Ranting a Solution: M6A2E1 “Mutant” Debacle

This is going to be the spiritual successor of the only “Rant Time” article I’ve made a while back. I changed the title because I want to bring more context to what this series is supposed to be. While the majority may consist of a rant, I would like to bring a solution of whatever Wargaming screws up even if it is seemingly hopeless in the end.

Edit: I’d also like to add that this perspective comes from a person who doesn’t own the M6A2E1.

If anyone recalls from four days ago, Wargaming sold the M6A2E1, popularly referred to as the “Mutant”, on April Fools (you sure fooled them, Wargaming…). Anyways, Wargaming promised to never sell this tank and they did. This caused controversy and rightfully so. If Wargaming never promised to sell this tank again, I would be on the side of Wargaming, however it seems like Wargaming has no respect for their players who originally bought this tank. The players that stuck around for five years through the ups and downs and were promised an exclusive. The players that kickstarted the game that we love to play named World of Tanks. While what Wargaming did wasn’t that big of a surprise, it is still a bit scummy and spits in the face of those players in my opinion…

Before I go any further with a solution, I would like to bring some historical context about the M6A2E1. The version we see in World of Tanks, was the planned production version. It was never built and it only stayed as a blueprint. Prior to the M6A2E1’s HD model, the SD model represented one of the M6A2E1’s test bed versions that was built.

Top: SD model of the M6A2E1. Credit goes to Garbad from the WoTLabs site for the screenshot.
Bottom: Image of the M6A2E1 test bed in real life.

Wargaming should have either sold the SD M6A2E1 model under the name ‘M6A2E1 Test Bed’ or ‘M6A2E1 Prototype’ or modify the existing M6A2E1 visual model and armor model so it can resemble the test bed M6A2E1.

All in all, what’s done is done. Wargaming should apologize and try to re-compensate those particular players by perhaps giving them the M6A2E1 test bed tank for free or perhaps gold.