T25 Pilot Number 1 – Day 4

Today we need to do 20,000 XP in any number of battles in tier IV-X. Reward will be Coffee and Buns (x5).

Some tips; Daily Double/Triple, Platoon Bonus, Premium Account, Personal Reserves, Stronghold Reserves, Premium Tank bonus XP are all taken into account to add for extra XP gathering.

The missions are getting a bit more “grindy” but at least it should still be possible.

Link: http://worldoftanks.ru/ru/news/special-offers/ohota-na-pilota/

Good luck!


20 thoughts on “T25 Pilot Number 1 – Day 4

  1. what is the Platoon Bonus?is it the one in mission that says exp X1.1?if it is then the Platoon Bonus didn’t count…at least SEA server didn’t count

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    1. You get this minor bonus when playing in platoon when playing the same tier vehicles. The source article in Russian states platoon bonus counts. Haven’t tried for myself yet though.


      1. i play o-ni and group with IS in game,battle result page (the one shows all 30 player’s dmg and exp)
        i got 1086 base exp,then in the 3rd page (the one shows what you did and credit you earned)
        exp shows:
        daily bonus :X3
        mission bonus : 218 (i believe it’s X1.1 for clan reward and X1.1 for platoon reward)
        total: 3476
        and T25 P1 mission shows +3258…

        so the platoon bonus is included in 1086 base exp?


        1. Tier 7 should be 5%, so it isn’t 1.1 maybe that’s just a special asian mission?

          3 x 1086+ 218 = 3422

          1086 x .05 = 53 (platooning)

          = 3476

          so it isnt counted.

          only 3x 1086 counts.

          But you lucky guys get x3 :-)


  2. Not bad…this is the same as the daily mission for Tank Rewards…just wait until we get to the spotting or blocking missions!


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