WoWS: TAP Insider News (8-III-2017)

Offtopic: I was sent a mail from mr3awsome, asking me to promote an opinion poll about the format of the Emergency War programme destroyers of the Royal Navy in World of Warships. Links: here and here.

Back to the Insider news:

ST 0.6.3 is up, mainly changes to CVs are contained. Also, introducing White Flag Cruisers(no offense intended) Vive la France!!
New mode for Tournament 9v9.
Changes to consumable bind keys.
Added tier 6 Italian premium cruiser.

CV: Fighters can now disengage when doing ALT.
Removed ALT attack for CVs – tiers 4 and 5.
Aircrafts instead of returing to CVs after carrying the attack and the CV is killed, will now stay where they are.
Capture points in CV view will show circle lines instead of buoys.

About Tournament:
Tier VII-VIII only.
Tier I-II will join the game as spectators.
3 bases to capture.

Mind you that all the info here are not final and will change from time to time. (Seb: expect updates soon)


39 thoughts on “WoWS: TAP Insider News (8-III-2017)

  1. Nothing about the stealth-firing removal?

    (Not that I want to see this stupid feature that will promote even more Battleships)


          1. pretty big might. specially looking a their record so far.
            Yubari never got buffed….Atlanta is still a joke.

            I should make a petition to rename world of warships to World of Battleships and Shitships.
            cause only 1 ship class left worth using


  2. So basically, before they address any of the more egregious issues facing CVs, they’re fucking over tier IV and V CVs even more, and ensuring that new CV players can’t even experiment and learn how to alt attack prior to tier fucking six.

    Being able to escape a strafing run would be nice though.

    What’s more urgent to me is the fact that between German BBs, British CLs, the new Russian DDs, etc, CVs have very few targets they can attack that won’t just tear their planes to shreds.

    On top of that, the national imbalance is one hundred percent absurd. Everyone bitched about Essex and Midway having two torpedo squadrons, so they got nerfed to shit, but IJN gets the exact same amount of torpedo bombers AND two fighter squadrons at the same time. What fucking sense does that even make?

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  3. I was a big fan of the armored patrol but i can’t stand those stupid “white flag” jokes anymore.We lost more people during WW2 than USA.Obviously you think that making fun about our dead soldiers is good for your website.Shame on you.I’ll get info about WoWs somewhere else


      1. true feelings being>everyone in europe is still mad at France cause France is the only country to successfully take over all of europe.
        and they did it twice. just to add salt to the wounds.



    1. For anyone who doesn’t think this is factual, the Battle of France saw 3 million German soldiers with over 5k planes and 3k tanks face off with 3.5 million French soldiers with 3k planes and 4k tanks.

      More men and material was lost on both sides in the 1.5 months of fighting than 4 or 5 major battles in the Pacific(Philippines, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima and Okinawa) put together.

      I truly think that too many people think the French actually just dropped their rifles, when in fact, it was the biggest land invasion and land battle until Operation Barbarossa.
      And even then, only the Russians who had stockpiled thousands of pre-war tanks had more land material.
      Germany had less stuff going in to Russia then it had going into France.
      And they lost less men over 5 more months of fighting.

      For more reference, less lives were lost on both sides in the entire 3 years of the North African, with similar material losses (except for planes) then the 1.5 months of the Battle of France, making it the bloodiest battle in the war until Stalingrad and Operation Citadel.

      Always nice to put things back in perspective, and make the Muricans and Brits who love bringing up the “joke” feel a bit bad that the “surrender monkeys” put up more of a fight then they did.

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        1. Oh I do, since I know that you didn’t write it, and the person who did didn’t mean it.

          I was just clearing up myths from the inevitable people checking the comments to see butthurt French, not understanding why they’re butthurt.


      1. The problem is: France jokes are justified because they missed the chance to end WW2 straight at the beggining. At the poland attack, almost ALL Wehrmacht soldiers where in poland and they had serious ammunition problems.

        If the French just attacked the almost empty german westfront, the war could have been over 1940 or 1941 already.

