[World of Tanks] Micropatch

NA announcement:

Attention Tankers!

There are plans to release Micropatch 9.17.1_2 on March 9th, 2017

Maintenance will begin at 01:00 Pacific Time (09:00 UTC) and will last approximately one hour.

During maintenance, the World of Tanks servers will be unavailable.


  • Fixed the issue with a spontaneous switch from the full-screen to windowed mode when logging in to the Garage
  • Fixed the issue with the display of vehicles in the postmortem mode when switching between vehicles
  • Fixed the issue with switching to the windowed mode when logging in to the client for the first time and pressing Alt+Tab
  • Fixed the issue with the automatic minimization of the client window after restoring it in Windows Vista
  • Fixed the issue with a black screen when pressing Alt+Tab on PCs with Radeon R7-R9 graphics cards
  • Fixed the issue with the inability to restore the client window after pressing Alt+Tab when the DirectX 9 is used
  • Fixed the issue with the absence of sound in battle after the last spotted vehicle is destroyed
  • Fixed the issue with the inability to click the Service and Exterior buttons in the Garage for a vehicle that has just finished a Battle for Stronghold or Skirmish
  • Added the Strv S1
  • Adjusted the Object 907 armor parameters
  • Added the following vehicles to the Tech Tree:
  • VK 45.03
  • 112
  • Panther/M10
  • Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger

EU announcement:

On 09.03.2017 at 04:00 CET micropatch will be applied on the servers and expected downtime is 45 minutes.

Battles for Stronghold (besides skirmishes) will be reset from 02:59 UTC 09.03.2017 till 05:59 UTC 09.03.2017

Thank you for the understanding.


51 thoughts on “[World of Tanks] Micropatch

    1. “Added the following vehicles to the Tech Tree:

      VK 45.03



      Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger”

      Nice of them that they are adding new vehicles to the tech tree, but why put the 112 and Panther/M10 back to the tech tree when they were already removed once for being MM limited vehicles?

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      1. 112 was removed to be patched and buffed mainly. M10 was indeed removed with other limited MM tanks. But since it’s been over a year since they have removed anymore. And the people that did decide to remove those are not working at the game anymore. I suspect they went away from it.

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  1. What do they mean by adding the Strv S1? It was already in the client so is it added to the tech tree or something else? I’m actually really interested in this TD.

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    1. I suppose right now it is wort 100g in the game files and that they will give it its definitive gold value in this micropatch, so it’s ready to be sold…

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      1. I just wanted a solid heavy tank for my russian crews and did not want to spend any money, but yeah I think I shoudlve gotten a löwe instead since the armor on this thing is about as reliable as on a cromwell.

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        1. I know your pain. Lowe is such a great tank right now, it bullies defenders and literally rolls over is6s. My favourite premium tank :) Patriots are a pain because they rip you apart faster than you can kill them tho

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          1. Löwe has better frontal, side armor and turret armor than tiger II, which is a regular tier 8 HT. The only thing that is worse on löwe is the reload, but you have to pay with something if you have better accuracy AND premium status. Löwe is over buffed being a premium since it performs better than tiger II and did for a very long time.

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            1. You got one thing wrong there, friend. Lowe isn’t overperforming. Tiger II is underperforming. It’s just terrible. Vk A now has better armor, better mobility and smaller profile.

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      2. Well, me personally, I bought it because it came with a Pz B2… I paid $90.00 for a Pz B2 and got an IS-6 free, that’s how I look at that because the IS-6 is bad AF…

        …And then WG went and sold the Pz B2 for $10.00 a couple months later… GOD [edited] WG

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      3. write to support if it’s possible to give it back somehow.

        That tank is probably one of the worst premiums you can get atm… too bad you didn’t buy obj 252U.


    1. I think they are putting them back in because players loved them so much also it could be that the tech trees need them for crew trainers.

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  2. So they gave up on removing all prem-mm tanks ?

    If the choice was preff mm or OP prems I ratger have the preff mm ones instead of T26E5 and 252u…

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      1. Saw Circon’s video and gun handling seems godlike. And this is most important stat in this game for me. That’s why m48a1 is the only tier X NATO med I didn’t sell.

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    1. T26E5 is the perfect prem tank you can get so you really can’t go wrong with that tank.
      I have it and if you play it carefully you will always have lots of fun.


  3. “Adjusted the Object 907 armor parameters”
    I wonder what this means. 907 armor right now is pretty crazy, not quite T-22 level but not that far off actually, so I suspect some kind of nerf – especially to side armor. Would be nice to actually see what is changing though, thx for transparency WG.


    1. It’s a nice one, but be aware that its side armour is not soviet-standard, and due to bad gun handling, some opponents may have opportunities to snipe the cupolas. Additionally, while the lower glacis was buffed massively, T8+ opponents with good penetration will penetrate it quite handily.

      Other than that, it’s mobile, has VERY strong turret, strong upper plate, premium MM and decent premium shell. Generally a joy to play, but needs more thinking than IS-6 or T34.


  4. Does anyone knows when they will fix wrapper for mac users?

    My friend just can’t play because of this right now, and apparantly he is not the only one.

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    1. I play with mac, the only problem is CMD+TAB, but it should be fixed in this micropatch, but I setted not full screen, but window with bordlles or how it names that mode not full screen.

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    1. From what i read on some other sites they made the ammorack a bit smaller and buffed the hull side armor (apparently to counteract the changing of the angle that was done)


  5. 112.. What the fuck WG? So you make up bullshit about removing limited mm tanks, make everyone rush to buy them, buff them and sell them as special offers and now just put them back in the game like nothing happened!?

    This fucking bullshit they better explain and justify.


  6. Nice try WG!
    Unfortunately. the only tanks that can grind credits these days, are tier 8 premiums.
    I said “can” meaning “it might be possible” because Defender and the new generation of OP premiums and OP armor regular tanks.
    This game is getting very annoying and I think they finally managed to fuck it up for good.
    I still have a few months of premium time, but I think I will have to quit anyway.


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