WoWS: TAP Insider News (27-III-2017)

The top brass was thinking about re-selling Gremyaschy since it is no longer “special”, save for long torpedo range and 1% more fire chance compared to Soviet DDs. I would take it as an early April Fools, until they officially say that on Q&As or portal.

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  1. They have clearly stated that the gremyashy is OP. I have the ship. I have had it since alpha. I can tell you this. It is OP in the right hands like mine. But then again you can say the same thing about any ship or tank.

    1. Well, basically any ship that are played by unicum players can crush anything. Even the weakest ship in the game. Unfortunately I’m an average player (based on WTR rating).

        1. It used to be OP because of:
          – High alpha HE damage and firechancr out of all Soviet destroyer (1900/9% vs 1600/8% ( it used to be 7% until they buffed it)).
          – Second best torpedo after IJN, with long range, allowing it to stealth drop.
          – Can stealth fire without the need of both AFT and Concealment Expert while Gnevny can’t, wich is its main selling point.

          Now with the removal of stealth firing and losing its unique HE damage. Her torpedo is not the best either, it’s slow with just 55 knots. I dont see how it stand “special” to the other standard USSR ships anyway now.

          1. Was going to say, the only really special things were that it kept the original gun stats and had a lower penalty for firing, but now they rebuffed soviet DDs and removed stealthfire its really not very special at all… I am selfish though so I want it to stay rare.

            1. “I am selfish though so I want it to stay rare.”
              Me too… but knowing WG they gonna sell i sooner or later ๐Ÿ™ Even Nicolai will be sold again at some point in future… I am afraid soon only my Iwaki will be rare ship ๐Ÿ™

          2. Maybe by the fact that the Gremy has a turn radius on par with tier3 DDs, despite being quite hefty, all that with decent speed and a stealth torpedo ability.

            It’s not OP because of stealth fire, it’s OP because it’s the best parts of all branches with none of the disadvantages put into one sexy little ship.
            Its only weakness is slow turret rotation, which is negated with a bit of planning.

            1. “slow turret rotation, which is negated with a bit of planning.”
              True…. until some stealth DD appears and suddenly you are in gunfight – good luck with that.

              1. Then you just face it and win through the sheer strength of your guns and maneuverability.

                Unless you mean if you meet a tier7 gunboat, in which case the point is a bit moot, since you’re at a massive disadvantage from the start.

                The stealthiest ships you might fact at that tier range are Farraguts/Nicholases, which you can just outrun and outdodge, or Minekazes/Mutsukis which you hilarious outgun, even with only two guns.

                1. Ok true – I was thinking in fact about Blyska which looks like it was designed to kill Gremlins. It happened to me few times too much… but yeah she is t7.

  2. It might be tempting.. But WG is screwing stealth fire ships so hard (badly done, without compensation) I fear the next nerf will kill smoke, give radar to all Battleships or whatever stupid nerf WG will find to make BBabies happy.
    If they want money, the will have to deserve it.

    1. In fact all high tier BBs should have radar… but radar should work like that : 20km BBs and all planes detectability, 14 km CA&CV detectability, 9 km DDs detectability. Or even better – detection range by radar should be balanse stats separate for each ship. But WG will never do it as it will add load to servers…

  3. It’s still outright better than both Anshan and Gnevny, since both are a tier higher, and Gnevny has even worse torps.

  4. Now with the removal of stealth firing, I do not think she is OP any longer.
    I would say its ok to sell her again.
    Will likely be a cash cow for WoWs, because her image remains

  5. didnt wot actually sell pz 2j as an april fools? so its not out of the question for this to happen.

    1. They sold Pz 2 J on several occassions, IIRC. And the Gremyaschy is not bound by promises of ‘we will never sell this again in the future’, all the WoWs pre-order ships were said to be able to be sold again after a year of exclusivity, hence recent sales of Yubari and Sims.

  6. Hey Seb, if you are reading this, can you please post an updated sigma values for cruisers and battleships? if you have access to thaem data, of course! thx and cheers

  7. inb4 they put Gremycrap and Nikolai back in store… in 99.99โ‚ฌ bundles like they do with Pz II J and BT-SV in WoT. ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. both nice & fun ships, though Nikolai is so low tier that I argue if its worth spending that money, depends on what such a bundle would include.
      Gremy though is not OP any longer
      the Nikolai still is, her dispersion, particularly vertical dispersion, is very low, so she hits hard & often with her many main caliber guns … seal clubber BB
      my 2 cents

      1. It also has so few on deck structure – it is not so easy to put multiple fires on him. And without CV there is no real counter… Also turret placement is very convenient to use at least 3 at the same time.

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