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  1. I honestly don’t see a way this class could be used in the game. Submarines were built to commerce raid and not fight surface warships. Having played a lot of silent hunter games, the terror that even a destroyer’s presence gave me as a uboat captain was palatable. A single shell hits your hull, and your stealth and means of escape are gone or you sink. A special scenario based pve type mission could include subs however.

    1. FYI I realize this one may be an April fool’s joke, was just commenting on the class as a concept also

      1. btw your comment would be correct if ship design was so “simple-minded”, no one would spend so much on sub fleets (subs+support/resupply ships) if their main role was convoy raiding, take the most famous sub users as an example
        the germans certainly used subs to destroy merchant ships but it was not their exclusive role, furthermore they used several tactics for that role from conventional warships (e.g. Graf Spee) to armed merchant ships
        the USN used subs as scouts and for search&destroy missions, as far as I know USN subs torped many IJN warships, from carriers to battleships
        if I’m not mistaken both Musashi and Yamato were hit by sub launched torps, of course these bigger warships were sunk by the combined attack from sub, surface and airborne attacks but even still USN subs did not focus only on merchant/supply ships, in fact they were somtimes the primary source of information on the location of japanese carrier forces
        of course they didn’t simply keep following but instead attacked, in groups, to cripple the enemy to gain time for the main attack, other times USN subs were given the task ofgiving the final blow to both allied and enemy crippled ships

        even the oldest subs (I think from the american civil war era) were used against warships

        1. Thanks for the history lecture, but I think you essentially ignored my point about them being a useless class in the game as it stands in order to use my post to puff out your chest showcase your naval knowledge.

          1. Just a little butthurt much Veigr?

            You did bring Silent Service games and real life scenarios into this discussion with your post.

            Armando is right. The subs had a lot more usage than just going after merchant ships, altho that was their main strategic purpose in WWII in the Atlantic. Merchant ships were easy pickins – mostly unarmed and could strangle Britain into submission if their supplies couldn’t get thru.

            They were used plenty for spotting – recon and taking out warships. Warship Captains had orders to zig-zag their course to lessen the chance or being torped but the enemy. USS Indianapolis is a good example of what happened if Captains ignored this.

            In this game, subs won’t work until there is some way DD’s or planes can attack them below the surface, otherwise they have the ultimate power to sink everything and just hide. I think a side module would maybe work like you said – the only human driven ships are the subs. The convoy is AI going from Pt A to B. You can control the DDs or CV attack planes to go after subs when they appear on the map. Possibly multi-player with multiple subs on each team.

            I seems impossible to build in silent service type action into this game as it works.

  2. is it really only April Fools event or disguised test? they used the convoy event to test PVE, it could be similar or just wishfull thinking

      1. I bet WoWs is making a new class, possibly taking out those Battleship Players population

      2. Datamining shows no AI for these ships – if they’re appearing in April Fool’s, they will be player controlled.

  3. Meanwhile in world of tonks: you pay 5999€ for ultimate pack of all op premiums + 100kk credits, but you are double fool, because you not only spent too much money on game, but also you don’t get what you paid for.

    Just a prank bruh.

    Just a prank.

    1. They enver said they’d never make submarines, they said it was not in their actual plans.

  4. Not sure where they are going with subs. I do know I was given ARP Iona as captain of the I-401 several months ago. So far, she is “sub-less”. As mentioned above, I spent a lot of years playing Aces of the Deep and Silent Hunter too. I am well aware of what effect subs would have on the game. If they are not careful, as the bubbleheads say, there will only be 2 kinds of ships, subs and targets.
    This especially true with all the blunders they have already made. No hydrophones on DDs, just cruisers and even BBs?! One has to wonder what they were smoking when they dreamed that up. To do it right, they first have to redefine what each class of ship is for. So far they are way off track and seem to be getting worse.
    Example: My 1930’s New Orleans has radar but my 1946 Montana doesn’t. Go figure….
    Just my personal opinion, but they need to get closer to historical accuracy. Then the game would make more sense. Subs could be brought in and DDs would hunt them as it really is. Part of the DD’s job would be to protect the big ships like it is supposed to be. As a person that once rode a DD, we spent more time herding CVs and hunting subs than anything else by a wide margin.

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