzV/IV and KV-220 had a special letter in their name at least to differenciate them from the regular ones ; thats not alot but thats still a thing. And VK72 is basicaly a different tank from PzVII now so I dont see any problem with it (if people don’t have a problem with calling E-50 and E-50M different machines, then it should be the same with VK72 and PzVII which actualy are not the same in game.


          1. VK72 and Panzer VII has exactly the same 3D model thats what I’m trying to say. Ask any modders to check it up for you if you dont belive. The only difference is the gun, vk72 3D model folder just got the new 128mmgun model.
            Go to tanks gg and compare the two tank model except the gun they are 100% the same, every scrach rust ect. any little details are the same on them.


  11. This is classic wot potato syndrome – rage and drama at anything! Its all wargamings fault! Theres a typo in one word of a 5 page essay, lets have STD or piromans write a 500 word post in all caps about ANOTHER WG FAIL.

    jesus, quit the game, please! we are running out of diapers, soon the world will be filled with babyshit.

    “All in all, what’s done is done. Wargaming should apologize and try to re-compensate those particular players by perhaps giving them the M6A2E1 test bed tank for free or perhaps gold.”

    OK, lets look into this.

    In the last 30 days, 49,700,000 tanks have played. Of those 16,697 were pre-sale, pre-order LOYAL OG Mutants.

    3 out of every 10,000.


    Why do EU players just whine wine whine and beg beg beg for free shit?

    grow a dick

    please, please – quit wot, quit TAP.

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    1. Jokes on you. I’m not an EU player.

      Also, I don’t own the tank so I don’t have any self-interest in this. I don’t see any caps and I’m not quitting anytime soon.

      Lastly, the situation is not a big deal, I agree, but are certain things immune to criticism? Sometimes you gotta say shit to get shit done. :P

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      1. immune to criticism? on my god. shitting your pants in a panic, calling it a debacle, saying it needs a solution, is not a debate or criticism.

        I think its time we discussed the SovietTenkDestroyer being allowed to post Debacle Catastrophe Cataclysmic Epic Fail Drama Drama Drama Look At Me Please Someone

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        1. Yes, I’m Rita in disguise, How did you find out? I thought giving Seb numerous WG and Historian contacts (ask Seb if you don’t believe me) and writing historical articles for around 1.5 years would throw people off! I’ve been caught!!! Also, everyone? I didn’t know i was so renowned!

          Anyways, feel free to not give me the benefit of the doubt, I could only care a tiny bit. That tiny bit allows me to write responses like this.

          Lastly, who is being the drama llama here. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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          1. ya that was just to try and make a joke to lighten the mood hehe. a) You obv not rita and B) i dont mind rita. I admit i was just trolling for a laugh or two, yelling at you for trolling then doing it myself with a preposterous one.

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              1. I regret and apologize any and all comments directed at you leaving the game. Its just TAP is so close to being a site full of quality articles, but we still get anti-WG rants and stuff like this mutant post. It drives me up a wall. I hope you enjoy wot, and play for many years, and keep writing for TAP. Ill yell at the ones i dont like but youll know (even if i get carried away) its not personal.

                Also I am dieting and was super hungry and just had some spinach quiche so the whole world seems simpler now.

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                1. No problem, we all have our days, eh? You are welcome to post your opinions on whatever subject, even if goes against mine.

                  I wouldn’t call myself anti-WG though I apologize if I came out that way. It’s just that Wargaming has lots of issues, internally and externally. Internally, they’re departments seemingly hardly communicate with each other, which is why we get crap like Rubicon. Externally, they hardly communicate with their regions such as EU and we get other crap. They’re also inconsistent. I believe they deserve criticism.

                  Anyways, have a nice night (or day) and enjoy that spinach quiche.

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              1. the diet isnt helping. but my vision for TAP is just awesome news and info and leaks, very little Wg bashing, maybe some debate over posted changes, but not an article about stuff thats already happenened and theres nothing we can do about it. Im not trying to be harsh (this post ha!) but its like opening a math text book and discovering chapter 6 is just an essay about the authors cat and how he doesnt care for orange ones but this grey one is good. And they are always anti-WG, never debates or discussions, just an angry mob with torches and pitchforks. It takes TAP from an A+ source to some days A+, some days tabloid drama trash talk.

                I guess i feel like i am defending the “real” TAP when i attack (today, unfairly, sorry).


                  1. I just have to express my deep love for: drstrangepork23, STD and BIG BOSS Seb!!! I love you all and wish you continue your #$%^^ for the fun of us retarded readers :) :) :)


  12. I sometimes argue on behalf of WG when the whining gets too much, ahem arty.

    But this is clearly a breach of trust on behalf of making money, nothing else. There’s no gameplay or MM or any other considerations that the average person on here is blatantly ignoring. It’s just a plan-n-simple cash grab. The fact that it’s on April Fools defused the initial shitstorm (cus could be april fools!).

