112 Joins the Premium Shop Full-Time

Source: NA Portal

China’s iconic heavy tank 112 is making its way to the Tech Tree. Get it in-game with Gold or buy it in the Premium Shop any time! Even better, scoop it up now with equipment and Gold at a discount until April 3. Either way, the 112 is here to stay.

112 Bundles

Starts March 13, 03:20 PT / 06:20 ET
Ends April 3, 04:20 PT / 07:20 ET

112 – Permanent

Buy Now

$69.99 – 10% Off
112 Loaded

Buy Now

  • VIII 112
  • 1xGarage Slot
  • 1xGun Laying Drive
  • 1xVertical Stabilizer
  • 1xGun Rammer
  • 2,300 Gold

$89.99 – 15% Off
112 UltimateBuy Now

  • VIII 112
  • 1xGarage Slot
  • 1xGun Laying Drive
  • 1xVertical Stabilizer
  • 1xGun Rammer
  • 5,000 Gold
  • 2,000,000 Credits

Reminder (from EU server):

Four high-tier Premium vehicles have been added to the in-game tech trees. Some are relatively new, while others haven’t been around for quite a while, and are now making a comeback:


7 thoughts on “112 Joins the Premium Shop Full-Time

  1. i was looking at the price of the panther m10 and i think the tier 8 prem mediums have effectively killed the tier 7 premiums in general i mean the prices are soo close between something like a panther 88 and the pm10 that i think if you were buying just 1 prem you would pick the p88 because your getting something a tier higher and its not that much more unlike something like a lowe which is more than double the price of the pm10.

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  2. wg: prem mm is hurting game. we will remove all prem mm tanks

    1 year later: uh….yeah we removed alot of them…..and have replacements…but we’re gonna leave Super P, T-34-3, and IS-6 in store….and toss other prem mm and newer prems in on monthly sales.

    2 year later: we addign 112 to store. i know we said we were removing it for a reason but we lie more than russian drink, bill clinton cheats, and canadians say sorry when they really don’t need to!

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  3. 112 HD beats IS-6, so WG brings 252U out to make the inferior commie tenk look weak again.

    At this state, even bring Type 59 back will not hurt the MM at all.

    Great game design GGWG

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