New game mode – “Epic Battles”

The developers already mentioned that the removed “Domination” mode will be reworked, and in the second-to-last Q&A, testing of large maps was mentioned. Today, a new mode in World of Tanks was leaked, which is being tested internally. This mode is supposed to be first released on the Sandbox. The mode resembles the one from WoT:Blitz and Battlefield 1. Current name – “Epic Battles”. The release should be this year.

This new mode will include attack and defense. On the map, there are 5 main capture points. During attack, you have to capture 3 of the 5 points to achieve victory. During defense, you’ll have to defend at least 3 out of 5. As in “Domination”, there will be repair zones with a 2min cooldown. To unlock these zones, the closest capture point has to be under your control.

There are also respawn points, you can choose any point after your death.


29 thoughts on “New game mode – “Epic Battles”

          1. The T-22 was balanced to be dominant in the game modes that you had to play to earn it. It was not balanced in any way for random battles or CW/Company gameplay. Is it an OP tank? sure, but not now after the random battle “balancer” was placed on it.

            It has IS-3 troll like armor on a med tank still, but it maneuvers like an M48 Patton, and its gun behaves like a T-54 gun using a T-62a’s shells

            In practice it plays well, but the DPM and speed loss make this a fairly crap tier 10 Russian tank compared to its 4 brothers. Overall rather than balance it to a comparative level taking its armor into account, they nerfed it to the point of punishment for those that got it.

            Also its a bit of a stigma to drive one even if you got it legit.


        1. They nerfed it’s gun to the point where it has E-50M dpm (aka bad) and bad handling (whereas before it had same dpm as T-62A with better handling and could snapshot and hit ennemies 400m away). And mobility was nerfed a bit I think.

          However it still has the insane V hull which mean it is the king of sidescraping.


          1. they still need to finish the physics so that E50M’s giant ass treds can let it casually drive over the front of a russian x med and just crush it to death.

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  1. So the two things they got wrong last time were (a) credit income, and (b) missions which have to be rigged for a totally OP reward tank. Hopefully they learnt the lesson? I managed 19/30 missions last time with zero rigging, but doubt I would have managed the other 11 without “assistance”.

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  2. The only way for it to trigger my interrest would be to make it available to Tiers other than 10.

    Otherwise, it could as well not being implemented, I don’t care.

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  3. Still no PvE nor HB… The things that have been announced for far longer and that people actualy want.

    I cant speak for everyone for sure ; but I don’t think domination was very popular except for T-22 rigging. Queues were long, the mode was not balanced (solo players fighting in free-for-all against platooned players wtf…), and it wasnt that funny.

    On the other hand PvE has proven to be a really well liked feature (AW tested that for WG), and historical battles were a nice concept that were just ruined because they asked people “what do you want to play ? A tier 4 light tank or a tier 9 TD ?”… And it could be easily fixed…

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    1. PvE killed AW tbh, people ran away from toxicity of randoms in WoT, only to find same people in AW randoms. Unlicky , AW offered them (us , but i no longer play AW in any form) PvE , which literally emptied random battles queues. So , for that matter , i hope WoT wont make the same mistake.


      1. wrong PVE is the only thing keeping AW barely alive on NA imo AW is far far better then WoT because of PvE im not competitive an you cant just casually play WoT while not spending money an expect to progress at a decent rate an grind all the tanks were in wot you gota buy gold buy garage slots buy prems farm creds so you can piss prem rounds just so your not useless if you end up bottem teir ontop of losing buckets of creds teir8+


  4. Easy way to have a great mode out of this WG:

    – Actually boost the tier 10 credit income for this mode allowing you to make money even with multiple deaths
    – No bullshit missions to pique “Interest”…
    – Stats for this should be in their own separate space like the skirmish battle stats and how they do not effect your overalls

    This mode + Tier 10 Credit Printer + No Missions + Separate Stats = Profit

    It’s that simple WG, don’t fuck it up…


    1. Are you kidding, they won’t miss an opportunity to add in some “goals”. They’re obsessed with missions since their introduction a couple years back, and they will definitely put them in. The question is, are they going to be so hard that you have to rig to get them, or are they going to actually be achievable and representative of playing the particular game mode “properly”, doing well in the tank/tanks you took.


    2. lmao what profit? all for you? in other words they get nothing from this new mode

      you are very special buddy, this way to the short bus


      1. “lmao” (Overused meme is overused) Did you even bother to play Domination and read on why it was hated? 1) Missions 2) Shit credit economy… If WG doesn’t fix those two issues for this mode it will end the exact same way for it as it did for Domination. So you can take you “Short Bus” crap and shove it because that is the history of their “Secondary Game Modes” whether it be Historical Battles, Confrontation, or Domination, they implement it poorly and it gets removed 1-3 patches later… In other words: If this game mode doesn’t allow the player to play without worry of tryhards rigging for a tank, nor allows the player to make some profit off of the match then NOBODY WILL PLAY THIS MODE, and it will ends exactly as Domination did last year… Keep your insults to yourself.


  5. Looks very interesting, personally I look forward to respawns a lot. They should be added to randoms aswell and a lot of the frustration around mistakes and oneshots would be gone aswell. Played Battlefield a lot before I came to WoT so this is kind of a natural game feature for me. Although IMHO they should scrap the repair points. And as someone before said, no impossible missions that has to be rigged. The map looks very promising aswell so good job WG!


  6. I didn’t like the original Domination because of the lack of meta (each match was just a clusterfuck with tanks appearing from 20 angles, you couldn’t predict anything and generally it was just a big messy brawl) and truly atrocious maps, only decent one IMO was Cliff. Ofcourse there were other issues such as autoloaders being super powerful, repair points being a thing (especially combined with autoloaders it was super stupid and super broken), spawncamping, flagrushing. It was really bad. Last bad not least, rigging, playing only for missions, rentals that brought lots of terrible or new players.

    This… looks miles better. Gameplay wise it seems completely different, instead of fast paced mindless brawling in all directions on tiny maps, it looks like slow-ish linear advance on ?bigger? maps than standard 1000×1000.
    I quite like that concept. Longer battles (20 mins for example?), fighting for zones, advancing, and respawns so you can play aggressively to take the zone when needed. Arties and TD’s would have to move with the frontline (this kinda scares me tbh because most TD and arty players lost their W key :P ).

    Also, respawns in normal randoms battles – no pls, as a separate gamemode why not, but IMO maps and not ready for respawns, neither is the basic game concept.


  7. If the above maps resembles a “campaign map” divided into 7 smaller maps. Divided in the top rectangular one and 6 smaller 800x 800 square ones.
    Where each side fights over the smaller maps, in succession, to gain X nr of campaign capture points, with the end battle being the top rectangular map.

    So you’d have sort of like a campaign progression of maps ending in a final battle map.
    Well such setup would entice me a lot.

    Anyway, any such new modes prerequisite must be that it’s is not a tier 10 only mode. Cause that would just screw up this mode from the get go. Any new game mode must be setup to be played from mid tier onward.


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