Yet Another TAP Logo Discussion (Poll)

As you might probably remember, we thought about changing our old logo before (here) in order to make it more visible (we used to have another logo back in the early days).

This is the classic logo:

I think it’s time for a new one.

What about this?

Or shall we keep the current one? You decide. Any suggestions are welcome in the comments, you can even propose other logos!


36 thoughts on “Yet Another TAP Logo Discussion (Poll)

  1. This new design is meh, it needs a better color for the font. It’s too… flat, anyway.
    Maybe propose something else?


      1. Heres one just put a toony looking T-50-2 dashing to the left between the Space of Armored(tank here)(tiny dust cloud here under) Patrol (big dust cloud here) so keep the armored patrol texture of steel hope you like it :).


          1. Typical. No one wants to pay for creatives to provide content and I can’t buy my groceries with exposure. I tried once but they called the police and told me to put my trousers back on.


  2. The new logo doesn’t really fit in with the current style of the site as a whole. Being mostly white, with gray toned elements and w/g background, the old logo fits best imo.

    I’d say if you want to change to logo, also change the background so the two match in color.

    Btw Seb, super that you have added the categories in the top menu! +1

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  3. I guess its time for reader-submitted contest for new TAP logo.
    New proposed logo is… nothing special to say kindly. Old logo still have some character.

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  4. Keep old one, a new logo is supposed to be improved. Depends on sites viewers. Why not put a compitition up of who can design the best logo for the site, and then do a poll on a few decent logos to let the public choose.
    Just an idea.

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