WoT – Destination tanks : USA


11 thoughts on “WoT – Destination tanks : USA

    1. Ooohhh. And how on earth is the Bulldog meeting a T67? Failplatoon?

      M41 Walker Bulldog:
      Battle Tiers 8-10

      Battle Tiers 5-7



  1. wow, they actually showcased the sherman jumbo with the wrong turret. well, not a suprise coming from american retards.


      1. im applying my writers freedom here. america is a lost cause. they got 340m people vs 700m in the european union. ofcourse europe has a bigger community.

        you know why russia has a bigger community than america? because they were actively involved in the war. america used their allies, sending them supplies to fight wars. hell, i am even going as far as saying that america created al qaida thx to the mindless effords of the cia. and that caused the greatest loss america has even seen on their own soil from the outside.

        you know why i hate america? because obama wanted to mature america. he wanted to show the world that america can also become an adult. and within a day, all that got ruined. america is working hard to become hated again.


          1. okey. canada, 35m. mexico, 122m. thats a total of 497 million. you really think those mexicans are so dedicated to playing world of tanks? im defintely sure that answer is no.


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