T-54 Ltwt. HD Model Pictures


8 thoughts on “T-54 Ltwt. HD Model Pictures

  1. Shhhhhh… It’s okay, Seb. You are free to like whatever you want.

    We will accept you as you are, even if you wish to become a Pony when you grow up.


    1. It is, but some of the early HDs are supposedly going to be replaced by newer ones to match the visual quality of newer HD models. And while lwt. isn’t exactly “early HD”, as it came in 9.6 along with HD remodels of Löwe, T95, Ferdinand etc., it’s still one of the relatively least detailed models, largely because it’s based on regular T-54, which came to HD in 9.0 1st wave of remodels.

      Namely, regular T-54 was said to get new HD remodel, which would be allready fourth model of one vehicle (the three so far were the original one, 2nd lo-def with slightly longer hull which came in 8.9 and HD in 9.0).


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