WoWS: TAP Insider News (8-III-2017)

Offtopic: I was sent a mail from mr3awsome, asking me to promote an opinion poll about the format of the Emergency War programme destroyers of the Royal Navy in World of Warships. Links: here and here.

Back to the Insider news:

ST 0.6.3 is up, mainly changes to CVs are contained. Also, introducing White Flag Cruisers(no offense intended) Vive la France!!
New mode for Tournament 9v9.
Changes to consumable bind keys.
Added tier 6 Italian premium cruiser.

CV: Fighters can now disengage when doing ALT.
Removed ALT attack for CVs – tiers 4 and 5.
Aircrafts instead of returing to CVs after carrying the attack and the CV is killed, will now stay where they are.
Capture points in CV view will show circle lines instead of buoys.

About Tournament:
Tier VII-VIII only.
Tier I-II will join the game as spectators.
3 bases to capture.

Mind you that all the info here are not final and will change from time to time. (Seb: expect updates soon)