WoWS: 0.6.3 Public Test Update

Souce: Tuccy, WG Staff

Based on our evaluations of 0.6.3 during testing, as well as the feedback received from the community, we’ve decided to implement these additional changes:

  • The “Concealment System Modification 1″ upgrade will receive an additional effect which reads “+ 5% to the maximum dispersion of enemy shells that fire on your ship”;
  • The cruisers Ibuki, Zao, Baltimore, Des Moines, Neptune, Minotaur, Roon, Hindenburg, Dmitry Donskoy, Moskva will receive an increase in accuracy for main caliber artillery (tighter grouping of shells inside the dispersion ellipse  -sigma increased from 2.0 to 2.05).

With the above change destroyers and cruisers which previously relied exclusively camouflage for protection and which choose the above upgrade will receive additional protection. It will be most noticeable when under fire from large-caliber guns at long ranges, when the dispersion ellipse (which defines the scatter of shells) is quite large. This means that entering a melee, for example, for control of a point, you will need to worry more about those enemies nearest to you and less about those who prefer to stay far away from the action, playing passively.

Further, improving the accuracy of tier IX and X cruisers is aimed at strengthening their role of universal ships, whose artillery is a threat to any target.

We’d also like to note that we are aware of your fears about a possible deterioration in the combat effectiveness of a number of ships. We will closely monitor these ships after the release of version 0.6.3 and will make adjustments in version 0.6.4, if any are necessary.


  • Fixed the bug where an airgroup of torpedo bombers or bombers flew over the edge of the map instead of returning to their ship
  • Fixed the bug with the task text  of the Epicentre mode overlapping the countdown in the beginning of the battle
  • Fixed the bug with the continuous cascade shooting when holding CTRL at the moment of releasing the LMB
  • Fixed the bug with the inability to give an order to the airgroup when giving the order via navipoint
  • The V170 ship’s fore torpedo tubes’ angles have been corrected, they are now more symmetrical: the left tube’s sector has been reduced by 1 degree, the right’s – increased.
  • Fixed the bug with the inability to fire when posting messages to the chat.
  • Fixed the bug where Ctrl or Shift couldn’t be assigned using RCtrl, RShift
  • Fixed the bug that led to emergency shutdown of the game client when the mouse hovered over or was removed from the navipoint off-screen before it was removed
  • Fixed the bug with the incorrect display of the smoke timer when the PC is suddenly loaded at the moment the timer ends
  • Fixed the highlighting of the quadrant on the tactical map when “Attention to the quadrant”
  • Fixed the bug that led to the commander getting 20 times as much experience in every battle
  • Fixed the inability to give a quick order via F3 in the air camera
  • Now, only fighters may try to give an order to withdraw from the attack
  • Fixed the problem with the firing and sinking bot ships after destroying them
  • Fixed the bug that led to the possibility of losing aircraft during the execution of the maneuver of exiting the battle with a group of enemy fighters dying before the execution of the order
  • Fixed the bug with the inability to switch user tracks during battle. The track switching buttons are changed to < >
  • Fixed the bug with the inability to click to attack in the area between the ship and the ship’s marker when playing the aircraft carriers
  • Keys in the settings are arranged in order according to the groups of binding
  • Fixed the bug with the absence of notification of server restart in the battle chat
  • Corrected the visual on the Akatsuki – added the rangefinder
  • Udaloi: the minimum range of artillery fire is set more accurately
  • The keys previously hidden for the binding are opened
  • Fixed the bug, which led to the monitor selected by the user to being saved when exiting the game
  • The ” Concealment System Modification  1″ modernization: added the “+5% to the maximum dispersion of the shells of the enemy firing at your ship” effect;
  • Saint Louis, Henri IV, Roon, Hindenburg, Ibuki, Zao, Dmitry Donskoy, Moskva, Neptune, Minotaur, Worcester, Baltimore, Burlington, Des Moines: the salvo accuracy inside the dispersion ellipse has been increased (the sigma number increased from 2.0 to 2.05);

4 thoughts on “WoWS: 0.6.3 Public Test Update

  1. Nice concealment upgrade you have there.. It would be a shame if…
    Only Tier 8+ could equip it. Battleships included.

  2. “We acknowledge the crappy camping meta, with everyone sitting a 20km flinging HE at each other, including BBs firing at other BBs, so we’re going to encourage CAs to stay at long range by giving them more accuracy and give people shooting at them a dispersion malus”

    Genius master plan by WG.
    Fighting fire with napalm.

  3. “Fixed the bug that led to the commander getting 20 times as much experience in every battle”
    This bug could stay for a while 😉

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