War Thunder: Available now, Rank IX!


46 thoughts on “War Thunder: Available now, Rank IX!

        1. I got be honest…I laughed here
          M10 Wolverine:
          Added a custom yellow camouflage pattern and two additional guns to the turret.
          HP regeneration enabled


          1. Oh my God….I laughed out loud with this one. It reminds me of Leeuniverse.

            Lord Protector – as a scout, spend the entire match camping with arties thus having no measurable contribution to your team


        1. Beacuse you actially need to aim carefully to hit the enemy tank at the right spot that means you should know which tank where store the ammo. If your shell doesn’t hit any critical module like ammo rack in the tank it won’t explode with one shot.
          This is a more realistic approach than “shoot the cupola until the tank runs out of hit points.”


      1. What’s not to understand?

        The entire game is a shitshow once you look under the pretty exterior, and the devs love implementing very powerful premium tanks.

        I still remember the US lineup after a patch in 2016.
        It went from being assraped every battle to clubbing Germans with almost 100% of T29s in the lineup.

        Same with the diesel KT, which is exactly the same as the KT(H), but with more maneuverability and armor.

        As for Russian bias, well the IT-1 and it’s mouse guided indestructible roof ATGM is still there, right?
        As is the bullshit cast armor modifier on the already too thin Maus turret armor?

        I can go on for ages.

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          1. Not really no.
            WoT doesn’t model crap like that in the collision models for a reason.

            Not only is it completely irrelevant to penetration, but it can be completely detrimental to the game’s stability.
            As evidenced by numerous bullshit unexplainable ricochets which still happen.
            On WoT, there’s almost always a good explanation. It’s rage inducing and annoying, but it follows the game rules and some fragment of logic.

            A very large 85mm shell radically changing course because it hit soft structural steel is stupid.


            1. Both games are fun, I prefer my shots going actually where I aim them, the larger maps are a plus, multiturret, wheeled vehicles, night battles, having to use your eyes to spot enemies. All that plus a few other things cancels out any strange bounces you might get for me

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              1. There’s still RNG on your shells though…

                And while I like wheeled vehicles, this wasn’t a game for game comparison.
                This was a comment on how I perceived the game as broken and would not return to it.

                Enjoy the game if you want, I won’t presume to convince you otherwise, that would be just arrogant. If I lead you to believe this was my purpose, I apologize.


                1. No worries, I really play the to have fun and laugh at the times the mechanics on both games fail whether it is crashing of your tank by falling in WOT, or the AI tanks in thunder charging into battle with their turrets facing backwards shooting at team mates

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      1. In a much more recent update, I actually shot a Tiger’s rear armor at a perfectly flat angle 50m away using a T-44 and it’s upgraded 85mm capped APHE shell.

        I managed to hit the exhaust pipe covering (a few mm of structural steel), and my shell ricoched,so much that it then ricochet on the rear armor and flew to the side.

        And that’s not a rare occurence either.
        Under teh game’s pretty facade is a massive shitshow.

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  1. one day in 20 years when gaijin stop milking WT then modern stuff will be added XD tho it would be neat for the first time seeing the progression from WW1 to 2017 in terms tanks since planes would be stupid cause of missiles

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    1. and you would first time see WW1 tanks against most modern today tanks, due to BR compression.

      “not sufficient amount of players to fill the quotes due to balance issues comrade?, lets compress BR more so quotes will be shorter [but balance will be even worse]”


  2. though i think this is the 1 april fools joke of warthunder, i wouldnt actually mind it if warthunder continued where armored warfare has failed. or even world of tanks, for that matter. armored warfare started out great, but it became too big of a clone of wot. it is now a failed project, nothing more.

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    1. i know it must have been rita and her perverted santaclaus granddad. just tell me the word TAP, and i will make sure their sites are filled with bad classical porn!


  3. This looks like a joke now, but it is planned for the future. That’s why they compacted the tiers, so that they will be able to add the rest in the future. Modern vehicles WILL come to WT,helicopters too.

    Gaijin has made a really good helicopter game,Apache Air Assault, so they already have a good base, just like with airplanes.


  4. Although i have to say that this won’t be enough to make me go back to that terrible game. I’d rather be forced to play AW and WT for the rest of my life than endure the crazy BS that game is full of.


  5. Gaijin made an amazing job to model these modern tanks and helicopters can’t even compare with the shitty stuff WG made this year.
    For wot they pissed up the still playing loyal beta testers including me by breaking their word and selling again a pre-order exclusive tank. And posting not even funny posts on portal.
    For wows we got a submarine without any special mod to play with it, just watch in the port
    so fun much time invest… wow…
    I thought after a longer break of wot I can come back but all these stuffs happening just more and more scare me away and losing faith doesn’t help either. I’m done with this company this time they seriously stepped a border. I enjoy world of warships until WG ruin that game too.

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