    If the original owners get a Beta version, or Beta camo + Beta icons, then it’d make it a little better.

    Full disclosure: I don’t own a Mutant6, but a friend of mine does.


  13. I can’t understand why anyone is mad about this, on either side. Pre-order bonuses are stupid no matter what the game, and it’s not like this was a beta tester reward tank or something. I could understand the argument then, even though I’d still disagree with it. Literally anyone could get it for no effort at all as long as you had the money. WG going back on their word is just kinda…eh? Like it’s not like they went back on their word about an important game feature or something, all they did was sell a premium tank. I dunno it’s just such an utter non-issue and people are making ridiculous mountains out of molehills. No, not even molehills, anthills, it’s that minor.


  14. Selling again the tank greatly impact on the gameplay in a negative way. Playing of this tank give me many fun moments because 90% of the players never ever saw/heard about the tank so they went panic during fight, immagine what the amx 50 100 felt when his 6 rounds of gold bounced just because he doesn’t know the tank and the weakspots on the turret, but shot the front, the most strongest part . I regularly used it in clan wars campaigns and preformed well because of this.

    But this all ruined by reselling and be available for a lot of players, also many yoububers made a review video about the tank explaininig all the weakspots, players meet with these more, get know their weakness ect, so a totally exclusive tank what was a meme and a surprise on the battlefield just become one of the thousand premium tanks WG sell under the name of “exclusive” and “maybe the last chance to buy”.

    tl:dr: The fun and exclusiveness totally ruined of this tank.

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  15. On the forum someone claimed to have gotten a reply from support. “We are working on it”

    Hope this is true.

    5X missions is there as a bonus for people buying the tank, not as compensation. I can’t imagine anything but a tank would be fair here. They surly can afford compensating the few who had it before the sale.
    Even I could afford it.


    WG took my toy away, I was the only kid on the block to have this toy, and other kids were jealous, and it made me feel special.
    Now I need a safe space like the rest of the snowflake generation!!!!

    WG is a business. Victor Kislyi is the owner of this business. It is the job of those who own a business to make as much money as they can out of their business.
    So, if it means piss off people that mostly do not play anymore and obviously do not spend money anymore versus making money, (as in, no investment to create a new tank model and no investment on time spent in super testing and balancing) I think WG were right in making money.

    It is like the P2W argument.
    People that have premium account have an advantage over people that do not. They can afford to press 2 for skill much more than those who do not. So what, is that wrong?


  17. I played the game since closed beta, got the “Beta” Sherman, and I bought into the M6A2E1 pre-order bundle. By playing for such a long time, the older players have had more of an impact to the success of the game and to Victor Kislyi’s induction as a billionaire CEO. Personally, I did not mind the M6A2E1 being sold again but with little or no effort being made to show appreciation for players who stuck out for such a long time can be unjust.


    1. Jayanta,
      The only players that have an impact are those that buy premium account time, gold, and premium tanks.
      They are the ones that create revenue for WG, which allows them to pay their employees, pay for their servers, pay for their R & D, and lo and behold, put some shekels in the owners pockets.

      WG needs to cater to them. Because without them, all that is left is whiny little bitches that want and demand free stuff because they believe that they are entitled to it because they play the game.
      FTP players deserve to get stuff as well, and they do. W/E specials that give them XP boosters, Premium consumables, and once in a while, premium account time.


  18. Paying players AND free players make up for the successes and failures of the game. There is value added from free playing customers. They too spend their time to add to the popularity, and they are not all “whiny bitches.” But yes, lately the paying customers who have been with the company since beta seem to be shafted with the M6A2E1.

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    1. Yes, FTP are important. But not as important as the paying customers.

      Like in a coffee shop, a guy buys 1 coffee and sits for 3 hours, a guy buys a meal and sits for 3 hours. Who is going to be treated better by the staff?


  19. Ah…. my baby! I was the first one who suggested this as a premium back when the American tanks arrived.Of course not this souped up version but the original.

    I will agree with Jayanta.

    Take a look at AW. Is the game doing good? No. Why? Because all the “free” players stopped playing, it’s popularity dropped and the rest is history.

    Those who pay sure stuck around probably because they can’t accept the fact that they have been robed,but is that making the game any better? Nope. It’s the best example one can give.


  20. If y’all change the game to where it’s not a one end done game. Meaning allowing people to respawn. It Will make this game like the rest. That’s why I play this game because you have to play your best each time in order to make it through each battle, so when you do that I’ll find another game to play, so Will alot of other people this is the best game. Please don’t mess it up


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