WoWS: Supertest Patchnotes

– Fixed an error displaying the description of secondary guns in the help window;
– Fixed an error which caused airgroups to move to the location of the CV icon, instead of selecting the CV;
– Prinz Eugen draft changed from 7,19m to 7,7m;
– Fixed an error with line breaks in the localization;
– Fixed an error where the XP scale overlapped the captain’s skills during retraining;
– Fixed gun angles of the rear gun on the Jurien, now 0/+25 vertically, -138/+138 horizontally;
– Fixed an error where the secondary guns of the Duca d’Aosta could clip into the main gun’s rangefinder;
– Fixed firing ranges of the Jurien from 9150 to 9330 (without top GFCS), Friant from 12210 to 11720 (without top GFCS), Duguay Trouin from 12670 to 13650 (without top GFCS);
– Fixed an error which made it unable to prioritize AA targets in alternative mode for CV’s;
– Fixed an error with displaying the AA priority icon on an own airgroup when clicking on it in alternative mode;
– Improvement of the characteristics for Grozovoi, Z-52, Chester and dogfighting for American CV’s;
– Isokaze: fixed an error where one gun on the stock hull landed its’ shell on target earlier that the other two;
– Fixed reward icon position when hovering over the reward display in port;

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