New game mode – “Epic Battles”

The developers already mentioned that the removed “Domination” mode will be reworked, and in the second-to-last Q&A, testing of large maps was mentioned. Today, a new mode in World of Tanks was leaked, which is being tested internally. This mode is supposed to be first released on the Sandbox. The mode resembles the one from WoT:Blitz and Battlefield 1. Current name – “Epic Battles”. The release should be this year.

This new mode will include attack and defense. On the map, there are 5 main capture points. During attack, you have to capture 3 of the 5 points to achieve victory. During defense, you’ll have to defend at least 3 out of 5. As in “Domination”, there will be repair zones with a 2min cooldown. To unlock these zones, the closest capture point has to be under your control.

There are also respawn points, you can choose any point after your death.