Italian Premium Cruiser Duca d’Aosta Incoming!

This was posted by the World of Warships Asia facebook page. No details given for tier, stats, etc.


(Apologies for facebook compressing the images, thus they are smaller then normal)

EDIT: World of Warships Asia page later added an info card of her statistics

IGN: Shipmaster_Crook


39 thoughts on “Italian Premium Cruiser Duca d’Aosta Incoming!

  1. Glad to see that good news, and I’m looking for the future implements of Italian lines, after RN Roma indicated from previous official news.


    1. there is a error in the model, although not listed on the last image it seems that on both sides of the smokestack there seems to be 2 triple torpedo launchers, the d’Aosta was the only subclass/class of the Condottieri-class/family that did not have torpedos, all being light-cruisers

      the name is alo wrong but it is understandable since its shortened from “Emanuele Filiberto Duca d’Aosta”


      1. I dont know about the Aosta but the other ship of the subclass the Eugenio di Savoia had for sure torpedo launchers , my father served on it. Maybe they were mounted after the war.


        1. I don’t know, I’ve been checking for a while and I’ve seen her with the 3×2 torpedo launchers listed in her armament in many websites, and she has them in model kits too. (Amusingly, the english wikipedia doesn’t list them, while the italian does).


    1. The follow-up Roma does, too. German bombers successfully detonated Roma with Fritz X, but over-penetrated HMS Warspite.


      1. that proves how powerfull was the Littorio, Roma was the biggest in the class
        some put it n the same level of a Bismarck, I’m sure there might even be some who claim it was superior


    2. These are historical Italian quick identification marks they put on all their ships after an incident when Italian Air Force bombed its own fleet.

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  2. Disclaimer before the rest of the post, I want Italian ships.
    I want them NAO.

    I find it absolutely hilarious that yesterday night, the forum exploded in Italian tears as they were “obviously hated by WG”.
    As soon as that image pops up, thread stops.

    No offense Italy-bros, but you’re overly dramatic and salty.
    Second only to Teaboos in volume of salt produced.

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    1. Well seeing WoT lacks off Italian nation I can understand. OK they don’t have enough tanks to build a tree without foreign clones but it’s weird to me that we still don’t have Italian tanks. In my opinion tanks and nations who fought in the war should have priority over others. Yet we have CZ line which is 70% blueprint only, there is only 2 tanks in the entire CZ line which mass produced the Lt. vz 35 and 38. And now we have the Swedish line, no offense I have no problem with them just feels uncomfortable there is a nation who didn’t even fight in the war.

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    1. 4×2 152mm
      36.5knots (holy shit)
      Low amount of AA, entirely dependent on if WG is clement towards the 100mm DPAA.
      No word on rudder shift and turn radius. However, it’s a good 30m shorter than the Chapayev, so probably much better than Russian cruisers.

      It’s only going to have a 70mm belt armor though.
      Incoming floating citpen.


            1. Oh right, the Italians used compound belts.

              Then it will be the 70mm belt one used.
              Depending on how they portray that type of armor, it could very well be a 100mm thick belt.


              1. this is all just speculation.
                as long as we do not know ALL the actual in game specs, it does not make any sense to expect a bad or a good ship
                this is really nonsense,
                wait and see
                and be happy the italian line is coming too :)


      1. Yea okay. I tought however that your typical ship has a red belly because the materials used in the paint contained alot of lead. This causes the distinct red color and makes the ships belly corrosion resistant.

        So if these guys arent using lead, what are they using?


        1. Maybe they just had used red lead and then covered it with green paint, like we do with our iron fences. The reason? I do not know. Maybe to not disturb the fish. :)


  3. Armed with 4*2 152mm (probably similar performance as those on the Omaha), maybe a bit slower shells), a catapult, no torpedoes; 6*DP 100mm and, loads of AA guns.

    It should either be Tier 4 or Tier 5. However, It gets a bit too much guns and AA for the Tier 4 (and would bury the Yubari as an AA escort lol), no torps being a balance factor.
    And despite this amount of firepower is perfect for the Tier 5, the lack of torpedoes woul be a serious downside and without compensations, we’d end up with another Krany Krym.

    I guess it will depend on the consumables and gun range/concealment…


    1. i doubt it. all it will do is add more cruisers that are good at killing cruisers.

      BBs still have no real counter outside of another BB, or a suicidal DD(who 90% of the time die rather than kill the BB)

      CVs just….don’t exist anymore. no good counters to BBs


  4. I am both excited and nervous for Italian ships, depending on whether or not WG gives them their historically-terribad accuracy thanks to crappy barrel design.


    1. It’s not so much the barrels as the ammunition – those were really poorly made. And accuracy was only really affected by simultaneous firing – delay coils can be introduced to fire slightly later just after the other, which circumvents the problem of the muzzle blast affecting shell trajectory.


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