WoWS: Sub_Octavian on the Grozovoi

Source: Reddit


It’s true that sometimes we don’t hit the sweet spot and need to correct (buff or debuff) ships after release. But we definitely seek ways to fix such mistakes.

For example, we have enough data for Z-52 improvements, and hopefully, will buff her soon so she is more competitive and feels like upgrade from Z-46.

As for Grozovoy, we are looking at her very closely, and also studying your feedbacks. For now it looks like she is the only VMF DD that will require some more love after line split. We’re on it, folks. And thank you all for your input. Just give us some time to make accurate decision.

What I really want you to understand is that releasing OP top tier ships can be instant money for us (all that free XP revenue), but it is bad for the game. So we sometimes need to buff them later as I said. This is because we try to be careful not to ruin your overall game experience.

Another example are IJN DDs that now often have the reputation of being uncompetitive and weak. While Shira is one of the most popular ranked ships and Akizuki having great peformance, the rest of high-tier guys tend to have good top results, and not so good average and median results. That is the effect of their previous rebalance and transition from one of no-brainer and easy lines to more skill-dependent and difficult ones. And here, the need for changes is much more obscure and controversial, and the task is much more challenging… Say, Yugumo looks like the closest candidate for buff right now, but we are not sure we need to give more power to Shimakaze. Our team is working on possible solutions now, for one of the near patches.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that we value your opinions, and always seeking the ways to cooperate, even when we don’t act immediately. That only means we need more time to research, and cannot make changes as fast as you want, because it’s quite easy to break the balance when you have the power to tune everything and have constant flow of community feedbacks asking for changes. We thank you for your patience and appreciate your ability to make point. Cheers! :)


14 thoughts on “WoWS: Sub_Octavian on the Grozovoi

  1. Don’t see the probleme here.
    People keep constantly blaming the powercreep with the introduction of new lines. Now they introduce a weak ship to work against this problem, now people complain the other way around.

    Players should hope they dont overbuff after they checked the stats, because that is the real problem here.
    Introducing underperforming ships and buff them slighty afterwards to the right direction is the actual way to go…


    1. Introducing a pathetically weak ship is not a solution to power creep. It’s still an example of Lesta being terrible at balancing their own game. Ships being underpowered is just as bad as them being overpowered. And overnerfing ships that perform too well is just as much of a problem as overbuffing ones that do poorly.


      1. So… you are saying it is better for the game itself, if WG releases plain OP ships, so much matches are just unplayable till WG decides to nerf them some time in the future, when they decide they have enough money for freeXP-conversion *cough*, sorry I mean, the collected enough data for nerfing shit to the ground…
        I mean, you obviously _know_ how crappy WG is at balancing. Bad ships keep the matches mostly balanced (cause nobody wants to play them), while OP-ships kill the fun for the others…


  2. Khaba best stats t10, buffed, shima worst stats overall at t10, maybe we will buff it. Gorozovoi the only not completely broken russian DD at high tier will definetly get buffed. Oh and lets remove stealth fire while we are at it so buff to all BBs again.

    Shira was a problem in ranked? 80% of the players used belfast, but that was fine

    this game sure is going to shit


  3. “Say, Yugumo looks like the closest candidate for buff right now, but we are not sure we need to give more power to Shimakaze.”

    Sure, Shimakaze is only the worst-performing Tier 10 DD, why would it ever need a buff?


    1. The shima isnt a weak ship in thehands of the right player it van still ruin everybody’s day. I think the shima just need more tricks up her sleeve. Right now she is a on trick pony. If WG buffs her guns a bit she would more flexible and not just a wall of “skill” machine.


  4. Lesta’s reason for the state of IJN DDs is that the top players are good at it so there’s no need to buff them, isn’t that just a nice way of saying “get good” and whoever says that they suck are just bad at the game? Since when was IJN DDs “no-brainer,” sure you might get some torpedo hits if you use the 20km Shima torps and just fire from end of the map for 20 minutes, but it’s neither consistent nor practical.


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