World of Warships Blitz Domains Registered

Russian sources tell that World of Warships will be released on mobile devices this year. We wait for the official announcement, presumably the reveal will come until the end of this spring. Most likely this spring, the game will enter the phase of Closed Beta Test – exclusive to iOS devices (as WoT Blitz before release). Then the game will see a soft launch in some countries, and then be released worldwide. About WoWS Blitz rumors circulated for a long time, and now Wargaming has registered these domains this week. Victor Kislyi, at the end of the last year, gave some hints. According to our assumptions the primary market of the game should be in Asia. The domains: 2017-03-21 R114-ASIA (1376) 2017-03-21 R114-ASIA (1376) 2017-03-21 2017-03-21

This time the game might be released in Asia first, but the EU/NA players as always will have to wait some more. The development of the game took place outside the CIS region. Remember that WoT Blitz is a success and the game is in first place by revenue from all the CIS mobile games as February 2017. The mobile market is a very good and profitable trend in the gaming industry.

5 thoughts on “World of Warships Blitz Domains Registered

  1. it isnt more profitable than the current WoTConsole playerbase.. which makes no sense cause in terms of a development and marketing standpoint, consoles would be the immediate next thing to port to..not mobile.. let alone recent numbers for wotblitz have been lower than 360 numbers alone, i.e not including xbox one and PS4. Unless WG is waiting for the scorpio i dont really see the point of porting the game to blitz over console atm

  2. WoT Blitz on PC is actually fun to play compared to normal, no frustrations but good stuffs: no arty, +-1 mm, different maps
    I’m curious about wows blitz.

    1. Balance, maps, frustrations etc. all are so much better than in normal WoT. However I miss the most important part for me – fun. Blitz is just not as much fun as games on PC as you cant really make “skillshots”, weakspot knowledge is irrevelant and map awareness mostly too. Most games are just won by teams which stick together more.
      I don’t feel like I can really carry games and my favourite adrenaline moments from WoT are very rare in Blitz. I am not saying that its bad game, its sure great game but for me only for phones, not for PC.
      This is not just Blitz problem I felt the same in Armored Warfare when it came out.

  3. Imagine WoWS Blitz is 7v7 WoWS, no CV, +-1 MM, smaller maps, cheaper premiums…but very likely with less ships available to play.

    1. >no CV
      In vkontakte thread that made original news, someone posted a few screenshots from as he said, CBT of WoWS Blitz.
      And on one of those screenshots it stated pretty clear that you can play as a CV.

      Btw, the CV name is Graf Zeppelin

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