        If they French KEPT THEIR DAMN WORD towards poland. If the french fullfilled their part of their alliance with poland – they promiesd to attack germany if germany declares war to poland.

        What happened? Nothing.
        Poland got occupied, still nothing.

        They allowed the Wehrmacht to regroup and resupply and gave them MONTHS to prepare the attack on france.

        So Yes, the French jokes are MORE than justified.

        To be fair: The brits could also have launched a attack.


        1. So “surrendering cowards” jokes are justified because they didn’t attack Germany attacking Poland (which they should have, I agree),but rather mobilized and went to Norway ?

          You can call French high command idiots, I’ll agree.
          But cowards who surrender? Objectively disagree.


          1. It is mostly caused by fact that Poland was defending by 5 weeks [against Germany and USSR], and Norway was defending by 2 months, but France seek for armistice just after 6 weeks.
            Also the fact of cooperation between Pétain and Hitler do not help, as Vichy France was one of Nazi allies. And please do not talk about resistance farce – as it was just that – laughable stock of headless organisations. You want to see how resistance should be made – ask Yugoslav Partisans or Polish Home Army or even Soviet partisans.
            So after war when everybody still remembers what happened – the opinion about France was created.

            ps. I cannot refuse bravery to Free France or some french partisans – but they were exceptions – not the norm.


            1. The French did not attack because they were not stupid, you cannot wage an offensive war against a country with twice your man-power, two times and a half the industrial capacity and complete aerial dominance while you have barely enough reserves to support your current defensive plan and slow infantry support tanks that do not permit mobile warfare.

              The Sarre offensive was cancelled when the Russian stepped into Poland because it became evident that with a quick Polish collapse, it had no hope of success whatsoever.

              As for the resistance, it was such a “farce”, that by 1944 General de Tassigny had a reformed French Army of over 400 000 soldiers, with the American high-command willing to have American Divisions serving under his command (not even the British got to lead American troops.). It was such a farce that many of its members became extremely famous for their deeds: The Normandie-Niemen pilots serving in Russia, most of whom became Heroes of the Soviet Union, the last-stand of Marie-Pierre König against Rommel which prevented a complete fiasco for the allies during the Battle of Gazala, The break-through at Monte-Cassino orchestrated by General Juin during the Campaign for Italy, the liberation of Southern France by General de Tassigny or the spearhead offensive actions led by Leclerc and his 2nd Armored Division all the way to Germany.

              By the end of the war, over 1 million french military personel were present in Germany. The country was not recognized as a victor and given an occupation zone out of luck or misplaced pity, there is no place for such things in realpolitik.

              The leaders of Vichy took power in a time window where Germany was deemed unbeatable, because the world-view was still Eurocentric. Everyone thought Russia would be irrelevant with its purged armies, corrupt regime, weaker industry and “backward people”, in other words, a mere speedbump for the Wehrmacht now that France had fallen. Even Georges Marshall, then military advisor to American President Roosevelt initially defended the idea that the British position was hopeless, fortunately, Roosevelt chose not to listen.

              It took the utter failure of Barbarossa, Soviet determination and a massive amount of American support to the UK to make people realize that Germany was doomed to lose instead.

              1940 and 1942 are completely opposed in how the most likely outcome of the conflict was perceived. Vichy’s decision to step out of the war in 1940 makes sense in the way that at this precise time period, nobody saw an allied victory possible anymore, with the best outcome being the UK signing a white peace. This however, and I stress it heavily, does not excuse in ANY WAY the inhumane actions performed by Pétain and his followers.

              You have to understand that the motivation behind Vichy’s call for peace is not cowardice, but an opportunity for French fascists, ultra-nationalists and antisemites to seize power under the pretense of “preserving the country” and “taking down a corrupt Third Republic, weakened by communist and jewish fith columnists”. (Search for the “Révolution Nationale”, Vichy’s ideology to better understand.)

              The french people entrusted Pétain, the Hero of WW1, to somehow save the country for total defeat, what they got instead was a French Franco.

              I can understand that from a Polish perspective, the Phoney War can be infuriating, but the reality is that a successful allied offensive against Germany in 39 was next to impossible.


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