T25 Pilot Marathon Coming on EU

This is all we know so far:



18 thoughts on “T25 Pilot Marathon Coming on EU

  1. It will probably be something like for the FV4202 when it changed to premium, you had to do 750 base experience once per day to complete the mission. It was freakin’ impossible almost, with all the kill stealing from team mates and focused fire from the enemy team.
    Managed to do it with 1 maybe 2 days to spare, realized that de-capping home base, de-tracking and enemy and spotting them helped a lot with the base experience.


    1. That’s just for day 1. I expect missions to get more and more difficult towards the end to make you buy the tokens.


  2. I’d say this medium seems a more balanced tier 8 med compared to the more recent released content. I think that’s why they are making it a marathon reward.

    The Pilot outperforms the normal tier8 M26 Pershing in damage dealing. More DPM (+100), better dispersion values.
    Though it is worse in mobility, with worse p/w ratio, 10m less view range and much worse armor than the M26.

    Comparisons: http://tanks.gg/compare/pershing?t=t25-pilot-1
    Armor: http://tanks.gg/tank/pershing/model vs. http://tanks.gg/tank/t25-pilot-1/model

    Although I like to see the M26 get better DPM (the new Pilot as well), to offset is bad AP pen (ignoring APCR) to keep up with the new meta.
    Heck IMO most tier 8 meds (and some 7’s)(with 230>250 alpha) still could use more DPM (min of ~1900) considering the meta shift and recent powercreep.

    The question on everyone’s mind is, how “human” will these missions be? For those who cannot invest 100% of their free time to sink into a game.

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  3. this is like the type 62 mission from a couple years back but less grindy? i dont think i will do this one though i have an m46 kr i like it this seems to be an m46 kr with a slightly better dpm but pz58 mutz like armor (these days id say the main selling point of the m46 kr is that its the middle ground of the tier 8 meds its not all about the armor like t54 prot its not all speed like the cdc its a healthy middle ground between survivability gun stats and mobility) and the hp/ton ratio seems kinda mediocre on the t25 sure the soft stats are insane but going from my experience with the fv4202 and its amazing ground resistances the ground resistances alone arent enough to make a tank dart around like a true medium the fv still has pretty sluggish acceleration.


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